They spit in our faces!

February 1st 2008

“This fictitious conflict between the Zionists and the liberal Jews soon disgusted me, for it was false through and through.” — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Do you share in the lie that you live in a free world and can say and do anything you want?

And do you believe in your government’s right to limit what you say in the interest of “national security’? It’s a difficult decision when you know your government is criminal.

There are certain things you cannot say, you know, or funny things happen to you. Not so funny, really. For saying the “wrong” thing, you can easily lose your livelihood or your life.

In the ancient streets of Jerusalem, fundamentalist Israeli Jews routinely spit on those with different beliefs. Especially favorite targets are visiting clergymen such as priests, preachers and imams who visit their Holy Land to venerate the history of their own holy books. And what do these pilgrims get for their effort? Jews spit in their faces.


This is the message Jews have conveyed to humanity from time immemorial. This is what the Jews are saying to the world. In their newspapers. In their movies. In their school curricula. They spit in our faces. They pornographize our culture. They destroy our world.

Sick snobs stuck in the poison plastic of New York Times reality glower in a stupor of sanctimonious superiority while the illegal and immoral underpinnings of their predatory wealth disintegrate. Think about all those millions of people who have been unfairly murdered in the past few years. All of sudden, people are putting the words "9/11" and "Israel" together.

Who else could it have been? American leaders wouldn't kill their own people, would they? How much money would it take? And who has that kind of money? Maybe the people who invented and control money, eh? That would be the Jews.

The great hurdle the American people have yet to surpass is realizing that the mass murder of 3,000 people in New York City in 2001 was CLEARLY an inside job, covered over by intense media blather about terrorism with not a whiff of a story that these events were planned and executed by deep-cover intelligence agencies, using robotic Blackwater-type operatives.

No one in the so-called real world recognizes this reality officially. You don’t hear this on TV. No politician dares utter a word about it.

Yet they all know. I’m not saying they all knew it was going to happen, but I am saying some of them did. And I’m saying now that ALL of them (everyone in Congress) KNOWS that elements of the Bush White House, driven by its powerful Israeli presence, engineered the whole operation as a sadistic and tragic way to further unfairly defame Arabs, by painting them (and impersonating them) as the ultimate terrorists. It’s pretty clear who all these people are, and, by the way, they’re still in power. In fact, all of the current presidential candidates except (maybe) Ron Paul are in on the scam.

Which speaks volumes about the condition, the receptivity, the powers of perception, and the conscience of the American people. These faculties must be severely impaired to have attained this level of mechanical barbarity being imposed on all these bogus pretenses throughout the world.

Have you pondered the plight of our soldiers lately? The diseases they come home with, you realize, are made in the states by Jewish scientists (remember Oppenheimer?) for the purpose of destroying the lives of every living thing these weapons touch.

Yet you sallie on. Some of you think the presence of Neturei Karta, those bearded Jews who claim to be against Israel, demonstrates that the Jewish community is diverse in opinion and objective. I submit that it is not — that it is hellbent on subjugating the entire race of humans into what they call "goyim," who are livestock puppets in this theater of the absurd that they have commandeered.

This is the only accurate template that adequately describes what is happening to our world.

Death is their product, and hate is their engine. Self-hating Jews are programmed to kill. By their beloved holy book, The Talmud, and their greatest philosopher, Maimonides.

To kill us.

Because they hate themselves.

Which is why they go around spitting on people.

And why they must, according to their programming, destroy the world.

To try to convey to you the danger to our future, I must overcome several obstacles.

First is your conditioning, your "holocaust programming." Remember that nowhere in the memoirs of Churchill, DeGaulle and Eisenhower, the three Western leaders in World War II, is there any mention of a Jewish holocaust or Germans gassing anybody. The Holocaust programming came during the 1960s with the JFK assassination, after which aid to Israel skyrocketed. Writer Elie Wiesel's book "Night" later won him the Nobel Prize, despite proof that his work was hysterical fiction. Making soap from the skin of Jews. Indeed. Or the Auschwitz gas chamber that was built two years after the war ended.

