Muddy water (rhymes with “bloody slaughter”)

Thoughts on the perpetual ‘persecution’ of the Jews

10th October 2009

Why, oh, why does everybody hate the Jews?

Is it a question we can even ask anymore?

In many places it’s now illegal to talk about certain Jewish subjects. It’s OK to bash the Catholics and the Muslims — in fact, it’s encouraged; just look at the N.Y. papers — but nothing bad may be said about Jews, according to law in many countries.

The famous Afro-American general Colin Powell once said it’s anti-Semitic to talk about Israel’s criminal behavior, even as they kill Palestinian children to steal their organs. And plenty of people are in jail for pointing out that the notorious Auschwitz gas chambers weren’t actually built until AFTER WORLD WAR II ENDED.

Very soon it will be a crime to point out that U.S. President Obama’s top adviser is the son of a Mossad agent, and that the White House in Washington has been actually controlled by wealthy Jewish manipulators since BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THE 20th CENTURY.

And why, oh, why do you suppose that you can walk into any Wal-mart and buy any number of Scofield-based Bibles (the ones evangelicals use that have been slanted to favor the Jews) but never, oh, never will you be able to buy a copy of the Soncino Talmud, which tells THE SECRET TALES OF THE JEWS IN ALL THEIR REVOLTING DEPRAVITY (like rabbis having oral sex with children and calling it a religious ritual).

And if you even say any of these things I’ve just said, you are automatically excluded from virtually all of the Internet’s most popular websites: Uruknet, Alex Jones, Online Journal, Global Research, Information Clearinghouse, and the like. You simply can’t point out that Jews have exerted a disproportionate AND detrimental influence in ALL spheres of existence. FOR AS LONG AS WE CAN REMEMBER THIS HAS BEEN THE CASE.

All the media you ingest each day is totally Jewish. So subjects casting Jews in a bad light are almost automatically excluded from the information you receive, unless they are too big to contain, like the rabbis selling stolen kidneys in New Jersey.

Or the removal of trillions of dollars from the U.S. to Israel through this sieve of a government we pretend to have.

Or our presidents sacrificing thousands of American lives — our best citizens — to phony foreign wars being fought for Jewish interests. Can you conceive of a plot for the destruction of the American army that would be more effective than the present plan now being implemented?

But surely we can talk about these things if we use another name instead of the magic word. We can call them Zionists, or Communists, or anarchists, or liberals, or the Illuminati, or even Straussian neocons.

But if we use any of these terms, we are accessories after the fact, helping them hide from the responsibility of their not-so-secretive misdeeds by their endless use of false flag labels, which through total control of media throws investigators off the track of the real criminals, who are clearly the leaders of the world Jewish community.

• • •

Why, oh, why, do these Jew haters keep spray-painting swastikas on the granite walls of synagogues?

The short answer is . . . they don’t. All these episodes are sneakily carried out by Jews themselves, as recent incidents in California and Maryland clearly demonstrate. False flag events. As with the Lockerbie bombing and 9/11, you need to understand this term. It is what has happened to the world THROUGHOUT THE 20th CENTURY and long before.

The feeble-minded King George was surrounded by 13 Jewish advisers. George Washington’s three biggest supporters were all Jews: Haim Solomon (who “gave his entire fortune” to the army), Aaron Lopez (the superrich Newport slave trader), and Alexander Hamilton (who allowed Jewish bankers to retain control of the American economy in perpetuity).

Under the new hate crimes law, I’m not allowed to say this practically anywhere.

It kind of reminds me of the story Willie Martin told about how the Khazars took Russia. The whole thing got started in England, where rich Jews began a campaign to raise funds for “the poor, persecuted Jews in Russia.” Britain later sent a delegation to Moscow that determined Jewish complaints were total fiction.

Czar Alexander II, like so many other world leaders since, tried to take pity on the Jews, integrating them into Russian culture as best he could. His reward? The Jews blew him up, literally. Fifty years later, abetted by Jewish bankers from New York, they took over the whole country and began their killing spree that eventually took 66 million lives.

You can see what happens. And what happened in Russia, and later Germany, is now happening in the United States. Jews take over everything, and then something really bad happens. Remember this: starvation is their favorite method of extermination, next to beheading by rabbis.

• • •

I went to the main public library in Sarasota yesterday looking for two books, Samuel Johnson’s Lives of the Poets and that book by Ezra Pound about money.

Hmm, found nothing in the fancy new computerized card catalogue. So I walked up into the stacks and discovered all sorts of books ABOUT Johnson and Pound, but nothing actually WRITTEN BY them.

All over the library were deployed these messages extolling Allen Ginsberg, the notorious pervert poet, and other Jewish writers who have taken over both the Nobel Prizes and our educational system. And all of the works concerning Pound and Johnson were written by Jewish academics, trying to “explain” what these legitimate geniuses really meant.

“Just as bad as TV,” I muttered, and shuffled out of the grand marble library (that actually looks a little like a synagogue).

• • •

A progressive, Jewish-engendered decay of the human intellect has taken place throughout the 20th century. Read any college text from the the 1880s and you can see what I mean. Thought has been truncated, under the fashionable concept of streamlining (as opposed to understanding).

The big blanket that was thrown over public consciousness consisted of movies and music. Slowly, assiduously, the old values were eroded by temptation, and temptation has always been the primary profit source of the Jews: sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

Rather than lead their people toward enlightenment and happiness, our leaders with their human frailties have succumbed to the persuasive allure of riches above responsibility, to personal comfort above the need to realize that love and survival are about hard work, sacrifice, honor and loyalty to those who believed you would be honest.

Save for one in all of history, what leader has ever stayed faithful to that most important cause of humanity?

From the evil heart of darkness known as the Talmud has spewed a rising tide of sewage that is suffocating the entire human species, as well as all other life on this planet.

And we fail to notice that we have already drowned in an infinite cesspool of Jewish sewage.

The Talmud describes the Christian divinity Jesus as hanging for eternity upside down in a pool of boiling excrement. We have also failed to notice this is exactly what the Jewish philosophy is doing to the world.

But this is not why everybody hates the Jews.

Everybody hates the Jews because they NEVER tell the truth. Because if the Jews ever told the whole truth about what they have done to the world, everyone would kill all of them on the spot, no further questions asked.

So now you can see why they lie, and why everybody hates them.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, believes that Jews are just human beings who have been misled by irrationally hateful dogma, though most of his allies in the struggle to make everyone aware of this danger disagree and think the difference between Jews and real human beings is something more profound.