(stands for “British Israel Zionist World Occupation Government”)

The inside story of the inside job


24th February 2010

The real books — the real information — can’t be found in bookstores these days. Talk about a chain psyop! Wall to wall kosher self help books. But then, you already know anything advertised on TV can never be anything more than an unnecessary item for a cynically created market.

The real books are all online, available in PDFs, or on wild websites, the real classics by people like Revilo Oliver that no mainstream publisher would dare touch. And so freedom seeps into this imprisoned world solely on the initiative of individuals who have truth to tell in a world controlled by those who don’t want it told. Getting this info out depends on people like you and me.

You’ve heard me mention one of my favorite writers many times before. Former Washington insider R. Duane Willing wrote “Money: The 12th and Final Religion” and I’ve reviewed it at least three times. If you haven’t read it, you should immediately. He has a new book ready, tentatively titled “The American Caliphate.” I am trying to get him to use one of his own acronyms in the title: “BIZWOG: The inside story of the inside job.” British Israeli Zionist World Occupation Government about covers it, doesn’t it?

Although it’s way too early to be promoting a book that hasn’t even been published yet, this manuscript is so bubbling over with epiphanies that elicit that “ah ha” reaction that it simply can’t be contained until the book is finally published. It would be unpatriotic, while this fire of economic treason rages across the world, not to alert those seeking solutions to our dilemma of the real world contours of our problem.

It starts out like this.

“Why do you pay interest to another person (the Federal Reserve System, a.k.a. the Egregore) to watch you borrow your own money from yourself?”

Your choices are but two, Willing concludes: We are the victims of either absurdity or deception.

A former high level government official working on banking practices, Willing’s inside stories of the extermination of the Savings & Loan system in the United States by the creation of the money market mutual fund, and how it sounded the death knell for ownership of private property in the U.S., will erase decades of bogus newspaper stories from your mind.

“Obviously, the Federal Reserve could not assure economic security, as is taught by its theory,” Willing comments. “This self serving theory is taught in university classrooms to justify perpetual debt, money interest and stock exchanges.”

Willing writes much in this book about the Federal Reserve, including the story of the Great Depression of 1929, which was deliberately caused by a credit freeze power play in 1928 that cut the money power cord and over the next decade caused seven million deaths in America, mostly from starvation and malnutrition. The 1934 bankruptcy of the U.S. confiscated everyone’s gold, off which they made a 40 percent profit while the Dust Bowl raged and people starved.

Willing tells the story of the real reason why Nixon was impeached. He messed with the Federal Reserve monopoly.

Among the many amazing tales he weaves together from experience is his glossary of secret agent personality types, who furnish much of the information in this book.

Examples too numerous to mention. Underground chambers in Huntsville, Alabama, where they can reprogram your mind. Willing writes that’s where George Bush II spent most of his time shortly before moving into the White House.

My favorite bomb in the whole book concerns his report on Kay Griggs, the wife of the Marine officer whose exposé of sordid sexual initiations of high-ranking U.S. military officers caused a serious stir a few years back.

Willing writes:

“In addition to the powers of mind control it is almost impossible to think — let alone believe — that the Pentagon military has been and now is under the direction of what some say are mob interests in Brooklyn, N.Y. The discovery and discussion of this reality nearly got Kay Griggs killed. According to her website reports and DVD productions and radio interviews, there are certain elements of the U.S. Marine Corps under direct control of this mob called the JOINT.”

“As a Marine Corps wife, Kay became increasingly concerned about the temperament and well-being of her husband. She tried to help him out of his rage and stress by interesting him in her personal faith and patriotic values. There was a contradiction between what Kay recognized as American and the military assignments of her staff officer husband. Deviant behavior was reported as criteria for advancement and assignment in high military office.”

“Kay said that the military is in the process of creating “mind slaves” controlled by a Pentagon executive of homosexuals. The Marine Corps was a supplier of an assassination unit to kill on behalf of the Brooklyn mob . . .”

“The wives of Marine officers who tried to speak out publicly about personal abuse and government corruption were intimidated to silence. They were dealt with by a rogue element in the Justice Department who “handle people.”

According to Kay, the Pentagon is using false flag attacks against U.S. interests to provoke Americans to war. The driving force of the Pentagon is money laundering, drugs and weapons sales to any markets, she says.