Jews don't believe in freedom of speech. They prove it every day with their Holocaust laws, which prohibit discussion of a certain topic because it is “offensive” to them. And because it is a lie. The very fact they have to make laws preventing discussion of this topic AUTOMATICALLY means it IS a lie.

The second part is tougher to comprehend. Every particle of information you have ingested throughout your lifetime has been transmitted to you through Jewish censors — writers, publishers, distributors, policymakers — that has shaped you in its image.

This means that you are partly screened from seeing certain subjects. Money and religion are two of these.

But more importantly, we all grew up believing in an American dream. It was the basis of our society, if I remember correctly from my childhood. We believed in honesty, and thrift. We were disciplined, creative, and respectful. We wanted the best for everyone. This was the American way.

But it's not now. And you can guess — in fact, in your gut, you know — why this has happened.

Our decency has been terribly eroded, and we no longer believe in the future, at least not in the way we used to.

Why it has happened is full spectrum Jewish influence through ...

• Psychiatry, which remains technically a science that doesn't exist, turned us all into neurotic drug addicts, and literally afraid of our own shadows.

• Education, the redaction of all ancient literature through Jewish publishers. Foremost is the Scofield Bible, which trains evangelicals for obedience to Israel in an armageddon programmed to occur.

• Commerce, the distribution networks for virtually all products are all Jewish. The CEOs of most production companies are Jewish. The medical and legal establishments are Jewish. And the result, as in both medicine and the law, is the production for profit of products that are poisonous, ultimately meant to harm people.

• Finance, the Federal Reserve has skimmed half the profits from the American workforce for the last CENTURY! It was a Jewish invention, just like the two World Wars, just like the constant wars happening now.

• Media: Beloved songwriter Irving Berlin was sued for monopolizing American music in 1927, and what we have had are completely Jewish music and movies ever since. Didn't you love Milton Berle? But what was he really telling you? That you’re a buffoon, with no power over anything.

• Politics: Aid to Israel skyrocketed after the Kennedy assassination, and Vietnam lingered on. The Holocaust legend was invented and publicized. Drugs were practically legalized. And then, through TV, the great dumbing down began in earnest. But this game is almost 150 years old, and the Jewish consolidation of our false reality is practically complete.

Are you the adults your parents hoped you would be?

Well, maybe. But one thing's sure. This isn't the world they hoped you would live in.

The words of Eustace Mullins forever ring in my ears. "You will not achieve your dreams because of the presence of the Jew."

And this is what has happened to America 2007.

I suggest the following course of action for gentiles who take exception to the ruination of our beautiful world by a parasitic culture that roams the world subverting honest people with alluring corruption. This is the way the world has always worked, and the only way to hold the line against it is by honest assessment of the chains that bind us to the whim of the superrich, who have created their money out of nothing, and other criminal schemes.

But more than anything else, we need to treat Jews exactly as they treat us.

For starters, let's spit on them. They spit on us, we spit back. Will they use their 500 nuclear weapons? Maybe, maybe not. Jews always get others to do their fighting for them, then they pick up the pieces and conduct mass exterminations later, like they did in Russia, 60 million Christians liquidated in the Gulags, remember? This was a wholly Jewish enterprise, remember? And they controlled Roosevelt, so America approved of all of this, remember?

No, you doubtless don't. Why? Because you have been raised on Jewish history, from CBS to Dr. Spock, from Charlie Chaplin to Michael Eisner. Jewish history doesn’t mention the Armenian genocide (done by Jews), or the great Ukrainian starvation (done by Jews). Nor does official Jewish history ever mention that the initial financing of Adolf Hitler was done by Jews to create a great sacrifice of their own people to prove to the world, as recommended by Zionism inventor Theodore Herzl, that the Jews needed Israel to escape from anti-Semitism.

