Tales of the Tribe - PART 3 - Jews don't believe in freedom of speech

Their twisted version of history keeps creating tyranny and wars

I can make any Jew tell a lie in three seconds. Just ask, “Tell me about the history of Israel.” You won't hear the real answer from a Jew.

The real answer is: Israel is a criminal entity subject to no laws but its own, and it basically has none. It was created by terrorists who stole the land from its original owners. Every crime is permissible by a Jew against a non Jew. That is the core of its teaching in both the Talmud and the Torah. Non Jews are cattle, the Talmud says. Take a look at the world, and see how those cattle are now being slaughtered, especially in the neighborhood of Israel.

Israeli soldiers specialize in shooting Palestinian children in the head, you know. Most Jews in America are very proud of that, though they don't usually let the newspapers they own in America write about that stuff, except through vicious racism against others, especially Muslims, but also blacks and whites, of which they are neither.

My local TV station told me local Jews were celebrating and supporting Israel's slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza and its invasion of Lebanon, where many children were slaughtered by Jewish bombs while riding in a schoolbus. Such is life in braindead America these days. Zionized. A mental yarmulke on the heads of everyone.

Remember Rachel Corrie, the young girl crushed by the bulldozer? Multiply that by a number too large to contemplate and you have an accurate picture of life in Palestine under the heartless heel of the Jewish/Zionist/Israeli monster, which kills for no reason and smiles at the sight of the blood it spills.

This is the most important social question now facing the human species.

What kind of religion is this Judaism?! It is not like the others — Christians, Muslims. Buddhists and Hindus, who advertise salvation to anyone who wants it. Judaism is only for the Jews, not for anybody else. In fact, In Judaism, everybody else is fair game for murder and robbery with no penalty. Witness the Israeli squadron captain who recently was acquitted on a minor manslaughter charge after pumping 13 bullets into the lifeless body of a ten-year-old Palestinian girl.

The greatest scam ever perpetrated on the human race was the notion of anti-Semitism, where a transparent persecution complex created a permanent, self-inflicted injury by which the greatest group of crooks in human history made themselves sacred, and hoodwinked the rest of its species into believing they were The Chosen. The cash registers have been ringing ever since. And there’s something about spilled blood these people like.

Five thousand years later, after the magical machinations of Daniel and his magi friends in Babylon invented money and religion at the very same time, the two remain inextricably intertwined. The tribe of Dan, the Danae who populated Greece, the Tuatha de Danaan who are the fairyfolk of Ireland, spread around the world, carrying their ethics with them in the mind memes of the Old Testament. Kill for any reason, and call it holy, as long as it is profitable.

Today our freedom of speech — and our freedom of thought — is manacled as surely as William Blake recorded the harlot's curse in long-ago London. "Blights with plagues the marriage hearse."

Only today, all is permissible within the new streamlined, alluring and utterly soulless American media spectrum, except for one subject.

The Holocaust. The most untouchable of topics. We may not discuss it. In many countries — most of Europe, in fact — they'll throw you in jail and throw away the keys in a pile of trivialities, and you'll never see your home again. Just ask Ernst Zundel, or any of his other thought comrades jailed in Germany after being renditioned from elsewhere for simply reporting the unbiased, empirical facts of World War II.

The unbiased empirical facts are that the Germans didn’t gas anybody during World War II, that there was no “final solution” planned other than deportation to Palestine, and that the great shame of Jewish leaders forever throughout history — and why they were probably banned by God in the Bible — is that the worldwide Jewish organizations were complicit with Hitler in the herding of Jews and their deaths were largely caused by the Allied bombing of 1945, after which typhus and starvation raged. The founders of Israel wanted those people dead, because they didn’t want them in Israel. No valid evidence of gas chambers exists. Plenty of people died; war is like that. AP reported 875,000 Jews total in a 1947 report. And the religion of the Six Million marches on, demolishing whole societies in its ugly path.

And here’s another in the endless examples of why Jews don’t believe in freedom of speech.

As we speak, Professor Robert Faurisson of France faces years in jail for simply saying “show me evidence of gas chambers” on Iran’s Sahar TV (my favorite station, as a matter of fact). I have spoken of these matters on this same show nine times and said far worse than Faurisson. Maybe I should go to France, eh?

All we are actually are asking is for Jews to prove their hysterical interpretations of history are true, but they can’t do that, so they bribe people and make laws prohibiting discussion of the subject, because they know they will lose any neutrally judged debate.

This is the Jewish war on freedom of speech. You will believe this false, twisted history, or you will go to jail. If you want to forever erase any notion you may still entertain that Germans mass-gassed Jews, read Paul Grubach’s magnificent recap of the debate:

Ironically, it is, I believe, a very favorable sign for the future of Holocaust revisionism that most of the Western power elites refuse to debate the Holocaust revisionists, but only resort to name calling, threats of career destruction and jail sentences. It suggests to the world that Holocaust revisionism cannot be defeated with evidence and reason. The opponents of revisionism are intellectually impotent, and they cannot defeat revisionism with facts, evidence and logic. The "Holocaust" is a weak and flimsy ideology that needs special laws, threats of career destruction and jail sentences to protect it.


Freedom of speech? Forget about it. Jews don't believe in freedom of speech. Jews control the Congress, the media, the banks, the movie theaters, the product distribution centers, the big stores, your local governments, the medical and legal professions, your schools. Jews control your lives, in thousands of ways you don't even realize. They speak, and you listen, just like Pavlov taught.

On the surface, they pretend to be slightly above average citizens, excelling in schools tailored for them and arriving in the job spectrum on a high level, guaranteeing their dominance over others. The new mafia is definitely Jewish, and running the government, as well.

This is how it works in Congress, too. No one gets even to run without the approval of the Jews, and its monster organizations, AIPAC and the ADL. The precious few who get past the initial filters usually are crushed in general elections either by an avalanche of Jewish money and negative Jewish media coverage, or, worse, bought off to twist their message in a certain slight way to favor a certain slight group.

For those of you who would bluster and fume that this is anti-Semitism, I say it is evidence of crimes, committed down through history against everyone by one single group which today has much of the world in flames because of its insane avarice.

The real crime is that they are allowed to continue to do what they do. Continued ignorance of this insidious social poison is now in the process of destroying much of the world.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who is currently fighting off a charge by Rixon Stewart of truthseeker.co.uk that he is a Zionist stooge. What do you think?  Let him know at [email protected]