“Because of her role in Norfolk International Chamber of Commerce activities and as president of the NATO wives club in Europe, Kay had access to high officials in military and government, and was able to make herself heard by the press as an authentic source. Just a few days before he died mysteriously, she met with and described the Israeli (JOINT) operation to William Colby, director of the CIA. Colby agreed it was time to expose the Brooklyn (JOINT) mob connection with the Pentagon and Israel.”

“It was no doubt time to publicly revisit the Colby-Bush family connection to the Nugan Hand Bank and the Chinese Hang Send money laundering of Golden Triangle drug moneys during the Vietnam war. It was already known that Georgia on the Black Seas and U.S. State Department and Russian double agents were manipulating elections both foreign and domestic. These activities were all coordinated by the powers of JOINT, she said. It seems like the American Jewish Joint Agricultural Corporation (JOINT) was established as a Jewish relief agency following WW I by the Warburg brothers. The JOINT has had direct links to the Federal Reserve System since its earliest days. the JOINT has evolved and taken new powers and lasting form in the modern Pentagon . . . [end citation]”

Willing later adds: “The Kay Griggs report said that the operations of weapons sales, money laundering and drugs is called “the triangle trade” and is “run by Israel through New York banks.”

But that’s only one of the eye popping vignettes in this book: child snatching, detention camps, mass hypnosis, modifying the behavior of innocent parents, electronically observing the inside of people’s brains according to measured frequencies, aimed at controlling people’s actions by using those certain frequencies . . . “The thoughts of the targeted person become the thoughts programmed by the sender.” . . . holy smokes, there is a lot of really important information in this book that people really need to hear!

Just one more vignette:”

“ . . . it is widely known that behavior control and mass motivation has always been a top priority for governments. That interest has now become more intense, especially since the discovery of the powers of radio, film and TV. The attempt to control public perception for political purposes has a long history. No doubt the origin of this has a connection to religious ideas. However, the mix of religious ideas and modern communications technology when combined in political propaganda are new to modern life. This mix is even more effective when propaganda is buttressed by public opinion polling. With the use of artfully constructed poll questions, the public mind is controlled and made predictable with great accuracy . . .”

“The document before me says the precision of behavior control by semiotic, symbol-based and electronic stimulated and audiovisual modulated propaganda rises from the nature of the polling process itself.”

“It says that contrary to the popular impression about public opinion polls, “Polling is a ‘choice restricting’ mechanism, because ordinary polls reduce and sometimes eliminate entirely . . . the true spectrum of possible options; the possibilities and preference these polls express . . . are ‘guided choices.’ (Cross, Media Speak, p. 180)”

“The manufacture of guided choices makes possible the construction of a ‘controlled opposition.’ This is a political situation where any opposition party or movement remains under the control of the ruling elite. The films of the famous Michael Moore are examples of “controlled opposition.”

“The movie topics by Michael are about real and serious problems of society. They challenge the role of the power elite regarding corporate abuse of power, health care, Wall Street crimes and social hardship.”

“In the broader social context, the films act like a form of pressure relief, a sort of sociological safety valve. For example, once the film is seen, the concerned audience can sense relief because they think and feel that the problem, since it is now discussed in public on film, it is en route for remedy by government powers. This is the classic belief that “once the Führer knows,” bad things will be corrected . . .”

“Currently, there is no capacity in the public psyche to accept the prospect that the elite are not only indifferent to the issues presented in the films, but they have no intention of seeking a remedy. The elites are unmoved because they know that the safety valve function of “controlled opposition” propaganda effectively neutralizes genuine opposition . . .”

Stop me before I hurt myself. This book just keeps getting better.

I have barely scratched the surface of the information in this book.

Notice how I didn’t use the word “Jews” in this story. We wouldn’t want anybody to think we were anti-Semitic, would we? Certainly I couldn’t be talking about ALL Jews, could I? It’s simply ridiculous to think that it could be ALL Jews, is it not? Or is it? This question is the top choice of Jews wanting to distract you from the point you were trying to make.

Or (!) . . . are the wily Brits, as both Willing and Eustace Mullins insist, merely setting up the repulsive Israelis for annihilation, to the cheers of the whole world? Stay tuned. Hopefully the book will come out before the annihilation begins.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, trying to turn on the lights to illuminate this needless darkness, all done in bright sunshine, of course.