The Mindlock - PART 21 - Sheep's clothing

Fake freedom fighters hammer last nails into coffin of liberty

Although there is still no penetration of honesty into the mainstream media with regard to Judaized America's colossal crimes around the world, the greatest danger to everyone who believes in freedom of speech and wants honest government is not the bought-off establishment propaganda machine. It is those who pretend to be legitimate critics, but really aren't.

So I found out to my cost recently on an interview supposed to have been on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) with the famed assassination scientist James Fetzer, a bulwark of the group of American college professors who have staked their credibility on scientific proof that the U.S. government�s official story of what happened on September 11, 2001 was a total lie.

Fetzer, however, was busy being pilloried by Fox News fascist Bill O�Reilly that night and couldn�t make it, so Kevin Barrett, who earlier had garnered some important 9/11 publicity at the University of Wisconsin, filled in.

What happened was best explained by listener Don Nordin�s e-mail to Fetzer:

Dear Mr. Fetzer,

I can not find an email address for Kevin Barrett, so I would ask you to forward this to him.

I must make it clear that I support the 911 Truth Movement and agree with much of what I hear on RBN. However, I was disgusted by the way that Kevin Barrett interviewed John Kaminski. He invited him onto your program and then talked over Kaminski whenever Kaminski tried to expand on making a point. Further, Barrett refused to address many of the points that Kaminski made, instead talking around them. Then Stadmiller was allowed, as an RBN host, to come on the program and gang up on Kaminski with Barrett.

The program degenerated into a disgusting attack on a guest, with Barrett forgetting that he had a role to play as an interviewer, not as a co-guest. A host, while not restricted to being neutral, should at least let a guest have a platform for disseminating his viewpoint. This was not done. The entire program came across as a setup for the purpose of attacking the beliefs of Kaminski.

Near the end of the program Kaminski was dismissed like some sort of piece of trash, without even a thank you or civil exchange. I felt very badly that this incident had happened on a network which, up until that point, I had some admiration for. If you are the man that I hope that you are, I would think that you owe Kaminski an apology. � Don Nordin.

Judge for yourself at these two links. Forewarned is forearmed vis a vis RBN. Frankly, the first half is not worth listening to, and in the second half, I was frequently blacked out.

My favorite part of the show, however, was when Stadtmiller interrupted the argument I was having with Barrett. First, he pretended he didn�t know me by calling me �Mr. Kaminski� (I�ve only been on his show in years past three or four times), and then he said .... get this!

�We don�t want to get put on the ADL�s hit list!�

Bingo! The mindlock. The slippery slope. The revealing of inauthenticity, all in one snappy sentence. That�s good theater, John. Thanks for letting us know where you stand.

For those of you who don�t know (and shame on you if you don�t), the ADL is the Anti-Defamation League of B�nai Brith, the Jewish gestapo in America, which forces you to believe lies and ruins you if you don�t.

Of course, this same kind of censorship has happened to me on numerous radio occasions, notably, on Jack Blood�s show on the Genesis Communications Network when I tried to talk about the elephant in the living room, and on Meria Heller�s inconsequential paid gatekeeper broadcast, where she insists everything is going to be fine.

All the supposedly revolutionary talk that is supposed to be taking place on RBN comes down to that. It kind of reminded me of a recent remark by Daryl Bradford Smith of who told Eustace Mullins, �We can�t talk about the Holocaust because we might get arrested.�

Other wearers of variations of patriotic sheep�s clothing include Hesham Tillawi, the would-be TV star and probably the only Palestinian in the world who would have a menorah on his website, Jeff Rense, who sticks to the esoteric in order to delegitimize other information on his site, and Alex Jones, budding movie star whose career is being assisted by levels a little higher up on that slippery slope.

Worst of all, from my point of view, is a horrendous chatroom in France that feels it�s more important to discuss my personal life than it is to forthrightly answer the questions I have raised about Jews� intrinsic inability to tell the truth about anything, anytime, anyplace.

So many wily wolves in sheep�s clothing pretending to be dispensers of legitimate unbiased information with no other purpose to inform for safety�s sake.

Two of the very few news sources I still trust on the Web are Victor Thorn of WING-TV, who still stands at the top of the heap for his book �9/11 Evil,� which explains Israel�s central role in the World Trade Center disaster, and is still the only book to do so, and Sofia AKA Smallstorm, genius creator of �911 Mysteries,� the best 9/11 movie because it relies solely on scientific evidence.

Apart from a couple of dozen others I completely trust, the rest of the alternative 9/11 media herd has questions they dare not answer and motivations they may not explain. Yet most of the inquisitive public (granted, not a large number) still ingests information from these folks that will lead them astray, and guarantee that the problems they are trying to solve will not be solved PRECISELY BECAUSE of the false directions in which they are being led.

