Masters of the false flag

Yemen latest target in widening war on Islam

5th January 2010


(Al-Qaeda appears to be) a malleable irritant that seems to find its rightful niche whenever the covert masters of this highly suspicious phenomenon find it suitable to shift locale, tactic and victims. — Hassan al-Haifi, Yemeni journalist

As evangelical Christians who have elevated the state of Israel to a higher status than the Redeemer they presume to revere cast both a stain and a shadow on those normal Christians who actually practice the very love they preach, so the worldwide nation of Islam is infected by a similar false flag phenomenon — the Wahhabis.

As yet another theater of war is opened by the Jewish war machine with the puppetized American military leading leading the way to more death and destruction for innocent people in Yemen, the same ugly lies used in the formula for permanent war bubble to the surface, and have been brightly lit by many journalists who seem to be escaping the censoring hammer of mainstream media because of the increasing obviousness of Jewish manipulation in all these horrific events.

A farcical underwear bomber event has triggered an avalanche of speculation about a new war in Yemen, a poverty-stricken Arab nation located across from the Horn of Africa, separated by a bay named Bab-el-Mandeb, which in Arabic means ‘gate of tears.’

This latest lame attempt by the Jewish controlled U.S. government to confabulate another so-called terror incident closes the circle on another false flag terror event that took place in, yes, Yemen.

In the great false flag tradition of the USS Liberty and the Achille Lauro (both Israeli attacks initially blamed on someone else), the bombing of the USS Cole first put Yemen on the map of contemporary American consciousness back in 2000, when supposedly Al-Qaida terrorists blew a hole in an American ship.

The event had great symbolic consequences for the U.S. John O’Neil was sent by the FBI to investigate and sniffed out the Mossad tangent, but ran afoul of the Jewish American ambassador Barbara Bodine, and was kicked out of the country. He quit the FBI, but went to work for Larry Silverstein as the security chief at the World Trade Center. Rumors that he was murdered the night before 9/11 and his body left in the building remain unconfirmed.

In the wake of the underwear bomber fiasco currently gripping the TV screens of Jewish media, I contacted Hassan al Haifi, whose intelligent columns have graced the pages of the Yemen Times, a newspaper in the capital city of Sana’a, for many years.

I asked him to tell me where the Wahhabis fit into the currently unfolding scenario in Yemen, where some 150,000 desert settlers have been turned into desperate cringing nomads (much like the people of Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan) by constant fighting between the al-Houti rebels and the Zionized Yemeni government.

Al-Haifi responded:

On the Wahhabis, I could write about them all night and all day and never finish showing what a dangerous menace they are not only to Islam, but to the entire world! To start with I will give you some background information that is already available in the web:

Also see the following link for a political background history.

I once and probably still have somewhere in my piles of unorganized archives, a book which was actually written in the early part of the last century, which gives the background of this menacing clandestine group, the Wahhabis, which traces its roots to British intelligence work (probably with the prodding of Jewish schemers) to try to defeat the Ottomans by creating a schism within Islam.

The book is meaningful, because it was published before the release of some British intelligence data which confirms this. It should be pointed out while there have been various sectarian affiliations in Islam, since the political rift that divided the tribe of Quraish (the Prophet Mohammed's tribe in Mecca) over who should rule the Moslem Nation after the death of the Prophet Mohammed, never have Moslems of any sect seen the death of other Moslems as sanctified because of affiliation to a different sect — until the Wahhabis emerged.

During the first rise of this deviation of Islamic doctrine (1744 - 1818) the Porte in Istanbul (early 19th Century) sent a force under the command of Ibrahim Ali Pasha (brother of Mohammed Ali Pasha (the latter was then an Albanian General who became eventually the de facto ruler and "father" of modern Egypt and the ancestor of King Farouk, the last King or Khedive of Egypt).

Ibrahim Pasha pursued the Wahhabi mobs and their Saudi protectors to their stronghold in Dir'iyah in the South of modern Riyadh in the center of Nejd Province, where the "devil's horns are found," according to an alleged saying of the Prophet Mohammed some 15 centuries ago - see this link: .

There the Ottoman force besieged the Wahhabis and their allies of the House of Saud for six months, with the Wahhabis refusing to give up. The Turks finally dug tunnels under the whole town and packed it with explosives and blew it up.

The Wahhabis and the Saudi clan escaped to Kuwait (1818), then under British protection. They returned on and off until the early part of the Twentieth Century, when the Saudi clan were able to retake Riyadh from the Al-Rashid family, one of the rival families in Nejd, thanks to the arms and money supplied by the British.

