The Mindlock - PART 14 - Who made this plan?

Ugly Americans, Dancing Israelis and the crown are endlessly making war on the whole world.

Americans aren’t the good guys anymore. Hollow TV pitchmen still insist our boys are dying for their country, but more and more people know that those lives are being wasted on corporate profits, deliberately squandered for somebody’s twisted big score scheme.

And you know who’s making the money. The very pervs who are orchestrating all these wars. Repeat after me: Carlyle Group.

Maybe the most frightening thing is that so many Americans are going along with the scam. And the more I find out about American history — from George Washington butchering French traders in their sleep on Christmas Eve — maybe they always have.

How many thousands of supposedly responsible Americans are keeping their mouths shut about what really happened on 9/11, or how they knew always the reason for the Iraq war was one big lie?

Lately I've noticed people, particularly convenience store clerks, are looking at me strangely.

Maybe I don't hide so well the worried look on my face.

People want to talk about politics, candidates? I see a one-party system in the United States dominated by nongentile bankers aligned with the forces of Europe's old money, which likely in and of itself is nongentile as well, since the major controlling mechanism of human society — the Rothschild controlled banks, whose emblem is the prototype of the flag of Israel — have dominated the world financial scene since long before they pilfered from American citizens the right to control their own money way back in 1913.

But today’s news is worse.

Scheduled start of World War Three was due March 20, when they tried to start up the Iranian bourse (European term for “stock exchange”) trading oil in euros in Tehran.

Doesn't it give you a warm feeling when you know the sclerotic, twitching finger of Dick Cheney is fiddling with the nuclear button? Here's a man who has never been stopped, and he can produce the spilled blood to prove it.

Who knows what the latest twist will be in this stranger-then-coincidence confrontation with Iran over another pack of lies? The U.S. picks wars with whomever it wants, and because its citizenry is so drugged-out by bad schools, medicine and food, they roar their drunken approval of these atrocities.

Trouble is, the last pack of lies, implemented with the devil's own fury in the country next door, didn't do Iraq a bit of good, and it looks for all the world that the U.S./Britain/Israel military machine aims to cut a swath of control from Beirut to Baluchistan, and woe to anyone who gets in the way. The southern shore of the Persian Gulf is already firmly locked up with Zionist-financed allies in Jewish-controlled Saudi Arabia, and the 'Stans' between Iran and Russia/China seem solidly fortified with U.S. airbases.

Standing exactly in the way of the new American parking lot now being paved over central Asia is the venerable Iran, modern redaction of the Persian empire, from the whom the Western powers of history took their organizational models.

Now perhaps the world's most vibrant democracy (about the only place remaining I have been able to speak freely on TV and radio now that I have been heavily censored in the U.S.), Iran is a young thriving nation with an honorable tradition, which Israel seeks to smash because it threatens Jewish totalitarian hegemony in the region, a condition Palestinians and Iraqis have long experienced firsthand.

Israel wants to turn the entire Middle East into an unhabitable though industrially feasible dead zone from which profits can be extracted without people — especially people they consider cattle — getting in the way.

Iran has been the only country on Earth to officially challenge the insidious Jewish mindlock on the Holocaust, that meme of memory from World War Two that has been turned into a mental inoculation to prevent discussion of Jewish media ownership, the centuries-old Zionist master plan, and current and continuing Israeli atrocities, which are daily concealed by the Jewish press.

Perhaps it’s an important moment in history, as these modern Persians have opened a door to public consciousness of the Jewish attempt to eradicate freedom of speech once and for all throughout the world through rigid enforcement of the Holocaust religion and burying the true facts of Auschwitz with stories about soap and burning in lakes of fire.

Ironic, isn't it, that this is where Judaism started, in the ancient Mecca called Babylon, and now the surrounding countryside is about to be nuclearized, if not vaporized? Fitting tribute to a philosophical school, eh? The Old Testament rag, whose God won't ever really be happy until he sees that mushroom cloud.

This insane worship of a Holocaust that never happened was generated by a half century's worth of public indoctrination from news networks whose message is always polluted by a product purpose. Jewish ownership of American public media dates back to the 1890s with the formation of Hollywood. The U.S. financial system was permanently expropriated by private bankers in 1913, and we have been financial slaves ever since this permanent theft of control over our own money.

Yes, this is the topic of discussion that got all those U.S. presidents assassinated. And how Piper proved the Mossad hit JFK.

But Jewish control of the money supply is concealed in myriad different political labels — Communism is Judaism, is the big one that counts. Now it is masquerading as a capitalist predator society and hiding behind a misleading patina of labels and trivialities, reinforced by psychoactive drugs, telekinetic frequencies, scheduled sedatives and carcinogens in what we consume, and a media diet to keep you pinned to the electronic rodeo and swilling the beer of your choice.

How many Americans have gone down the rabbithole morally in recent years? Yes, America has always been a cesspool of rape and plunder largely covered over by those who write the history books. There may never have been a time in history when the populace got the straight scoop from the powers that be.

It seemed, though, in the last half of the 20th century in which I spent the better part of my life, that I grew up with a degree of confidence in a system that could produce people like Edward R. Murrow and Joe McCarthy, a world that could conduct a civilized debate and arrive at a logical solution.

Perhaps I was naive. Once upon a time, I loved my country. Now I am very afraid of it.

At the outset of the 21st century, I began to see major cracks in the veneer of American history as it was presented to me by a jowled Mr. Gula in high school history class in 1962.

America’s founding fathers were brigands and crooks who never quite got themselves clear of the European money supply. We’re turned our Colonial Days into amusement parks and covered up the acknowledgment that the business world runs on legalized criminality. This assault on American freedom has been largely engineered by Jewish bankers, who control publishers and educators.

That’s exactly what has taken us to where we are today, with a world exploding in blood for profit. And why we are all in danger of losing our lives in the immediate days ahead.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who is currently fighting off a charge by Rixon Stewart of that he is a Zionist stooge. What do you think?  Let him know at [email protected]