Poker Face — the band too hot to handle
(and too truthful for mainstream media)

Jewish groups sabotage rockers by blackmailing concert sponsors

30th July 2010

In a musical era dominated by trashy theatrics, perverted performances, and meaningless noises, at least one band stands out for preaching patriotism, faith in humanity, and individual rights for all.

So why do they get in so much trouble? Specifically, why does Poker Face, a rock band with a worldwide following, a shining reputation and inspirational ballads like “I’d rather die than be your slave,” keep getting its concerts canceled?

“Because we tell the truth about Jew crimes, man,” answers Paul Topete, leader of the popular protest band he founded more than 20 years ago. “We tell the truth about everybody’s crimes. It’s only when we tell the truth about kosher crimes that we hear the largest whine.” More than well-known to a surprisingly wide spectrum of political groups in the United States, Poker Face is revered by its many fans for pulling no punches against what it regards as an utterly corrupt system of government. Maybe that’s why, despite a stifling mainstream media blackout — except for negative reviews — Poker Face is reaching new levels of public recognition.

The level of candid courage in its lyrics is as good as any protest rock you’ll hear anywhere, but that’s not the most valuable aspect of the band’s diverse repertoire. Their music resonates with all age groups, all political groups, and all religious creeds (except for that single one that plagues us all), which is doubtless why spineless Jewish groups are so afraid of them.

More than a dozen times in the last four years, Poker Face has had its concerts suddenly canceled. The reason for this is always the same.

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith, the primary producer of Jewish censorship in the U.S., badgers promoters, sponsors and fellow artists into shunning Poker Face by using the misleading shibboleth of Anti-Semitism, and few entertainers and organizers have the courage to withstand this political blackmail.

The totalitarian Talmudists do this with articles in Jewish owned newspapers and other media that accuse Poker Face of being an anti-Semitic band, and most concert promoters knuckle under to this emotional extortion and exclude the one band that is actually trying to inform its audience about the prevailing political reality, rather than, like most bands, trying to soft-pedal or distract audiences from such potent truths.

As the U.S. and most of the other countries get increasingly taken over by the Jewish spin machine (which has long controlled the music industry), the lyrics of Poker Face’s songs are getting increasingly strident about Jewish crimes and the erosion of individual rights throughout the world.

Just last week Poker Face was all set to play in a fundraiser for an independent Congressional candidate in Pennsylvania named Jake Towne, and as soon as the gig was announced, the ADL was hard at work trashing the band and coercing the candidate, “through subtle threats and innuendoes and their control of the press,” Topete explained, to have the band removed from the concert. Towne, a political neophyte, eventually buckled under the pressure and dropped Poker Face from the show’s lineup.

Familiar with both the process and the result, Topete reacted with his usual stoicism. “Something to look into is to see if the ADL overstepped the bounds of its 501c3 non-profit status with their obvious insinuations against Towne's campaign and veiled threats to undermine his voter base. They should be investigated and if found in violation, should have that exemption removed.”

Most notorious of the band’s achievements, according to the ADL, was the use of one of their songs in a training video of a Michigan militia group called the Hutaree.;=related

“Ever since the Hutaree thing broke, the ADL started harassing us, said Topete, a 40-something Mexican-American. He added proudly, “After three previous honorable mentions on other ADL pages for our prior pro-American activities, we now have our own page on the ADL website. Hutaree is just one of hundreds of militias who have contacted us over the years.”

What kind of music does Poker Face really play? “Basically it’s very forefatherish,” Topete said proudly. “As long as any group if pro God, pro family and pro rights, these groups are more than welcome to use our stuff for free.”

After almost two decades on the protest rock circuit, and despite the constant harassment by the ADL and other Jewish groups, Poker Face is revered by patriot agitators for advocating truth in government and compassion in life.

“I love the stand we take for truth, and not just the easy truths,” says Topete.

Patriots and informed freedom lovers know about Poker Face from the important events they’ve championed and embellished. Notable among these was the Poker Face appearance at the 2008 benefit in New Hampshire for tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown. Wearing bulletproof vests with Homeland Security helicopters threatening overhead, Poker Face let loose with their usual aplomb, and mooned the feds flying overhead when their devastating Sunburst spotlights got too low and too bright.

