Anesthesia and the components of waking up

July 7th 2009

The world is now a Gulag Archipelago, run by the ruthless minions of the Rockefeller-Rothschild conglomerate. Its gods are money and power; its only enemy is the advocate of liberty.  —  Eustace Mullins, Murder by Injection, 1988, p. 188

Hence the people never questioned the existence of the temple but as the place where the will of the god was exercised through his servants... That it had come to function more in the capacity of sanctifying front for an international power concerned largely with money creation and control of the slave trade, itself mainly of criminal antecedents, was something they never came to fully understand; nor that this whole thing of prayer, worship, and devotion was dangerously near to becoming a cruel hoax manipulated by a handful of aliens, who looked at them and their fervour and belief with dead eyes ...  —  David Astle, The Babylonian Woe, 1988

The methods of Freudian psychotherapy induce permanent mental illness in those who undergo this treatment by destabilizing their character. The victim is then advised to "establish new rituals of personal interaction", that is, to indulge in brief sexual encounters which actually set the participants adrift with no stable personal relationships in their lives, destroying their ability to establish or maintain a family.  —  John Coleman, Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, 1993

Breathe deeply. The anesthesia you have ingested throughout your life has put you in a coma, a deep trance from which you likely will never emerge.

Now, perhaps as never before, it is critically important that you wake up and become as hip as you can to the people who are planning your death.

You are asleep, my friends, and your dream has been scripted for you, crafted so thoroughly and convincingly that you actually believe you are awake and operating of your own free will.

Not until conditions in your life become so adverse does this possibility even occur to you. For most of the world, that point of panicky uncertainty is now approaching, and you finally see the real monster as its toxic nanoparticles work their way through the capillaries in your own brain.

Do not be confused, my friends. You are immortal. Put your mind at rest. Don’t even discuss it. Take comfort in any belief device you choose to use, and remember that many different lands use many different words that all say the same thing. But know this: Religions only try to sell you something you already own. You are in possession of God at any time with no intercessor needed. Free access, you might say. It’s a proven fact. You will always be safe within the confines of your own dreams. Don’t accept someone else’s counterfeit version of them.

Even the ancients knew that to question the gift of life meant that you could not focus on your life’s true purpose, and was a needless distraction. Not to believe causes depression, angst, unrest. It’s all about what you do, how you act. That is the only thing that determines how and where you end up. Thus, we must act as if we believe, because not to believe impedes us.

According to the Greek historian Xenophon, the great king Cyrus believed his troops were better fighters if they truly believed in God, because they knew they had nothing to fear. But what do you do when you know your “leader” is lying? This leads to that fateful choice for so many: our need to believe vs. what to believe in. The way it really is is this: Those who believe in dogma over the love that is in their own hearts are doomed to corruption and hypocrisy.

The hand that cosmic fate has dealt us requires that the texture of the next chapter be concealed from us, and therefore the nature of the next chapter becomes wholly dependent on how our natures guide us in this present chapter. Thus it comes to be that what we decide to do becomes the future. So what have we learned so far?

• All of the social structures we have created for ourselves inevitably collapse from their own corruption, a process that is always hastened by those who survive as parasites (also known as agents or brokers) rather than the forthright producers most honest humans aspire to be. As we repeatedly keep making this same mistake, century after century, no matter what the philosophy or locale, this indicates a fault in the initial structure, a defect in what we actually believe that impedes how we operate, and guarantees that we will self-destruct and fail.

• Monotheism, which limits human thought into a controllable, mind-locked mode of perception, is in reality a blinding poison first imposed upon the world by a crippled inbred Jew posing as a pharaoh who erased Egypt’s more intimate perceptions of reality with the fascist mind control device known as the One True God. God as the hammer of righteousness, serving as a psychological template for centuries of future scams. Misuse of this hypnotic mantra has ravaged the world with its murderous certitude ever since. Monotheism is the primary generator of self-hatred, because it keeps the sheep in line.

