A letter to white racists

Scumbags come in all colors, but our overlords incite one against the other

24th July 2010

This has been bothering me for years. I’ve seen many manifestations and variations of it, some of it is truth but much of it is lies, and above all, this distraction we all participate in at one time or another — no matter what color we are — is an absolute waste of time that misses the point and hurts people needlessly.

I’m talking about racism, and, in particular, white racism. What I want to say is this — anybody who plays this game is playing the game set up for us by the behind-the-scenes manipulators who rule the world, because blacks and whites and people of all other colors in between are all members of the same brotherhood — victims of the people who make a loud living pretending that THEY are the victims, when in fact they are really the victors in the neverending psychological war for control of the world. And you know by now who I’m talking about. That name of that group is something, since the time of Jesus and probably before, that we all are afraid to say out loud for the negative consequences it invariably brings. Our fear of smaller paychecks, or no paycheck at all, makes cowards of us all.

After all, who is the biggest scumbag? A pathological white scumbag named George W. Bush? A jet black scumbag named Robert Mugabe? A tan scumbag named Barack Obama? All of these have betrayed their own people as well as everybody else. But actually, the still comatose Ariel Sharon may be the biggest scumbag of them all, although he didn’t betray his own people, if you could call them people.

All of this came flooding back into my mind with the recent episode of a writer named Edgar J. Steele, a notorious racist and Jew hater who still languishes in jail after being charged by our corrupt federal government with a bizarre plot to kill his wife. The actual legal bind Steele has gotten himself into is another matter. The attitude that Steele has championed over the years is, in itself, a confused distraction from the real issues we need to focus on.

Steele groups like the National Alliance, and more recently, Radio Free Mississippi, have done all the peoples of the world a grave disservice by directing their somewhat justified but xenophobic vengefulness at Blacks and Jews together, as if they were, like different species of snakes, both poisonous.

As much as I respect Edgar Steele for his incisive comments about the pervasive Jewish cooptation of reality, I resent him for his unshielded loathing of people of colors other than lily white. Sure, there are plenty of examples of idiot blacks preying on feckless whites, and for sure, this is covered up by the press in the interest of inculcating the Jewish version of racial harmony throughout the world.

The sanctimonious hatemongering against black people by white racists always struck me as the height of ridiculous foolishness. All it actually accomplishes is to further the aims of the sinister group that works to destabilize all the countries of the world, so it can steal everyone’s money, no matter what color they happen to be.

The American white racist argument is ridiculous on its face. White racists in America argue that only whites should be here, because it was the organized European ethic that brought many of the good things in life to the shores of America. But we stole our country from the red race, in a very nasty way. We stole it from “savages,” much like the way Jewish Israel has stolen that land from the Palestinian “savages”, and the Angles and Saxons long ago stole their land from the brutish Picts and unlettered Irish, who were of course called savages.

White racists fail to see the illogic of their own argument. For them, it’s OK that they stole America from the red man, but not OK for anyone else to steal it from them.

To carry the American white racist argument to its logical extreme is to admit that all whites must leave America, because the red man owns it, and always cared for it much better than the whites have ever done.

In your heart, you must admit this is true. The American continent was much better off under the Indians, who lived close to the land in their pre-technological state, than the white man, with all his convenient inventions, could ever hope to equal. Whites, by the way, even got their Constitution from the Indians, specifically the Iroquois.

But, as always, there is another side to this question.

All of the successful civilizations of history, in particular the first democracy, Greece — rose to the heights they achieved on the backs of their slaves. So in a sense, they were not really democracies. They were democracies only in name, not in actuality, because their economic productivity was based on the free forced labor of slaves.

This was also true of the early United States, where not everyone was allowed to vote, and some of those who were, were only given two fifths of a vote, because of their devalued and demeaned social status.

The United States became an economic powerhouse initially due to the exportation of cotton, and we know the labor force that produced this economic miracle, don’t we? Black, cotton picking slaves!

The slave trade, always ultimately controlled by the men who controlled the major industry of whatever time they lived in, is the ugly dark side of all these apparent historical successes. Today, the situation is essentially the same, only slaves now get something called minimum wage while the slaveholders control all the industries. Modern day CEOs reach salaries up to 1600 times of the slaves they control, often for doing none or little of the work that makes these so-called economic miracles successful.