Poker Face also gained a lot of credibility performing at the Capitol building in Washington, twice in 2007 and 2008 for the Ron Paul Presidential run, but the best performance of all may have been when they stopped the Commie Mommie March. Poker Face helped organize and then played at a counter rally to the local commie mommie who came home to Bethlehem and wanted to start a local movement there.

Rally In The Valley was born Oct. 1, 2000 on a bridge in the band’s hometown of Bethlehem, Pa., when a pathetic and staged political event of less then a hundred anti-gun activists was totally overwhelmed by 2,000 of the band’s closest friends. The band’s rally later that day included speakers Sheriff Richard Mack, Maria Heil from Second Amendment Sisters, an American Jew J. Neil Schulman and Kenneth Blanchard, a black American who wrote the book, “Black Man With A Gun.” Topete smiled with pride at the mention of it. “We had the whole cross section of America covered so the anti-gunners couldn’t bray that ‘You’re a racist’ shit at us, as they incessantly do today. ”

The video of that triumph of free speech can be seen here.

Their songs are becoming increasingly political, if that’s possible. They have crafted their signature song to a beautifully condensed video of Mel Gibson’s Patriot movie, titled “Rather Die Than Be Your Slave,” which includes the memorable chorus:

“I’d rather die than be your slave/ I will survive, and you’ll feel my rage/ It’s not a question of being brave/ I’d just rather die than be your slave.”

“That’s the one that seems to reach most Americans,” said Topete. Here’s the video:

To hear more of Poker Face go to and click on any of the CDs at the top. Each disc page has 2-3 songs that you can listen to for free in their entirety. Other sites with other songs:;=10....1

Listening to Poker Face is one enthralling experience. Talking to Paul Topete can be even greater, especially as he is usually surrounded by a sea of friends who revere him. As good as the band is, his rants are often even better, and they come with the albums in the fabulous lessons in history contained in the band’s liner notes.

For instance,

“Freedom is, and always will be, the ability to express yourself in whatever way, and to whatever level, you desire. To be the ultimate freak you are meant to be. So long as the journey you are on does not interfere with your brother’s unique determination as well.”

And this,

“We also have a very proactive government that has begun to attack and kill its own people. From Gordon Kahl to the Weavers to the 76 men and women and children at Waco, to John Hirko here in our local town of Bethlehem, we have seen ‘the State’ act as judge, jury and executioner before due process of the law was given.”

Beyond the fabulous liner notes is the website itself,, which is an encyclopedia of suppressed history containing many profound surprises, including a word processing program that shames the mainstream versions of programs produced by the corporate saboteurs.

You don’t want to miss the Poker Face Forum Board at

“This is the source of most of our problems,” Topete explained, “for it is here that our fans historically document many of the crimes that befall America and the world, and those responsible for it. Bookmark it, spread it around to your friends. You can spend hours, days, weeks, years going thru all of the posts and information.”

Poker Face’s next major appearance looks to be at the Live Free or Die Festival in southern New Hampshire the last week in August.

The band’s long term objective? Topete: “We hope to be the leaders of the new protest rock movement. And be a part of history making… taking back our country thru the use of music, just like what happened in the Sixties.”

And Paul’s goal in life? “That we can finally reach the day where there’s real freedom and real love, where I can be that real freak unencumbered by the man. If I choose to smoke a fattie on the front step, why should I have to do it in the closet?

Poker Face includes Brett Griffiths on lead Guitar and drums, Dennis Beidler on bass and backing vocals and Topete with lead vocals and rhythm guitar.

If you are genuinely concerned about the expanding police state now strangling all the free peoples of the world, you can’t afford to miss Poker Face, for the inspirational guidance and mojo motivation it will most certainly provide via the direct line to your soul. That’s, where the music is loud and the sentiment is true.

John Kaminski is a writer who used to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but now is rather attracted to a recording studio in Allentown, Pa.