The world is beginning to finally realize that anti-Semitism is generated by the Jews themselves as a way to conceal their widespread social crimes.

So, let's enforce the very laws by which Jews afflict the Amalek (the rest of the people in the world) and put these insane laws back on the heads of the Jews, where they belong.

For instance,

• Many Palestinian babies die in childbirth while waiting for needless hours in barbed wire enclosures for sadistic Israeli guards to "process their papers" so the mothers can go to a hospital to deliver. So, let's make all Jewish mothers in the U.S. about to give birth wait on a grimy New York City street for 16 hours surrounded by NYPD barbed wire, and let her watch her baby die of neglect while her guards snicker in derision at her tragedy and mutter "one less cockroach to feed".

• Make all Jewish parents in U.S. send their children to spend a month on the streets of Baghdad dressed as a typical Iraqi and see close up what Mossad-trained, U.S.-sponsored Blackwater mercenaries would do to them. It wouldn't even record their names as your children were used as target practice by these Washington-approved sociopaths (which are about to be deployed in the United States). Speculate on what official, Rumsfeld-created U.S. policy toward your young and beautiful daughters would be, and whether the pervs in the White House would get to watch the video later.

• Make all Israeli children under the age of 10 walk through the hills of Lebanon where the Israeli army dropped millions of unexploded cluster bombs for future Lebanese children to discover sometime in the future.

• Make it a capital offense if any Jew defames any other religion, just like the new court in Israel which with U.S. help snatches dissidents from around the world and tortures them before execution.

No law can ever be just if it does not apply to everyone equally. Therefore, all the Holocaust laws are unjust and undefendable because they have been created for the benefit of one group, the group that has pulled the wool over our eyes for centuries, and now is the central obstacle to our healthy evolution.

The goal of all future banking systems must be to criminalize usury. Half the profit of all humanity's labor is sucked out of the real people's economy by psychic vampires who convince us that to kill is to love, and to love is usually an unprofitable venture.

And that's precisely why the world is going down the tubes.

Then ask yourself this question.

Why is it that the only thing Jews are really afraid of is the truth?

Postscript: Ever wonder why the Talmud isn’t a best selling book like the Bible? My friend Virginia, who has proven herself in many Internet debates to be an implacable friend of the Jews, nevertheless produced this account of a trial over the truth of the Talmud. She wrote:

It has been frequently alleged on the Jewish side that translations of the disputed passages made by Gentiles are inaccurate and misleading. However, there are numbers of cases in which the matter has been tested in the law courts and the translations upheld as exactly conveying the meaning of the original text.

One of the most notable of these cases was heard in Hungary. Dr. Alfred Luzsensky in 1910 translated about 400 passages from the Talmud into Hungarian; In 1923 Luzsensky was charged in a Government prosecution with 'pornography" and "corruption of public morals" by circulation of his work, which was ordered to be confiscated. Luzensky, however, was acquitted by the Courts and the confiscation suspended. According to Warren Weston's book Father of Lies (Militant Christian Patriots, London, 1938), the Hungarian Court in the course of its judgment said:

The horrors contained in the translation of Alfred Luzensky are without exception found in the Talmud. His translation is accurate, for it renders these passages which are really in the text of the Talmud, in their exact meaning.

The testimony of the court expert, Dr. Kmosko, is also of interest. According to Erfurt "World Service" of June 1, 1937, he said: "

To the first question asked by the court as to whether Luzensky's translation corresponds to the original Talmud, I must answer with definite 'Yes'. The underlying principle of the Gemara is that the non-Jews are not human beings, but beasts.'

In 1932 Dr. Luzsensky published a German translation of his book, and in Warren Weston's book referred to above appear a number of passages from the Talmud which he states are taken from this German translation of Luzsensky. The texts are in agreement with what has appeared in many other publications. The following are typical specimens:

"The Jew is to say on Purim Day: ... cursed be all non-Jews, blessed be all Jews." (Orach Chaim, 660, 16).

