The Mindlock - PART 13 - How long do you have?

Will you wait to be killed, or ID the real perpetrators?

How do you talk to your neighbor when he's right in the middle of killing someone?

What if all your neighbors are doing it, what do you do then? Do you also start killing?

And then there are those who are the real victims, the relatives of suddenly mutilated corpses you now so glibly explain away as facile geopolitical rationalizations, exactly what do you say to those folks?

Remember the words of Madeleine Albright: “We think the price is worth it.”

How do you speak to a nation where half the population can’t read?

They want to kill you for what you've done, you know. Can you blame them? Americans who have murdered innocent darkskinned people with bizarre video games in hightech machines ... all that has been created by the Iraq war is a visceral search for vengeance sweeping the entire world to punish America in the same sadistic manner this phony Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave has punished the world, to reverse the same torture techniques that the United States and its overlords Britain and Israel now flash around the world like squalid semen from the devil himself.

Iraq is bleeding with a fatal wound, and very soon, the cyber sentinels tell us, the nation of Iran, one of the oldest countries on the planet, will suffer the same tortured fate.

For what, may I ask?

The Zionist monster, three nations merged together in a capitalist terror machine run by the same people who ran the killing apparatus in the Soviet Union, merged with the sellouts who created Nazi Germany. All of that has been glued together in an epoxy of evil, with the blackmail, bribery and murder coordinated by the state of Israel. As we speak, it spreads like a cancer around the world and stains humanity with its murderous and conscienceless faux justifications.

Justifications for endless murder and robbery.

The Zionist monster includes all who call themselves Jews, because there is no difference between Zionism and Judaism. Everything blamed on Zionists is justified by the Talmud.

Judaism is only the religion of the Jews, yet it controls the world, which doesn’t say much for the character of the rest of the world, or, for that matter, the power of its religions, because they all have been completely subverted by the concessions to human greed that have obliterated the integrity of all other creeds and wiped out any truly safe places to live in this depraved devil’s bargain.

The monstrous murder machine that was the Soviet Union was a Jewish enterprise initially financed from New York and London. The provocation for World Wars One and Two was entirely Jewish, wars to finance the new Federal Reserve system, a scam that has continued ever since, war after war, to this very sad day.

From the Hindu Kalachakra to Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, we have been adequately warned. But the power of money and media are overpowering, and when combined with pharmaceuticals, nutrition, education, medicine and literature all conspiring to turn us into alienated robots, the average joe doesn’t stand much of a chance against the forces of predesigned slavery that are arrayed against him.

Identifying the perpetrators is always the key step. Exactly who is doing what to whom.

How long will you cling to the excuse that this is the way the system is, that I owe allegiance to my country and my cause? How long will you insist that you are not responsible for the psychopathic banking kingpins who run roughshod over phony laws and rob and kill whomever they choose?

Or will you just waltz quietly into the amorphous white noise of your slavery?

When will you reach the inevitable conclusion that it is the very way you think that has created all this carnage, images of fear that have turned our collective social life a nauseating shade of brown and black? And red, for the innocent blood shed like a savior in every family. How is it you came to be such a whimpering coward, too afraid of losing his own stash of gold that you became willing to overlook the crimes for which you accept responsibility — the Palestinians lying bleeding in the dirt of Gaza, and the crushed red shells of children’s skulls in Baghdad.

When we made that choice in our cowardice, we forfeited the future of the human species for a potful of meaningless currency. And now we're paying the price with our children, though most of us are either too drugged or too dumbed down to even notice.

Deny it if you like, but this is what our world has come to. Do you know how to shoot a gun? And will it do any good?

Can you imagine what it must be like to have to use a gun every day in order just to survive? The scenario is coming sooner than you think to America. Although by then (maybe tomorrow), everyone will be so drugged down from the poison they buy in supermarkets (sing it with me — AS-PAR-TAME!) and mentally twisted from the subliminal dumbdown programming on TV that there will be no revolution this time, only a slow, somnambulent saunter as in a grey dream right out of the Talmud into the neocon extermination camps now currently under construction by the fine folks at, you guessed it! — Halliburton.

If you don't know who or what Halliburton is by now, then you should make out your will as best you can, and prepare to meet a violent death in the coming months.

I remember from reading dozens of disaster novels back when I was a young turk. And I remember wondering about the calm, unsuspecting narration just before some colossal disaster. It’s always eerie to contemplate what the writer didn’t know about in advance, like some comet from the human subconscious come to wipe out the species.

Very sad to say (and I proceed with advance apologies) but a popular topic of conversation down at your local therapist these days is to consider how each of you reading this story is likely to die in the coming months.

Tops on the list right now is a nuclear strike on Iran that leads to either retaliation and destruction of the United States (a process of advanced decay already proceeding nicely on the financial and legal levels), or some unforeseen tectonic or atmospheric consequence that will kill billions.

But what perhaps is even more frightening is the formidable list of alternative death scenarios that are right behind it.

No. 2 is probably to be thrown into a Halliburton concentration camp for wearing an anti-Bush T-shirt and being tortured to death by teenagers from Connecticut on Prozac and in the Marines, just returned from duty at Abu Ghraib.

Here are some others scenarios.

• Your chemotherapy doctor ups your dose and you’re out of here.

• Some cop decides he doesn’t like the greasiness of your hair, and because he knows he can get away with it, he does, and you’re done.

• You were in the Army, got irradiated in Iraq, and now have infected your wife and kids.

• When you return from Iraq, you realize what you have done to innocent women and children in the name of nothing, and put a gun to your own head.

These are just four random probabilities in your immediate future, in this world of bloody bullshit that you have created for yourself.

Most of us will disappear from the universe very soon without ever knowing who it was that created many of these situations that cause us needless pain and suffering, that have killed so many people needlessly.

And we who finally found out must forever live with the guilt that we knew what we saw but couldn’t stop it.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who is currently fighting off a charge by Rixon Stewart of that he is a Zionist stooge. What do you think?  Let him know at [email protected]