OIL NEWS 12th June 2010

Tonight’s headlines from www.floridaoilspilllaw.com the hottest site on the web.

• The choice is this, Dan Simmons says: Let it flow for 30 years, or nuke it. Either way it’s time to say goodbye to the Gulf Coast of the United States and the countries south of it, sorry to have to tell you. Get out of there now. 200 miles inland minimum, but you’ll need at least 1000 to dodge the toxic rain that’s sure to fall.

• Ankle deep oil sludge washes ashore in Pensacola.

• Senator spots 40-mile-long oil plume rising to the surface.

• Big oil eddy headed toward Naples.

• BP burnoff threatens health of coastal residents.

• Admiral puzzled by continued use of poisoned dispersants.

• Use of booms in Palm Beach futile.

• Louisiana National Guard readies for mass evacuations.

• Fire tornado filmed in Gulf.

• Oil will shut down power plants; 90 degrees, no A/C, no water, plenty of people with guns, and soldiers, including some foreign troops, with curious orders.

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Your worst fears have come true. Mine too. Everything I have told you has been true. I am not boasting. This fact is of no solace to me. Over the last seven years on the Internet, I have told you the unvarnished truth of what has happened to the United States and it’s people at the hands of an existing Jewish world government that takes the shape of its bankers as puppetmasters manipulating the leaders of countries with a simple ruse: if you have a central bank, you must have a standing army to protect it, it’s in the fine print of the laws of every country that has a central bank. There are only five countries in the world that don’t have a central bank and they are all under attack by the Jewish world government, by the United States, Britain and Israel, the new and surely clearly identifiable Axis of Evil in the world.

The facts of life about a standing army are this: If the standing army you have does not go to war, and produce a large profit from what it stole from someone else, then that country will go bankrupt, trying to support the standing army it is required to have. That’s why we get all the wars. Cute Jewish trick, eh?

Sweet Jesus, the president of Goldman Sachs used to be the president of British Petroleum. They’ve stolen all our money far into the future, poisoned our children with lies for almost two centuries. They’ve owned all of our presidents since Andrew Jackson (with the exception of Zachary Taylor, whom they killed). But to the point, what I have told you over the past seven years. For what I have tried, in my own clumsy way, to tell you, I have been banned by most “hip” websites like Common Dreams, Online Journal, rense.com, Global Research, AFP, all the alternative radio networks — in other words, all the Internet entities who are dependent upon Jewish sources to keep their programs going.

I have been banned by all these sites for trying to tell you the truth about what is going on in the world. Here’s a quick recap of some of the high points I’ve mentioned.

• 9/11 was not done by Muslim terrorists. It was planned and carried out by the most powerful New York bankers — all Jews — who used the Mossad directing the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff headquartered in the White House under the direction of Dick Cheney to stage this granddaddy of all false flag operations. The clumsy coverup that followed was spun by big Jewish media as profoundly legitimate, and the stupid goyim public, waving flags while listening to pro-Jewish Christian evangelists, accepted the bogus reports as “in the interests of national security.” Only the national security they were supporting was their own eventual extermination, which, BTW, is now taking place. And on many fronts.

• The millions of people who have been remote-control bombed into nonexistence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine, as well as hundreds of other places around the world, have all been murdered by the American people, the American stooges anesthetized by the Jewish media coma, more concerned about Star Search and football titles than the lives of their fellow human beings. The American people, mindless puppets of the Jewish mindlock, learning to kill at a very young age so they can be used as cannon fodder in the evil machinations of the Jewish money machine. Americans chose a long time ago to take their piece of the pie and to hell with the rest of the world, but it was the Jews who taught them, above all else, how to betray their friends.

• The problem is not Zionists, or Communists, or Sabbataean Frankists, or anarchists, or pornographers, or psychopaths, or liberals. These are all synonyms for Jews, people who pretend to be one thing but are really something quite different. All the great suppressed literature points to one trait: money is their only god, and they will say anything, betray anyone, and — now it seems clear — kill the whole world if they can’t get their way. The existence of Judaism and the crime that it spawns is the world’s No. 1 problem. Every country has it.

• Once you see the 9/11 hoax in all its perfidious perversion, it opens a window to the sordid history of the United States of America — preaching peace, honor, glory and freedom while machinegunning innocent peasants in faraway lands in order to gain the upper hand in world commerce. Our early presidents — notably John Quincy Adams — warned us that doing that was not the American spirit. But the American spirit has been overcome by the Jewish spirit, which is, namely, rip off your own brother if you have to as long as you get the money. Ask Bernie Madoff about this.

• But beyond the sordid and brutal history of America’s insensitivity and self-deception lies the truly macabre history of Jewish intervention in the affairs of other countries, starting with the ascendance of the Rothschild family in 1777, the true starting date of the New World Order. The Rothschilds, whose emblem is the flag of Israel, first hit the jackpot by stealing someone else’s money and then funding both sides of the American Revolution. Jewish advisors surrounded King George of England and George Washington, America’s largest landowner, got his war cash from the Jews Haim Solomon and slave king Aaron Lopez. The Rothschilds gained control of the London Stock Exchange by projecting false information about the Battle of Waterloo, and ever since — through hard work and an ever-growing empire of drugs, crime and war — the Jewish Rothschild family and its coterie of other Jewish families — have essentially controlled the world: all the businesses, all the governments, all the media, and most importantly, all the money. Including the Pope’s.

• In all of human history, the heart of darkness of every perversion known to man — including lying to those he loves — is fully enumerated in the Talmud, the ‘holy’ book of the Jews.

As America sinks to its knees with this fatal wound to the heart of its soul, and many millions of people are about to die from this unnatural poison, it’s time for everyone to reconsider the imposters who pretend to be our government, but who really are prostituted puppets singing the sad and insincere songs of those who are, with their help, about to exterminate us all.

The Gulf of Mexico oil volcano is quite likely the last thing that most of us on this planet will ever remember.

John Kaminski is a writer who used to live on the now oily Gulf Coast of Florida, whose life has been forever disrupted by predators who meant to kill us all along. www.johnkaminski.info