They pretend to be helpful social critics, but they have ulterior motives. And I only recognize one ulterior motive � to keep us from getting at the real truth, because somebody has paid them to impede us. We know who that is.

I could end the war in Iraq in one day. Simple. Ship the entire U.S. Congress to Baghdad and let them loose on the street. Then we could clearly focus on what should be done about Israel and the Jews.

When are the American people going to wake up and realize our criminal government has already destroyed virtually all of the Constitutional protections we Americans have enjoyed for 200 years? Are they in a coma? As a result of U.S. actions over the past five years, ALL Americans are eligible for the death penalty for their complicity in the illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, in which trillions of dollars and millions of lives have been wasted in this colossal charade for nothing but the profit-strategies of Halliburton, the Carlyle Group, and other criminal corporations.

This bogus War on Terror is a complete fraud. After five years, no principal figure has been arrested for the crimes of September 11, 2001. That can mean only one of two things, and both are bad. Either the actual perpetrators are enjoying the protection of the hypocritical politicians who are supposed to be protecting us, or the people who our government says committed this history-changing crime don't really exist.

But why don't the American people rise up and do something about it. This is the question people have been asking me for almost five years.

There are several principal reasons.

1. It is becoming obvious that virtually the entire Congress is complicit in the mass murder and treason that was 9/11. Further, they are equally complicit in the mega mass murder in both Afghanistan and Iraq, as the rationales for attacking both countries have long since been exposed as lies.

2. The American people can no long get valid information from their own media. No other event in American history has been so whitewashed by a kept press. The federal government essentially thwarted a legitimate investigation into 9/11 by destroying the evidence and refusing to discuss the actual details of the day, like the alleged plane that flew for more than an hour over Virginia before supposedly crashing into the Pentagon. There is no way in hell ANY airplane could fly in a threatening manner for that long without being intercepted by America's air defenses, no way, unless confusion over multiple scheduled drills that day and deliberate misinformation from America's top officials prevented it. This is the essence of the crime, yet America's vaunted newspapers and powerful TV networks have been unable to make that elementary deduction. Deliberate or otherwise, it's still treason for everyone involved in the coverup.

3. When Colin Powell admitted that the Downing Street Memos were true, that was a statement to the whole world that the Western attack was absolutely illegal, yet most in Congress endorsed the action despite knowing it was wrong, and no major news organizations in America had the courage to describe the crimes against humanity that were being committed in the name of the American people. All of these people, many thousands of them, are guilty of treason and complicity in mass murder crimes against humanity.

4. Major American media refuse to report on depleted uranium decimating the health of American soldiers and a large part of the Middle East, guaranteeing billions of people would have their lives cut short by cancer and other diseases. And this is only one of the medical attacks on the general population now under way.

5. Each vote you cast this November, no matter which way you vote, is in itself two crimes. One is complicity in vote fraud, which you know has determined the last two major elections. And the second is no matter which candidate you choose, he or she will support continuing U.S. crimes against humanity. Your vote makes you a criminal accomplice to mass murder. Imagine that. If you can.

Maybe it�s better, since your heart is palpitating at a very high rate when you consider these matters, that you just put on your sheep�s clothing, and hope the next bomb doesn�t fall on you.

Battling banshees

Distinguishing between real problems and the ones I created for myself

I tell myself I fight to avoid distractions. You know, sensationalistic items that seem important initially, but after cursory examination turn out to be false issues that after much Sturm und Drang ultimately lead everybody nowhere. A random example of this phenomenon would be the 9/11 no-plane issue, but there are many other prominent instances, too, like, say, debating the integrity of the Bush family.

So you can imagine my surprise and embarrassment when I finally realized that I myself had turned into one of the biggest distractions on the Internet. And I had only myself to blame.

For the past several weeks, an intense debate about the personality characteristics of a controversial Internet writer named John Kaminski has been taking place on a website based in France called Sign of the Times. A most distracting thread in one its chatrooms was titled "John Kaminski Goes Off The Deep End." (You're welcome to read it at;=1 , but I would recommend it only if you're extremely bored, and further, I would stress that there are far more productive ways to utilize your time.)

In it, a number of participants discuss the quality of my forthrightness, or lack of it. Through it, I have learned, as my beloved fiancee Barbra-ren�e Brighenti has repeatedly told me, about the significant difference between thought and action, between words and deeds. Way overdue, you may think. Better late than never, I would respond.

A certain think tank guru at one point speculated in public that Barbra-ren�e, an interesting Internet essayist in her own right, , was my "handler." The charge was made in a third party forum, initially not also sent to me. When I queried the utterer of this aspersion for verification, she waffled.

