5th June 2010


BLOBS OF OIL WASH UP ON FLORIDA SHORES www.baynews9.com/content/36/2010/6/4/626040.html

I can stay in NC indefinitely and if I find out they are going to try this nuke-solution, I'm going to run up to Cocoa Beach for a couple of days at least until I see no tsunami rolling across the lake.

A bud of mine runs Sea-Tow up near the Panhandle, and I just sent him an article I saw that says BP is paying fishermen and other boat owners $3000 a day to assist in cleanup. I might volunteer to help out if he wants to get into it. I've dealt with spilled oil before as a natural part of being in the boating biz. The thing is, apparently these gases are accompanying the oil...

Hydrogen sulfide- safe level 5 parts per billion Level now 1300 parts per billion

Benzine- safe 0 to 4 parts per billion level now is 3000 parts per billion

Methylene Chloride safe 61 parts per billion now 3000-3400 parts per billion

I've got a full-face respirator and a body suit but I don't think ANY of this stuff is good for you in any way. Wouldn't be worth the money if I come down with lung cancer in a couple of months, which I am already at risk of from all the fiberglass dust, resin and paint fumes I've gotten over the years fixing boats. Then again, my lungs are probably Technicolor already, and may have achieved Keith Richard's age stasis at this point.
� Marshall

John, did you hear about the Chevron "leak" that occurred in Canada in the Great Lakes on April 21, the day after this in the Gulf??? The Mississippi River is done. Hey, at least you are on the "right side" of the State in Pennsylvania. No doubt this is a calculated attempt at taking down our planet. I am glad you are up there and safe.
� Mary

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida; www.johnkaminski.info