"Theft, robbery and rape of a beautiful woman and similar deeds are forbidden to every Gentile toward another Gentile and also toward a Jew. But they are allowed to a Jew against a non-Jew." (Sanhedrin, 57 a; also Abodah Zara, 13b).

"A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands." (Aboda Zara 4b).

"Those who do not own the Torah must all be killed. Whoever has power to kill them openly with the sword, if not let him use artifices until they are all done away with." (Choschen ha-Mischpat, 425, 5).

"If a Jew has a suit with a non-Jew, you (Jewish judge) will take the Jew's side as far as possible, and you will say to the non-Jew: Thus it is according to your law. If neither of these alternatives is possible, then you must cheat." (Bab Kama, 113a.

"It is allowed to cheat a Gentile and take usury from him". (Baba Mezia, 61 a.)

"God has commanded us to take usury from the Gentile and lend him only when he consents to repay with usury, in order that we do not create profit for him, even if there accrued no profit to us." (Sepher Mizwoth, 73 a)

"A thing lost by a Gentile may not only be kept by the man who found it, but it is even forbidden to give it back to him." (Choschen ha-Mischpat, 159, 1.)

"A Jew may rob a Gentile, that is, he may cheat him over a bill if unlikely to be detected." (Choschen ha-Mischpat, 348, 1.)

The following quotations from the Talmud appear in other reputable publications:

"You are human beings but the nations of the world are not human beings, but beasts." (Baba Mecia, 114, 6.)

"On the house of the Goy (non-Jew) one looks as on a fold of cattle." (Tosefta, Erubin, viii.)

"The estates of the Goy are like wilderness, who first settles in them has a right to them. (Baba Batra, 54 b.)

"The property of the Goys is like a thing without a master." (Schulchan Aruch: Choschen ha-Mischpat, 156, 5.)

"Who took an oath in the presence of the Goys, the robbers, and the custom-house officer, is not responsible." (Tosefta Szebnot, 11.)

"A human form is only given to those who are not Jews in order that the Jews may not be waited upon by beasts." (Schene-tuchoth-habberith.)

"If a Jew can deceive idolaters by making them think he is a follower of their cult, it is permitted to do." (Yore de'ah, 157, 2.),

"One should and must make false oath, when the Goys (non-Jews) ask if our books contain anything against them. Then we are bound to state on oath that there is nothing like that." (Szaalot-Utszabot. The Book of Jore d'a., 17.)

"Every Goy who studies Talmud, and every Jew who helps him in it, ought to die: (Sanhedrin, 59 a, Aboda Zara, 8-6, Szagiga, 13.)

"To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all the Jews…" (Book of Libbre David, 37.)

As has been already stated, there is much controversy as to how such passages as have been cited above are regarded by Jews to-day. The London "Free Press" of February, 1938, for instance, printed an extract from the "Jewish Chronicle" of January 3 last reporting the newly-installed president of the Council of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations in London as saying "his guide would always be the Schulcan Aruch." In Warren Weston's book, Father of Lies, it stated that Professor Cohen, as sworn expert before the Court at Marburg in April. 1888, testified that, "The religious Jew considers himself bound by the whole contents of the Talmud."

If you have the intellectual and moral courage to have read this far, then you finally know what we’re up against: the programming of an evil clique that has captured our collective mind. This undetected method of control guarantees that not only will you never achieve your dreams, but that you will lose your life for geopolitical reasons that you will never completely comprehend.

The ONLY chance to avoid this ignominious fate is to understand the Jewish plan for the enslavement of the world and eradication of the unwanted population, and to stop it.

The hour is getting late ...

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who is currently fighting off a charge by Rixon Stewart of that he is a Zionist stooge. What do you think?  Let him know at [email protected]