Bear in mind that the Wahhabi sect developed an organized clergy (which is against Islamic teachings) made of the Al-Sheikh family (descendants of the founder of the sect Mohammed Bin Abdul Wahhab, who still run the faith to this day. These two families — Saud and Al-Sheikh — formed a partnership with the former controlling religious authorities.

The Sheikh family was not to interfere or issue any religious edicts against the Sauds no matter what they did, and their power was viewed as Divine dictates. This was somewhat similar to the way the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church to a certain degree dished out divine rule to the monarchs of Europe during the Middle Ages and agreed with the Church to spread Christianity by the sword throughout Europe and to hold back the advancing Moslem Armies then, which had reached within 40 miles of Paris.

The Catholic Church feared that Islam, since it banned any priesthood would remove the power the Church enjoyed in Europe and thus made this alliance with the kings and nobles of Europe accordingly. This is also what the Wahhabi clergymen did with the Saud family, and to this day this partnership continues with the spoils divided between both families.

Now, with the oil wealth the Wahhabi institutions were flush with funds (their part of the spoils) and they invested some $200 to $300 billion at least to spread their creed throughout the world disguised as Salafis, and thus you have the rise of these so called "terrorists" coming from Nigeria, Bosnia, Chechnya, Yemen, Afghanistan. etc.

On the whole you find this clergy very ill informed about Islam and when anyone tries to debate them they turn away. For them it is just a means of power and their puritanical attitude is just at the surface.

They teach that the the rulers of a country should never be defied or rebelled against and they never contest the Saudi family over temporal authority, no matter how corrupt they are. King Faisal tried to limit their influence in government. Along with other relatives in the Saudi family (who did not like the way Faisal limited their control of the oil money), they eventually killed him. Thus the Wahhabis maintain their control to this day.

That is why one should never believe that the Saudi Family are allies against terrorism. They just say that in lip service to the U.S. The Wahhabi Establishment has not relinqished any of its power to anyone and although they claim that they are not associated with terror, every Moslem knows full well that Wahhabism and terrorism are inseparable!

What they normally do in most countries is set up "Quranic schools" in mostly poor Islamic countries or poor areas of non Moslem countries and take very young children and scientifically rear them to be only loyal to the Wahhabi clerics no matter what they tell them to do (brainwash), and never to trust any other (mainstream) Moslems or get into any discussions with them.

They promise their followers that their absolute adherence to the Wahhabi clerics and their willingness ot carry out suicide missions will lead them to paradise. They regard even other Moslems who do not follow them as infidels and their lives and property are sanctified for the Wahhabi fighters. They have carried out many massacres in their history, and before oil used to attack caravans of other Moslems and kill them and loot their belongings.

They are indeed a demonic creed and most mainstream Moslems have a great distaste for them.

They view the Shias as their worst enemies (even more so than the Zionists), although they have never done anything to them, although they have massacred so many Shias over the years.

However, the first effective direct and close challenge to them has been the Houthis of Yemen (who are members of the Zeidi Shia sect), which is another group that I will try to explain to you about on another opportunity.

The Yemenis almost defeated the Saudis in 1934, but the King of Yemen then ordered his troops back and made a truce with Abdul-Aziz Ibn Saud to prevent the foreign powers from meddling their influence in the region.

Now in the current war with the Houthis, the Saudis have been shown to be very timid and have actually lost several military outposts to the Houthis, leaving them with substantial arms and ammunition, as they did to the Yemeni Government troops.

Mind you, it is the Zionist lobby that is prodding the U.S. to help the dictatorship regime in Sana'a, because the Israelis fear nothing more than another Shia Hizbullah like force developing in Yemen.

Even if the current regime in Sana'a has been a major factor in the spread of Salafi doctrine in Yemen, the lobby insists that President Saleh will be an ally against terrorists.

All we can say is hogwash to that, too. Al-Qaeda is an offshoot of Wahhabi doctrine.

As far as most decent Yemenis are concerned Bin Laden is a product of Wahhabi thought and would rather disassociate with him.

To be honest with you, the Houthis are Yemen's best guarantee of not falling into Al-Qaeda/Salafi control and there is no need for US involvement. On the contrary, the U.S. is making it more difficult to get rid of the Saleh regime (which is really a puppet state of the Saudi regime), and this will make life for us here in Yemen even more miserable.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, still trying to hammer home the message that one group is responsible for an inordinate amount of our problems.

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