But before I exercise my usual unpleasant tendency to blame others for problems I have created myself � hence Barbra's repeated warnings about thought and action � I would admit that in my desire to be an entertaining writer � which I have often confused with my basic emotional insecurity as a person � I have misrepresented the nature of my misfortunes. Wailing on other people's shoulders about what a misunderstood writer I was � and even being prevented from practicing my craft by a self-centered businesswoman � were merely the projections of an insecure male trying vainly to master the healthy basics of a respectful relationship, an achievement that had eluded him throughout his life.

I took me more than two years to even begin to realize that the person I thought I was seeing was in reality quite different. What Barbra has given me is a much sharper sense of myself, one with no room for puffery or self-aggrandizement. Her nose is in the Qur'an or the Dhammapada � or more recently James Petras's wonderful expos� "The Power of Israel in the United States" � most of the time. All she ever asked me to do was to walk the talk, and I must admit I haven't done a very good job at that. That she continues to love me after all my missteps can only be a gift from God.

In fact, so walled in were my own emotions and so suspect was my own judgment that I actually dumped Barbra for a complete poseur (and some say sayan), the vapid and facile pseudowriter Judy Andreas, whose witless, insincere smarminess typifies everything sinister and misleading about the subject I have determined to be the most important question for the future of your life and mine.

That question is Jewish manipulation of reality.

Do you understand your entire reality is determined by Jewish influences? The money. America was taken over by Jewish money in 1913. The media. Ever heard of Hollywood? It's Jewish. How about the media? 100 percent Jewish. The schoolbooks? Take a look at the membership of the National Education Association. The medicine. The doctors. The lawyers. They keep the politicians mostly Gentile because then it gets too obvious. Same with most of the TV anchors, though more Wolf Blitzers are creeping in. Religion. The pope is Jewish. Science. The yarmulke is now required at Harvard.

Have you been wondering why America has gone down the tubes over the last 40 years? Look no further. It is because of Jewish influence, a financial and intellectual looting of yet another nation which innocently befriended Jewish refugees.

And worst of all, most of the revolutionaries today are Jewish, too, or if not, paid by them, in some devious way. Are you listening, Alex Jones?

If you think this is unimportant, I highly recommend you read the Talmud. Your life depends on it, in fact. You may begin to wonder, if you are inquisitive, why you can�t buy a Talmud in a store like you can buy a Bible or a Qur�an. It�s because Jews are trying to hide from you what�s actually in it � from the oath they take every year that it�s OK to tell lies to Gentiles to the disgusting celebrations of famous slaughters in Hebrew history.

Of course, this subject is why I've gotten into so much trouble. In fact it was the very reason for this chatroom chatter. Yet lately, public consciousness about the nefarious nature of Israel as it manipulates and United States into endless wars that DO NOT BENEFIT Americans is increasing rapidly.

False flag terror attacks are becoming part of the public's common language as knowledge about decades (if not centuries) of this classic Jewish strategy � from the Bolshevik Revolution to the USS Liberty to 9/11/2001, not to mention the endless Iraq War � emerges in the minds of more Americans every day.

Most Americans still don�t understand that the two World Wars were created by Jewish bankers for profit, as are the very wars they are fighting this very day.

There is hope for freedom in our future, but it all depends on our willingness to recognize the Jewish threat. Our very minds have been shaped by it. An entire century of false American history has been concealed from us. Jewish events covered up by Jewish media. That's the way the world has been run for more than a hundred years (actually, far longer than that), and most of you don't even know that.

That's where you're at, and that's why we are where we are. Because we haven't noticed.

Well, Barbra noticed. Another great gift she gave me was explaining the false nature of the Zionist label. I hadn't previously noticed that, in fact, I was using the term frequently myself and got hooked up with a number of Internet sites that used it, too. In fact, it's a popular term on the Internet.

Because it's a deliberate distraction, to deflect you from the real perpetrators. But more on that later.

The impression I created by my unwillingness to look at my own actions was one of an unreliable person, carousing with Jews and mincing words. My original plan for Andreas was this: I thought she could kindle among Jews a genuine willingness to look critically at Israel and Jewish influence in the United States.

In that regard, in a superficial way, she has done that, but in the process has spread her predictable whine � �We�re all in this together!� � to places she never would have gotten had I not introduced her. Easily one of the biggest blunders of my life, and caused by my emotional blindness. The fact is we are NOT all in this together. It says so in the Talmud. Jews are in it for themselves.

I had forgotten a critical piece of knowledge. Jews can�t tell the truth � about their own role in the world, about how they regard non-Jews, or about how they�re really benefiting from the succession of criminal U.S. regimes run from behind the scenes by Jewish puppetmasters like Edward Mandel House, Bernard Baruch, Henry Kissinger, and Paul Wolfowitz ... benefiting while the rest of the world goes up in flames in wars created by Jewish �advisers�.

