The Mindlock - PART 10 - Gateway to paradise

Ponder the poisoned path you walk, straight into the mouth of the beast

"Act honestly toward your children. Even animals know how to do that." — Pythagoras

Tell the fucking truth.

Whatever you seem to gain by lying will ruin your life at the worst possible moment.

What will you say when you are put in a room with an Iraqi girl who has been raped by your Army? Whose family has been obliterated and poisoned for reasons that you know are lies.

There is no returning merchandise after you have chosen to buy it.

You become what you buy.

Here at the Gateway to Paradise, the adolescent Iraqi girl is thrust into the blood and dust of America's nightmare journey as the quintessential evil beast in human history, this black heart of our deepest insanity to rule others and destroy ourselves in the process. After all, there simply was no honest reason for the U.S. to invade Iraq, other than to act as hired killers for Israeli Jews.

First, the pious and respectful Muslim schoolgirl watched them kill her mother and her siblings, and now she’s hauled off and humiliated for life for a reason — really — that doesn’t exist. Her father remains in indefinite detention, wires attached to his genitals and vicious dogs threatening to castrate him with one bite, all for reasons known only to Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and their twisted clique, as well as the big money overlords who drive pathological puppets like them.

How does this innocent girl see the American soldier who has come to rape her in Abu Ghraib prison?

In her deepest heart, she wails to God: "What kind of man could do this?"

We may ask, “What kind of country could produce such a soulless beast, who will kill on command while following illegal orders?”

And who among our elected officials throughout the United States will even acknowledge this question? You can’t give me more than ten names.

This is who we have become, dear American patriot, cringing in the same vise that is strangling all human freedom everywhere. They've got you by the balls because of money, control of the medium of exchange ... of your mind.

The really bad news is that it has been going on longer than anyone can really remember. If the history books tell us right, it’s a very long time ... a very long time that we have hidden from ourselves the knowledge that what we imagine is what comes true. We imagine terrorists and that is what we get, even though the actual terrorists are those who warned us against the nightmare they deliberately created.

Get my drift? Al-Qaida was invented at the Pentagon, based on the suicide bomber model devised in Israel. Get the photos ready, blow somebody up, and call it suicide terrorism.

You may not hide from this. The gap between what they say is true and what actually is true is widening. Exacerbated by mood altering chemicals dispensed by secret government program aircraft all over the known world. Secret ingredients have been inserted into the food supply, with no government oversight that hasn't been bought by all the same people.

And so we return to your wallet, and the hammerlock it has on your balls and your brain. The mindlock.

Sooner or later most people make their peace with themselves that they're not here alone, and nothing makes any better sense than trying to get along with — as opposed to 'get over' on — your neighbors.

We're all in this together. And I must tell you, the beast is at your door.

The very people upon whom we would normally depend to protect us from harm have become the very ones most likely to harm us.

Legally, now, George Bush can kill you and never tell your loved ones the reason for it. In fact, dear friends, you see that happening every day, as the boys come home in boxes and photographs are simply not allowed. Still, in this American moonscape created by greed, where the few are working out their psychological complexes on the rest of us, worse are the boys who come back home deliberately contaminated by radioactive fatal diseases after having been trained to accept in their minds as OK the most colossally depraved kind of behavior.

What kind of people would kill their own children?

This was the picture of America through the eyes of the Iraqi girl who was about to be raped by an American son, likely no longer recognizable in the eyes of his distracted parents.

Take a look around at the glazed piece of filth American society has become. It may have been an illusion, but once upon a time, Americans grew up believing in the values of home and community, that through hard work you can succeed. Most people the world around believe this. It’s the way the world really works.

How it can be that competent businesspeople can put transient profit over enduring value remains a mystery to be elucidated by social scientists of the future, because about the first rule every decent civilization ever had was not to foul its own nest, and just about every one did exactly that.

Crime has always been acceptable, even fashionable. After all, didn't the Cabots and Lodges, the ultimate bloodline of Protestant American money, make their fortunes selling drugs in China? All it took was a media blitz for a hundred years to blot out any instinct toward decency and responsibility in the American population. Control of all the money, of course, was the reason it became possible. Taking over the intellectual mind of the planet consisted of a brilliant symphony of thought capture, manipulation and control: Freud, Marx and Einstein.

Who among us even now can contemplate the enormity of this mindlock, the taking control of every aspect of human existence and convincing everyone that it’s OK to steal from anybody who’s not like you? Is that what your parents taught you? Eustace Mullins called them "the bandits from across the river." And this is who they are.

We can blame our Jewish overlords for plenty, but we can’t blame them for us being stupid enough to buy their drugs, their phony forms of government, and their poisoned food.

As long as money is the omega point, society will remain inauthentic, your children will be ripped from your control by mandated exigency, and corruption and war will remain the inevitable results.

The Big Lie, of course, is that we don't die. The vast majority of the world's population believes it.

Dream analyst Paul Levy describes what happens to people who believe their souls live on forever.

"Jung refers to projecting the shadow as "the lie." People who project the darkness inevitably dream up someone into materialization whom they experience as being the embodiment of the 'Devil,' whose inner meaning is both 'the adversary' and 'the liar.' People who disagree with the fundamentalist are seen as agents of the Devil, who need to be destroyed. By projecting the shadow, the fundamentalist becomes possessed by the very thing he is trying to destroy."

Three decades earlier, cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker had described much the same phenomenon.

"Once you base your whole life striving on a desperate lie, and you try to implement that lie, you implement your own undoing."

This is where we are now, at the gateway to a perverse paradise of our own sad design. Observe closely as the world goes down the tubes because of this fundamental lie. Actually, you have no other choice.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who is currently fighting off a charge by Rixon Stewart of that he is a Zionist stooge. What do you think?  Let him know at [email protected]