The Mindlock - PART 8 - A nightmare of our own design

What if the thing we want most is the very thing that destroys us?

"Beware of what you crave for you will get it." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s not “Your money OR your life!” It’s “Your money IS your life.”

In the mental difference between the two thoughts hangs the fate of humankind. Or, as my good friend Mike would say, “The most important event in human history occurred when Jesus threw the moneychangers out of the temple.”

Too bad that didn’t happen in the real world. If it had, we wouldn’t have what we have now.

So how to achieve a genuine, institutionalized peace that lasts is the goal. And the first step must necessarily be adequately understanding the influences that control our own minds. The worst mistake is to rely on the infallibility of dogma. As Thomas Jefferson said, God put us here to use our reason.

The information you have taken in throughout your life is badly flawed, you already know that. Your own history is not as you see it, either. And, as Emerson observed, what you think you want is likely the thing that will prove your undoing.

You see, we've been fed things .... ideas that have actually made us more docile and less aware of our own capabilities. We've been regimented by society to perform in the social categories that have been created for us. And we wonder why, when our category is eliminated, we are left feeling so abandoned. As if we didn't really belong here in the first place. Who gets to determine why our lives turn out the way they are, and why does that happen?

We are what we believe. We do what we believe. The world's eleven major religions have all been superseded and revealed as facile agents for the 12th and final religion that has always ruled the world.

True believers have been exploited by very fallible holy men down through time, and the result has been the mindlock, the predetermined predisposition of the human mind to cultural preferences that benefit the social engineers who created them.

Get it?

And Yahweh, who serves as the basis for all the Western religions, has been fingered as Molock, the terrible faced god of money.

This is the terrifying conclusion of Montreal philosopher R. Duane Willing, who in his new book weaves the mystery of the Federal Reserve around the necks of sanhedrin rabbis and their agenturs, and unerringly identifies the deity at the center of the Judaic religions as the Old Testament god named Molock, who took over the world through a structure called central banking.

Think about it.

Here’s another Willing observation ...

... the popular Semitic notion of one god can have the effect of a tourniquet on thought.

He elaborates:

The idea of one God prevents much learning in economics and understanding in the higher dimensions that come from understanding the origin of the word Israel. Without the mental tourniquet of the idea of one god, and the mistaken notion of the word Israel as a place name, the mind can more easily master how god Molock, through the powers of money, known in Orwellian terms as "doublethink", dominates the planet. "Doublethink is the power to hold two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them."

... it is argued that "psychotronics" is so advanced in mind control that it overrides the basic instinct for self-preservation."

But did it all begin with religion? A supernatural sanction for slaughter. Can you say money? The new religion. Can you say "Molock?" The god of perpetual debt. Flash quickly to the slaughter in Gaza. It is your future.

So many people are now on target about the murderous pretense that was 9/11, it's thrilling. There is truly hope for restoration of a sane society. But not without completely understanding the forces that control us and deform us into creatures that either we don't recognize or are ashamed to be.

Duane Willing seems on target about 9/11, particularly about the new revelations that it was a tritium explosion that pulverized so much of the World Trade Center into microscopic particles.

"It remains a wonder of wonders as to how an energy field was created and focused to de-manufacture the glass of the trade center towers back into silica sand .... as if by magic speaks to focused and controlled energy waves of great power and precision."

Willing is also solid on world history.

"The two primary rules for the human condition since earliest times are l. Do not soil the water. 2. Do not attempt to regulate life by usury.’

But the point of his book is this.

The Old Testament of the Bible, Willing says, "conveys in cipher the story of the discovery of money."

He describes the phenomenon of how money-decision protocols began to subvert religious thought, and also noted ....

There is no mention of chosen people or a place called Israel or a preferential dogma in this deal with God. The ideal of the universal covenant obligation of stewardship is ... a call from the cosmos. The expectation in the stewardship contract is for commercial enterprise to prosper in harmony with nature.

Willing concludes with a call from Jesus: "Let us forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors." This was a blatant attack on the practice of usury that is seldom mentioned by most modern preachers too interested in their own bank accounts.

Religions have failed in their stewardship obligations, Willing insists. He cites this astonishing example:

According to high profile TV preacher Rev. Hagee, on 12 November 2005, “Israel is now superior to the Christian Church.” In his regurgitation of a medieval world view, Rev. Hagee broadcasts to the world that “Christians must have Jews to explain their origins.”

The proof of the dominance of the economic spirit of god Molock is modern culture, especially among Protestant Christianity and sympathetic Jews is traceable in the Zionist-Christian movement that mobilizes economic and political support under the guise of Bible tradition.”

Willing also elaborates on the legend of the Holy Grail.

“The role of the Holy Grail in conjunction with god Molock is like an infection in the race memory that stop critical inquiry and thought. The suppression of the race memory by the over excitement that comes from the “psychic fire” of money effectively obscures the purpose of the usury prohibition. This condition results in the popular submission first reported in Genesis 47, when Joseph was able to buy the Egyptians with their own money. The bureaucractic brilliance of biblical Joseph, now most closely approximated in the modern chambers of central banks, provided the myth of the Holy Grail as a psychological vehicle to carry humanity into materialism and spiritual darkness.

R. Duane Willing, “The 12th and Final Religion: God Molock, Money, Israel and Cult 273,” $20. Inquire at [email protected]

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who is currently fighting off a charge by Rixon Stewart of that he is a Zionist stooge. What do you think?  Let him know at [email protected]