Reconfiguring biology and eliminating freedom

The entrance to the rabbithole is now in your bloodstream

By Jennifer Lake

January 22, 2010

There are over 50 articles here so far, most dealing with the ‘biological program’ of the One Worlder effort to bring humanity under control. I see it as a Descent Into Madness, perpetrated by a class of schizophrenic sociopathic controllers who’ve invested a hundred years of pseudoscience with the authority to dictate human behavior — to the point where the physical functions of ‘behavior’ are forcibly directed in fulfillment of creating quantitative and predictable outcomes.

The question of ‘why’ and ‘to what end’ is answerable only by extending the fragmented outcomes into a unity of purpose, and I’ll leave that up to the philosophers to expound on except to say that Carl Jung has given us a modern psychological model in his expression of the Shadow.

Western religious tradition knows it as the Devil. The inherently ‘soulful’ recognize the sameness. It’s not my aim to pose theological problems or to solve them, but to acknowledge that our troubles lay in the duality of a thought-paradigm that substitutes a Shadow for a Light, human artifice for authenticity, and a great myriad Lie in place of Truth.

Human ego and narcissism got us into this mess and unlike other species who instinctually purge their ranks of aberrant miscreants, we have failed to heal our fractures or remove our diseased members.

As anyone with a progressive chronic illness can tell you, in time the disease takes over until the energy of one’s life serves to mitigate the disease. Biological parallels make exceptionally apt examples. The taming of mankind at the hands of the few is a false reality in the perpetuation of Anti-Life. The sick have pathologically ruled the healthy, inducing dysfunction on a greater and greater scale until the magnified experience of distress appears to defy intervention.

The seduction of the myriad Lie is to get your agreement that genocidal or anti-human solutions are the only ones that will work.

. . . before it’s too late for you, snap out of it, get well and remember that humankind has adapted for millions of years in concert with this planet. The ‘higher’ exist interdependently upon the ‘lower’. This blog is part of my journey back to the well-spring.

The urgency of a probable martial response to a staged pandemic prompted me to start this and the early posts from July and August address the flu and the ongoing hoodwink from the military-medical complex that viruses are ‘disease agents’.

I’m calling the Germ Theory onto the carpet as another false reality that’s become ‘real’ in the making, taking up the challenge as others have, to learn for myself.

The pandemic is a psychological operation intended to scare you into taking vaccines.

What’s really happening is that the global military wants to practice One Medicine, which is a program to universalize allopathic protocols on all ‘livestock’, two-legs and four. Indoctrinaires of the establishment are also the same purveyors of ‘natural health’ alternatives like vitamins and colloidal silver –not natural at all folks– but another inducement to take poison.

We live in a climate of ‘mediation’ by an overwhelmingly phony priesthood of ‘doctors’ (academics) who would prescribe the sanctioned methods of achieving the Greater Good — watch words — where even milk is a controlled substance, or I should say especially milk!

The goal is to deprive the populace of ownership and access to actual natural resources for health and thereby get everybody on the One program –the Transhumanist program that is using nanotechnology and intentional engineering to reconfigure biological creation.

The ‘visionaries’ think they’ll become superhumans, but Occam’s Razor suggests the ‘haves’ will have health and the rest will be disenfranchised, sick or dead.

• • •

Several years ago I learned that the historic epidemics of polio were caused by poisoning from chemicals and radiation. The chemical aspect has been well investigated, but the effects of mass irradiation of the public is dramatically covered-up.

It started with the invention of X-rays which found its most prolific use in industry – killing and mutating microbes that served to bring new chemicals into use and make the food business profitable, opening the way for agribusiness and agriceuticals.

And behind the stage set, we have the Nuclear Age represented by a generation of Baby Boomers who survived the era of atmospheric fallout to become the most chronically afflicted adult generation in history.

How will succeeding generations fare?…well, I haven’t posted to that. If they live long enough, transhumanism may grant them a certain quality of life. I can understand how the ‘trends’ make things appear inevitable. But this is the grand scheme of the myriad Lie.

In these articles are a few that propose the simple methods of our ancestors’ traditional ways as more useful and appropriate than ever. Abundant testimony and ‘people’s science’ endorse the superiority of our many cherished folkways. Others have characterized our progress as ‘stepping back in order to go forward’. Here here! Our ‘time-honored’ successes need no re-invention.

• • •

Lastly, Global Warming is the monumental scam that is most revealing to me of who is pulling the strings.

Statements published by the Club of Rome are unequivocal in targeting the human species with Climate Change as a means of duping us into cooperating with our own demise and enslavement.

We clearly have unfinished business in America for not solving the crimes and punishing the real perpetrators of September 11 –the agents and dual-operatives of Israel.

These are the purveyors of the One agenda and no strangers to us, however much the mainstream media attempts to blind us from the truth.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion unfolds itself in the facts of history, demonstrated in the events surrounding September 11 more clearly than any other set of circumstances to which Americans have been subjected.

It was the brazen crime that will bring them down as long as we don’t give up . . . never give up.

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