• The god Jehovah was the invention of Babylonian bankers who sought a foolproof method to guarantee the creditworthiness of their borrowers. Their solution was to get everybody to believe the same thing, but reserve the power to lend to one small and secret group, and thereby control, potentially, the world, which they long ago achieved.

• The conventional history that most of us absorbed in typically British-based educational systems is all a lie, meant to calm and reassure us into a docile social structure, while deceptive behind the scenes practices known as crime really run the world. History is always being changed before our eyes, radically redacted so that the killers get painted as heroes.

Ah yes, the real history. The history you never got. The Jewish hidden hand behind far more than you know. Far more than anybody can know.

• Karl Marx is a pen name for Rabbi Moses Hess, the real inventor of the Communist philosophy, according to the respectable Jewish historian Emanuel Josephson. Das Kapital! Imagine the definitive book about the evils of capitalism without ever mentioning the dominant financial force of its time — the Rothschilds. And that of course is because the Rothschilds, the world’s ranking capitalists both then and now, funded Hess’s book. Think of the hundred million dead it caused. Now think of the rabbi who wrote it.

• Sixty-odd years later, two hundred Jews sent by bankers in Brooklyn rode a train across Europe carrying $40 million in gold and millions more counterfeit rubles. They supervised the Bolshevik revolution and shortly thereafter sent 66 million non-Jews to their deaths in the gulags (not counting the 9 million they starved to death in the Ukraine). This same process is now well underway in the USA.

• If you possess the wisdom that comes with many years of reading, you may view World War II as three Jewish countries — USA, Britain, USSR — ganging up on the only major leader in world history who actually named the Jews. And look at what happened to him: Has anyone in history been more successfully vilified? Remember that the labels applied to Hitler and the German people were given to them by Jewish media and Jewish-controlled politicians. As have all the facts we have ingested in our lifetimes.

But it gets deeper than that. Much deeper.

• The financial squeeze we are now undergoing is a typical maneuver that has been done over and over again throughout history but always turns up in the newspapers as something else.

Moses was prince of the Hyksos, the invaders who took over Egypt, brought plagues, corrupted pharaoh, robbed the people, and were eventually run out of there for the thieves and killers that they were. And these are our Holy Fathers, the foundation of our religious tradition. Those forty days in the wilderness were a bunch of Jews running through the desert from people trying to kill them for just about every crime you can imagine, and especially crimes against God, for all their wanton immorality.

Their specialty seems to be to rob their victim countries of all their money and inflict them with plagues, then abscond on to their next target. Starvation and beheading are two of their favorite techniques, although their favorite choices today seem to be cluster bombs, which are guaranteed to harm the innocent, and phosphorus, which erases generations of people with, truly, the fire from hell.

These crimes are taking place today because of the deception of all our media systems. In their willful incompetence they conceal the crimes that are being committed against us, just as the church has covered up the crimes of its own fathers.

In fact, now, the church, the government and the media are all basically the same company. There are no countries anymore.

The church, the government, and the media are all owned by Jewish financiers. Their united policies call for a single government to cull the world’s population by five sixths. This is an easy call for Jews to make because their “holy” book, the Talmud, says that Jews may kill and rob non-Jews without penalty. Exterminating five billion people will be no problem for them.

And that is exactly what is going on in the world today.

Let’s go still another few levels down perhaps the ugliest rabbithole of all time.

• Henry Ford writes in The International Jew that Ferdinand and Isabella kicked the Jews out of Spain on August 1, 1492, and on August 2, Columbus set sail for the New World, with an entirely Jewish crew, and funded by Italian Jewish sources. It was Jews who cut off the hands of the Taino indians, not the Spanish Catholics. Any resemblance to their behavior in Palestine is not coincidental.

