Tales of the Tribe - PART 10 - The time machine

Is all we have right now all we can ever hope to expect?

How a Brit in the 1890s managed to portray the state of life on Earth on A.D. 800,000 and have it remind us so much of conditions in A.D. 2006 remains a marvel of world literature that is to be studied closely for its uncanny prescience.

The fantastic predictions of H. G. Wells provide a key to understanding why humans seem to relish killing each other so much, and also provide a scary assessment of the chaotic condition of our own time.

"The Time Machine" was of course the timeless classic published by Wells just before the turn of the 19th century into the 20th. Most of us know of it from the 1960 sci-fi movie based on the book, a film perhaps best known for its beautiful blonde coma-droids � representing the future of humankind � who went into a trance and walked to their deaths every time the underground villains sounded their hypnotic horn.

In Wells� book, an intrepid inventor, played in the movie by Rod Taylor, steers his Las Vegas roulette wheel looking contraption through blazing visions of endless wars into the far future, only to observe with horror the depth to which humanity's relationship with itself had deteriorated by the year 802,671.

Our neighborhood genius inventor encounters the stupefied Eloi, dehumanized but beautiful descendants of the world's elite, existing in a garden of Eden on the Earth's surface in the exact space where the Time Traveler had once lived. The Eloi were oblivious to the fact that they were being raised as food by the disgusting Morlocks, evolutionary descendants of the working class who had taken refuge underground, and who ate the beautiful young bodies they pampered on the surface in order to survive.

Pampered beef, I think they call it.

The movie ends even farther in the future than that, with a single tentacled animal slithering on a littered beach beneath a gargantuan red sunset, symbolizing a spectacular end to this enormous fireworks display we have so glibly termed human evolution.

Wells� pessimistic "sunset of mankind" scenario is easily visible in our damaged world today.

The Eloi are not much of a stretch from today's beleaguered white race, drowning in a Jewish-engineered tsunami of immigration that is rapidly turning the white Western world into an impoverished and multiracial Third World dictatorship.

In fact, you can believe the leaders of impoverished Third World nations much more often than the leaders of the world's only superpower, which is a corporate blending of the United States secretly controlled by bankers in London who are themselves controlled by the top financiers of World Jewry. It is an international financial network that is poisoning everyone else in a sea of usurious poisons, a phenomenon which has been the scourge of human society throughout its recorded history.

And the Morlocks? Well, let's not get too macabre here. The anti-Semitic literature of centuries past demonizes Jews in the strongest possible terms. I always winced when I saw those characterizations, but after two decades of absorbing information that totally overturns the conventional Jewish history of the 20th Century, and having witnessed on a daily basis the viciously inhuman behavior and moral unreliability of those who call themselves supporters of Israel, I can say with surety that they are not.

Back in the early '90s when I was the darling of the Vermont lefties for criticizing the hypocrisies of charlatan Christian zealots, I thought I had � but had not really � perceived the power behind the throne that determined the path of contemporary events.

Nearly two decades later, I can only the say the evidence for total Jewish manipulation of reality � from Hollywood's creation of the American personality to schools shaped by Jewish ideologues to psychology invented by Jewish doctors to raging, conscienceless capitalism created by Jewish bankers .... well, let's just say that if you think you've traveled through the latter part of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st without a totally Jewish outlook, then you simply haven't scratched the surface of perceiving the all-encompassing breadth of this most demonic conspiracy in human history. Brattleboro, Vermont, is where I learned that if you use the word Jew in talking about politics, you get run out of town, as I have been run off the Internet for the same reason.

The Morlocks, you see, are the Jews, toiling underground to exploit and harvest societies they prey upon, first psychologically, then through financial force, cannibalizing country after country down through history.

You can see this most clearly in today's pathetic, practically unconscious United States, where the Congress has destroyed its revered Constitution by handing over all power to the Dictator of the Moment, who is himself only the puppet of the monstrous malevolence that created the bloodthirsty system which spawned this bloody beast we now hear bellowed at us as "the war on terror."

The War on Terror, let me tell you, is a species suicide mission, deliberately planned that way to reduce unwanted population and increase profits from warmaking, which is the most profitable human activity. As I've been trying to say for months if not decades, unrestricted pursuit of profit has only one end to its path � total destruction. You know we're almost there, and Jewish bankers have driven the wagon since Rome � and even before that. The path to the self-destruction of the human race is Jewish. The key element? They know how to buy people off, and turn a profit while doing it. They will profit, somehow, by the destruction of the planet.

Wells was a prolific author and visionary who in 1940 wrote a book titled �The New World Order.� He is perhaps best known for his sci-fi fantasy �War of the Worlds,� which when unleashed in a nationwide radio broadcast by the unrelated actor Orson Welles in 1937 threw everyone into a panic because they thought Martians were really landing in New Jersey.

Wells� �The Shape of Things to Come� was made into a movie in 1936 and won the Oscar for best picture.

Wikipedia, the Jewish encyclopedia to which Google now automatically refers websearchers, reports:

An extract from the 11th chapter of the serial published in New Review (May, 1895) was not included in the book version, as it was thought too violent.[citation needed] This portion of the story was published elsewhere as The Grey Man. The Grey Man begins with the Traveller waking up in his Time Machine after escaping the Morlocks. He finds himself in the distant future of an Earth that is unrecognizable, seeing kangaroo-like hopping creatures (with some vaguely humanoid features) being attacked and eaten by a giant centipede that comes out of the ground.

Given all the other correspondences Wells� fiction has with contemporary reality, one wonders what demonic creation of high technology, uranium poisoning and genetic tinkering will be used to fulfill the author�s dark prophecy.

What was the force that drove the Morlocks? Survival? Fear? How could any species make such a depraved compromise as to eat one�s fellows? Those stories of cannibalism after plane crashes in the Andes Mountains come to mind. So too the vestiges of cannibalism in the rites of Christian Holy Communion.

Is it this belief in the God of Death, who we blame for taking our lives, that drives us to this madness of consuming ourselves?

Wells took a middle path in this debate.

From a book he wrote in 1940 titled �The Open Conspiracy,�

�Let us get together with other people of our sort and make over the world into a great world-civilization that will enable us to realize the promises and avoid the dangers of this new time.�

And yet, his vision of the future was utterly bleak. We wind up cannibalizing ourselves for the reason we believe in these dark gods we have created to insulate us from our own fear.

Malevolent Morlocks cannibalizing the innocent and dumbed down Eloi are not only an apt description of the human world today, but all we can expect to hope for from human evolution on this present path we�re on.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who is currently fighting off a charge by Rixon Stewart of truthseeker.co.uk that he is a Zionist stooge. What do you think?  Let him know at [email protected]