When heaven becomes a horror

February 1st 2008

The Ascension as extermination plot.

One of the great artists in human history, Leonardo da Vinci, painted Jesus at the Last Supper as an average guy doing the best he could (praying to God, in fact, that his bedraggled gang could hang together).

The only dark face in the crowd of the masterpiece belonged to Judas, betrayer of us all. (He now owns all the media in the world.)

Both personality aspects, of course, reflect the the breadth of the artist's astonishing personality in his choices to illustrate the central conundrum of human existence, which was the question upon which society depended at that time, and indeed, any time at all.

Do we take the payoff, or walk the path?

Observe the current consequences of those choices and cringe.

Do we believe in life, or are we piling up opiatic treasures to insulate us from having to confront the decision of why we are here?

Our collective health is entirely dependent on the individual proclivities of each of us. As we are the dominant species, the attitude of each of us determines the health of the planet. There can be no vote fixing on this one. It's true.

We are choking in the poisoned wreckage of urban culture.

The world is in the state it's in because of the belief in pathological human thoughtforms, projected from the deepest part of the human subconscious, which demands a security system to reduce and make more comfortable our existential angst. If our fear of death is not palliated, we cannot concentrate on the necessities of life, and succeed in some marketplace, no matter how perverse, to keep ourselves alive.

Humans of the world worship icons of demonstrable insanity. What is the message that God would sacrifice his only child? It means you can send your kid to certain death. Or to eat the flesh of the eternally deceased at Communion? That will make you crazy enough to poison anyone.

Perceive the slightly fetid anesthesia. The niggling negativity in the back of your mind. Better to have something to rely upon, no matter how inauthentic and projected it might be, rather than face death alone. You wonder, more often than you think, if believing in the lie that you do not die will save you.

You can smell it at those odd moments, rattling the otherwise ordinary order of your mind. What kind of cowardly fool would crave safety over love. You simply have to ask yourself of what real value are your efforts if you are doing it for yourself, and not for someone else? I mean, what kind of lonely fool would ever do that? You tell me.

The Book of Revelation is about the apocalypse to come. Originally a work of "St. John the Divine" (c. AD 150) and later heavily edited by "scholars" from the British Isles, it is the last of the 66 books of the Bible, a " final exam." One view of it is an overview of the thousands of words that come before this eternal message of what these religions are all about.

The law (and lie) was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

So then, the second coming (grace) is already come that Jesus Christ (grace & truth) is come (1John 4).

This expert commentator further paraphrased the real message of Revelation:

God said: Let "us" "make" "man"; so evidently the objective is to "make" one "man" kind, the perfect man, the fullness of Christ: the end of the law.

one "man" (kind) is to be "made" by "us", whom God will "raise up" in "the third day", to help replace mass ignorance with global understanding, which is to replace spiritual adolescence with spiritual maturity.

What has happened is that this directive has slipped into the wrong hands, into the hands of men more interested in manipulative power through profitable depravity, preying on the ignorant weaknesses of those they deliberately keep less educated. All dressed up in ritual and sanctimony, the poison of the lies they preach manifests in reality.

And this is what happens when you believe in a demonstrable lie. The lie becomes real life, and kills us all.

I received a very helpful way to process, deconstruct, and understand all these thoughts recently in Phishna�s Death Cult Memes

It can be easily shown that religious belief is a self-perpetuating delusion. A religious memeplex may be defined as a self-referential belief system which contains within itself the instructions for its own propagation. Memes are like biological viruses � harmful mental processes which use their hosts to infect others.

�Evangelists, Mormons, Christians, Muslims, Catholics, and Jews are all the same basic memeplex with minor variants.�

All the above named religions have adherents infected with almost identical death cult memes because all are rooted in Hebrew Old Testament memes. Most strongly believe that Satan is alive and well and running the world. Satan is a Jewish created myth and the indoctrinated are enlisted to help god save the souls from the unbelievers or heretics. Thus the only real relationship that can exist between the rival groups is war. History bears this out as fact, rival Jewish tribes kill one another, Catholics kill Protestants, Baptists fight other Baptists sects, yet all believe essentially the same doctrine.

This essay contains the following astounding assertions:

The Jews are a death cult. Christianity is a Jewish black magic spell. The War on Terror is a Jewish created myth. America is in a Jewish created death spiral.

But you don�t have to go to church to �get� all this. I've just told you all you need to know. Above all be careful of those who insist they have proven formulas to take you home, because where they take you often can be somewhere you wouldn�t want to go. Like the way the world is now, for instance.

Always be on the alert for the predators. They are everywhere. We need to separate ourselves from them. Past history has shown than we can never be sure of their conversions.

Beware conversos, is always a good rule.

Construct your own heaven, and know, last thing, that the satisfying knowledge of your own success can only be seen in someone else's eyes.

� � �

Yet all this wrangling blather does not even scratch the surface of the real issue � and the real damage � of religious indoctrination.

As author Richard Willing, in Money: The 12th and Final Religion, notes:

Why would you pay someone else interest To watch you borrow Your own money From yourself?

Connect that with the ritual that worshipping a bleeding cadaver will allow you to deny your own death by believing that you will live forever resembles the belief that money is a tangible commodity rather than an imaginary concept.

It is the same blindness. Put in place to take your money and keep you docile about it.

How far will we get as long as we worship a dead kid who was murdered by his own father to teach us how to be good. That sounds like exactly the wrong direction to me. It has been proven to produce only overseers and slaves.

The first step in reversing this insanity is to question why it is right that a small group of clever mythmakers can play God, create our money out of nothing, and rule the world with it, on the basis of manipulated legends that are constructed to control us and eventually kill us all.

For Americans at this time, and for people all the world over for all of time, please ask your holy man: How many people will we have to kill in order for our God to believe we are good?

And what kind of being does that mean God is?

Is it not the manifestation of our own perpetual nightmare? As long as we continue to pursue that God of death, we will never be able to really live?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who is currently fighting off a charge by Rixon Stewart of truthseeker.co.uk that he is a Zionist stooge. What do you think?  Let him know at [email protected]