We call this American system democracy, but it really isn’t, nor were any of those other so-called democracies. They were, and are, slaveholding plutocracies.

From the get-go, Americans held slaves, even many of our founding fathers, who remain justly revered because of other achievements. But the inequality bred only contempt and abuse, even as it brought economic prosperity.

To all those righteous white racists, most of whom are definitely economic slaves themselves, this is a message that badly needs to be digested and integrated into their world views. Because in their hatred for blacks, they are essentially hating themselves. In hating the blacks, they’re hating the very people who could be their best allies against that one treacherous group that is responsible for most of the remaining slavery in the world today, because blacks are a lot hipper than whites in understanding the role Jews play in diminishing everybody’s lives, no matter what color they are.

But in their blind fear, white supremacists are actually doing the work of the Jews in destabilizing every country on Earth. And some of these white supremacists are actually funded secretly by Jews, so Jews will have a sufficient number of so-called anti-Semites by which to spread fear among their own brethren for the purpose of raising money, of course. Jews are not shy about fleecing their own brethren, as Bernie Madoff and others have demonstrated so convincingly. Surely this is one philosophy that, like Israel, needs to be wiped off the face of the earth.

And in this process, by their bribery, blackmail and social coercion, they have disintegrated the most important element necessary to peace in the world, which is to trust the person you’re dealing with.

It’s also important to remember that there is a third side to this question, best elicited from black people by asking them the question, “Where would blacks be today if there had never been slavery?”

I’ve never had the opportunity to ask a black person this question, but in a world where people of every color have been betrayed and exploited by their Jewish overlords, the flip white supremacist answer would be, “They’d still be practicing witchcraft and hunting animals with spears in the wilds of Africa instead of selling drugs and stealing cars on the streets of Jersey City.”

I won’t presume to know what the black answer to this would be, but I’m guessing it would be similar, but less harsh.

And this all leads us to the role blacks are playing in America today. Of course, they’re being used to destabilize the country, to dumb it down, so as to be more easily controlled, manipulated and exploited by our Jewish overlords. And yes, it’s very disturbing that most whites follow right along, led by their noses, their mouths, their zippers and their wallets.

As blacks are pulled up on the economic and educational ladders, so are whites pulled down to the black level. This is exactly the Jewish plan, to diminish America by using experienced slaves to pretend to be functioning citizens. This is what the avalanche of legal and illegal immigration is all about.

This is exactly what they want, producing the right combination of grateful slaves and dumbed down whites to create a population of totally manipulatable house niggers of all colors, so they can accelerate their poisonous policies of heartless exploitation of everyone.

Our Jewish overlords have done this everywhere in the world, particularly throughout Europe and in Russia.

This is exactly what supremacists of any color fail to see, that they are aiding the perpetrators who are trying to destroy their country by creating divisions between victimized people where none need really exist if people would just understand how our Jewish overlords are undermining every principle that would lead us to productive, peaceful and honest lives.

Just as whites — particularly the British and the Americans — have been used by their Jewish overlords to conquer and enslave all the colored peoples of the world, now blacks and other shades of skin color — through Jewish control of television and other media — are being used to enslave whites in a one-color coma which our Jewish overlords will administer for their everlasting profit.

I’m not advocating so-called miscegenation, whites and blacks living together, or interracial marriage by these remarks. I’m only advocating that each person according to his talents rise as high as he can to attain the things that the original U.S. Constitution espoused — namely liberty and the pursuit of happiness, without some evil third party limiting and manipulating the choices that should be available to all, not just the Jewish financial elite and their conscienceless stooges, who definitely come in all colors, just as the truly beautiful people of the world come in all colors.

This is exactly why Edgar Steele and all his other white racist brethren are exactly wrong to lump blacks and Jews together in their hateful focus, and why they are really sabotaging their own objective by doing so.

John Kaminski is a writer who used to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida who may actually do so again one day, but it won’t be soon enough. www.johnkaminski.info