Servants of the dark lord

The government is our enemy

26th June 2010

Ah, there it is again. The space between the trigger and the finger. A frozen moment in time, paralyzed for a moment between the plan and the action, a moment never to come again, where all that comes after is determined by what happens now. In this case — perhaps the last case — the space between the trigger and the finger is precisely equal to the space between the bullet and the brain.

The scams have become progressively more audacious. Remember shooting up David Koresh. The spin remains about the same — lame. Remember Dubya in his bomber jacket standing at the ruins of the Twin Towers, boasting he was gonna kick some Arab ass. But the stakes — our lives — have become so much greater, so much more at risk. The Shadow of Death that always pursues us has now become visible on the oily horizon, in the scum-covered corpses of suddenly petrified seabirds. The Web Bot prognosticator Clif High said on Rense Radio last night that a billion people are about to die because of the great oil volcano caper of AD 2010.

Through all of these false stories our leaders have presented to us over the years as lame after-the-fact explanations of why all those billions of people had to die, perhaps none has been so clever as this one.

An accidental environmental catastrophe, they call it on the TV news. Back down that country road where the mentally obese Bilderbergers sit and smoke their cigars and rape their little children, the big studs at the bar regard the Gulf of Mexico oil volcano as a very effective multipurpose culling mechanism. Not only will it take out millions of old useless eaters on government assistance programs from Padre Island to Miami Beach after they suck down some of that nerve gas called Corexit (does it ever!), it is also the perfect screen to start WW III with Israeli submarines parked and loaded off the coast of the Zagros Mountains ready to pull the trigger. Imagine reciting the Talmud in the space between the trigger and the finger! Lots of U.S. armored ship traffic in the Suez Canal, too. And Israeli warplanes perched in Azerbaijan ready to usher in the Apocalypse. The burning candle has almost reached the cake, and the world is about to melt into its own insanity.

Once the thought of benzene and sulfur dioxide finally reaches your brain and you realize what these things will do to you, panic sets in. Stay organized. Think it through. Find a place to go. I am so lucky. Remember, luck is the residue of design. You make your own luck.

Also, I think, in these final days for many of us, it’s important to put things into context and not just react to the day’s news. This allows you to think ahead as you see patterns recur, the same crimes and coverups over and over, and eventually you will be able to circumvent them if you just think about it a little.

When you realize what poisoned air in Gulf of Mexico storms means for probably the next 20 years, little rats will start scurrying around in your brain. These are the hard years, which we brought upon ourselves by letting shyster Jews savage our societies. Our phony belief systems were not strong enough to stop them.

Never forget the big picture. As I’ve been writing this, I’ve been listening to what the whales tells us — exult in the joy of life! — through the magic of composer Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000) in his joyous “And God Created Great Whales” symphony. Google “hovhaness whales videos” and enjoy the ride. And listen carefully. Anyone can understand what the whales are saying if they’d only take the time to listen.

You must know by now that all of this has brought upon you by the servants of the dark lord, treasonous psychopaths like Barack Obama and George W. Bush, whom you have mistaken for your leaders, whom you have mistaken for decent sincere people. I remember back in the early ‘70s when my little boy wanted to be just like O.J. Simpson. And American culture, totally perverted by the Jews since then, has gotten much, much worse since then.

Servants of the dark lord. Aren’t we all? Turn your head and take the paycheck. I hear BP has a lot of cleanup jobs now. Servants of the dark lord always wind up dead in odd places. Clif High says most will die in their homes with one final, painful breath, when the red sky takes hold.

Except the real servants of the dark lord, the ones who pretended to be God, who in their underground cities or mountain hideways or armored ocean liners will attempt to survive the oil volcano disaster. It’s up to us ornery Polish Scorpios to survive this catastrophe and seek out those bastards wherever they are . . . and give them what they deserve, and what the countless numbers of people they are about to eliminate from the miracle of life, definitely did not deserve.

These are our leaders I’m talking about. ALL of them are Jewish, or run by Jews. And it is this predatory Jewish philosophy, which has perverted all the other religions, which has bought all the businesses, all the governments, all the media, all the schools, all the doctors, all the lawyers, all the politicians and all the presidents that has brought the world to this sorry pass.

I can prove it. I have proved it. All they can do is call me names.

They can also kill us. And that is what they are in the process of doing. Get away while you still can.

John Kaminski is a writer who used to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida but is now a thousand miles away, monitoring the parts per billion count of various poisonous gases now brewing to turn the Caribbean basin into a graveyard.