• In a park in Philadelphia, there is a statue of Haim Solomon, the Jewish man who ”gave his entire fortune• to General Washington to fund the American Revolution. To add to the thesis that some overarching financial power has controlled both sides of all wars ever since, the bookkeeper at that time for Prince William of Hesse, who furnished those Hessian mercenaries to King George, just happened to be Mayer Amschel Bauer, who made his fortune off the Revolutionary War, changed his name to Rothschild and began the greatest financial dynasty in the history of the world, and also bought the nation of Israel for his kin. Under this cloud was the American republic born.

Knowing history makes our white noise reality even scarier.

• Christians who are so vociferous about their beliefs don‘t even understand that in 787 AD Empress Irene of Khazaria and her Jewish son Constantine V convened the Second Council of Nicaea to “refine” Christianity against various heresies. Principally known as a public relations bonanza because it put crucifixes in practically every house around the world, it also invented the virgin birth and other preposterous legends about the politically created object of their own devotion. It also for the first time made Jesus Jewish, as all of the original bibles prepared by Eusebius for Constantine in 325 AD were assiduously destroyed. The next pope after this controversial conclave was of course known as Pope Leo the Khazar.

• Back while I was reading Winston Churchill’s History of the English Speaking Peoples, I noticed that in 1694, the collective nobility of the British lords at that time threw up their hands in dismay, as Churchill put it, at being unable to control the finances of the nation. So, they entrusted them all to the capable hands of the Dutch (Jewish) bankers. Ever since, the power that rules the world has resided in the City of London, and British aristocracies, as all the aristocracies of Europe, are wholly commingled with Jewish blood, Princess Diana and Prince William included.

• And if you think the Bushes and Obama were bad presidents, then it would profit you to remember the infamous career of one Woodrow Wilson, whom official history has given down to us as a scholarly politician in the hands of ruthless puppeteers.

How bad was it? Well, let‘s start with he was the peace candidate, but once elected, got America into World War I. But when you look behind the scenes, you find a trail of Jewish intervention in American affairs that starts with the assassination of President McKinley in 1900 by a “Jewish anarchist” (another of those later got Huey Long) and results in 60 million dead in World War I and shortly thereafter the Great Depression, in which most Americans were completely dispossessed.

Wilson brought to power the nation’s first Jewish supreme court justice, Louis Brandeis, after whom the Jewish university near Boston is named. How Brandeis got to that lofty position is a typical Jewish success story.

Wilson, according to Josephson, was a notorious philanderer a la JFK. The lawyer for the woman who filed a paternity suit against Wilson, and who possessed lurid correspondence from Wilson to the woman, was Brandeis.

Wilson gave the bankers everything they wanted: the income tax, yes, but mainly the Federal Reserve, which was created for the express purpose of starting World War I and guaranteeing endless wars into the future, a horrid task at which they have gruesomely succeeded. This is only a small part of the sorry legacy of Jewish control of the world. The story about medicine will be much worse.

Think Palestine. Jews, through their lobotomized robot hitmen known as the United States and Britain (and all the rest of these Judaized countries), are planning to turn the whole world into Palestine, and, in obvious fact, they are well on their way to doing it.

• • •

The nature of the next chapter involves processing this information and deciding what it means. The short version is total Jewish control of reality. We’ve grown up with it, had it implanted in our brains, and that makes it very difficult to see it for what it is. How it‘s destroying our world.

I use for my guidepost the famous maxim of the great American patriot writer Eustace Mullins ( who BTW last I heard was riding around the country with someone taking good care of him living the Life of Riley ), which goes exactly like this:

“Because of the presence of the Jew, you will not achieve your dreams.”

• • •

Monotheism is an affliction — a blindness and a lie — that is the certain cause of our currently accelerating slide into a poisoned oblivion.

The obvious lies we have chosen to believe because they appear to keep us comfortable are exactly what is manifesting in reality as all the world is being shaped to look exactly like the ravaged and erased villages of Palestine.

Acceptance of these foolish lies has resulted in a cancer of our spirit, because we know we have chosen to believe in a lie, and because of that our world is being destroyed by the very lie we have chosen to believe.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who has been banned on most Jewish-controlled websites for pointing out continuing Jewish crimes against humanity.