Sound familiar? If you are alive today, you see the results every day. And when you see that, you can see it down through history.

Anyway, back to the chatroom.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk, a refugee from Florida who has created an intriguing think tank in France named the Quantum Future Group, has been one of my most loyal supporters for a long time, despite the fact that I have treated her coolly. She popularizes the fascinating thesis that a certain percentage of the world�s population are psychopaths, and that rooting out who these people are � presumably, most of our politicians � would go a long way toward increasing the chances for peace in the world.

When I last pled poverty in one of my essays, her generous group flooded me with book orders and badly needed contributions. Earlier, in fact more than a year earlier, she had actually bought me a ticket to visit her and confer about world affairs at the chateau her group rents in southern France. I accepted, but then Andreas and Jeff Rense talked me out of it, falsely alleging Laura was an intellectual property thief, and that I would be at risk.

Coward that I was, I told Laura I couldn�t go to France for fear of being jailed for talking about the phony Jewish Holocaust nonsense that Jews have gotten passed in innumerable European countries, laws that prohibit free speech about certain contentious historical events. The excuse may even have been true, though it seems more true today, given that legendary Holocaust skeptic Robert Faurisson was recently convicted in Paris of uttering statements �defaming the memory of the dead� on a certain Iranian TV station (and where I have said far more about that subject than Faurisson did on the same show).

But Laura was a real friend, and invited me again. This time it was my turn to waffle, before finally deciding that it was more important to learn more about myself and building a relationship with Barbra-ren�e than traipsing off to talk about the world�s absurdities. It was a tough decision, with my false ego clashing with my real-life need. Now I know it was my waffling and wailing that made Laura think I was being �handled� by Barbra-ren�e (who in real life is a Realtor). What was really happening was that I was trying to prop up this Internet persona I�ve created for myself with lamentable tales in which I turned her very reasonable demands into assaults on my artistic creativity. It takes a pretty fragile ego to do something like that, and I plead guilty. But, as they say, live and learn.

I made the right decision. And though Laura and her sincere friends were for a time my true benefactors, there was never a chance they could buy my support, because it�s not for sale ( I am NOT suggesting that she was trying to do that).

In fact, my final decision (always revisable on the basis of new information) is that Laura�s thesis is in itself a distraction from the most important issue, that of Jewish manipulation, because it consigns the real threat to the background while it traces traits belonging to sociopaths to the actions of governments in the world today. There is no telling, since she promotes the very valuable work of Douglas Reed, if Sign of the Times and the Quantum Future Group will eventually reach the same conclusion I have, that it is a psychological debility that is clearly manifested in Jewish teachings that is creating all this deadly havoc that infects so much of the world today.

It could also be that Laura and I are saying the same thing, only I�m being up front about it, because I think that�s important. Fact is, we need to take these bastards head on, or they�re going to kill us all.

The most important thing to remember for anyone reading this essay who doesn�t know any of the people mentioned here is that all this has happened because I started writing about the Jewish threat. I mean, goddammit, it should be obvious to everyone. Read Petras. The Iraq war is not for oil, it�s for Israel. Read Steven Jones. The World Trade Center was blown up, demolished, and a Jewish financier collected a quick $7 billion in an insurance payout. C�mon. Wake up!

No one can get elected to Congress without the approval of the Jewish community. No newspaper in the United States is objectively critical of either Israel or of Jewish influence on the American political process, which now includes completely fake elections, the enthusiastic torture of prisoners who have not been proven guilty, and the arbitrary mass murder of innocent people for contrived reasons we know beyond a shadow of a doubt are false. CNN has an Israeli anchor, for G-d�s sake.

The threat to the world is not from some statistically significant segment of sociopaths. It�s from Jewish control of the money. It has been for thousands of years.

Barbra helped me see that, although in most ways I already knew it. We are devoted to making the rest of the world see it, too.

One special note of thanks goes to Lisa Guliani of WING-TV, perhaps the only person on the Internet (at least in 9/11 skeptics political circles) who has been even more unfairly slandered than either I or Barbra have. She tried to warn me years ago about that deceptive false flag operation known as Judy Andreas, who now may serve as a warning to all Internet readers. If you see her stuff on a website, you know it has the deep cover Jewish infection, where distraction and banality are guaranteed to mask the real issues with disingenuous declarations that we�re all in this together.

We aren�t. Some of us just want to stop sociopathic Jewish mass murderers from ruining every nation they touch.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who is currently fighting off a charge by Rixon Stewart of that he is a Zionist stooge. What do you think?  Let him know at [email protected]