The blossoming

A new way to clean your mindshield

23rd September 2009


I learned this from the Echinoderms, a galaxy of intelligent plants we encounter in the far future.

Plants have a latent energy, which allows them to evolve faster than animals.

They will sprout along for centuries as one kind of being, then adapt to the environs, and completely change their appearance, often multiple times, much faster than we can even comprehend. This tells us a lot about fuel. See the window?

This is something like what is happening to us now. All our faculties are expanding, yet some evil shade over the entire planet is working as hard as it can to keep the flower — us — from blossoming.

These freaks envision control as happiness. Most of them will never learn that true happiness comes in acceptance and gratitude, not for crumbs from the tables of the rich, but for the chance to dream, and achieve what we may best configure that great being who infuses everyone’s consciousness would have wanted us to do.

Transcend the BS. Understand that when media tell you something, they do it to make a profit and bolster an agenda. That agenda turns out to be our systematic destruction, for profit, of course.

Ignore them as best you can. Step right on up. The rest of the world has already started. The bud is beginning to flower. They can’t stop us. The game is over, and we have won.

If we do it with love, we can’t lose, because — sad but true — you can never lose with love. Earth’s future depends on whether this philosophy wins or loses.

• • •

What is that flash of light you suddenly see, creeping up the left corner of the back of your neck?

Could it be the color of enlightenment, or just your sacroiliac out of whack?

What can be conceived can be achieved. This is the first rule of materialization, the key to the mindlock.

Notice how it’s already working. It took fifty-odd years for Archibald Maule Ramsey’s “The Nameless War” to get circulated on the Web and now it’s ripping through cyberspace like a windblown wildfire of freedom. The final nail in the coffin of Judaism.

The word is out. The evidence is in. The people afflicting us now — the rich bankers and their puppet politicians — have been doing the same thing to their “people” for 2500 years, always with the same formula — compound interest — and always with the same results, which are deliberately planned disease, death and destruction, with of course robbery taking place throughout the process.

That’s the deal. How can we fix it?


All we have to do to make everything right in the world is to make sure everyone knows who the Jews really are and what they have done.

That’s all we have to do. The rest of the process will proceed in as natural and compassionate and thorough a way as possible. No more mistakes.

Enough of this crap. They’re finished, and they know it. What an ugly performance, lasting 2500 years. And all about their own fear of themselves.

We are human beings, as far as we know, the most compassionate and loving beings in the universe. We have been duped into killing each other by people trying to make money. It is a faulty philosophy gone terribly wrong. It didn’t have to be that way.

Remember, it isn’t Jews who are the real problem, it is Judaism, and the philosophy of the Talmud, then watered down for public consumption in the subphilosophies of Christianity and Islam. These people are only following their social programming. They’d all be a lot more lovable if they’d transcend their mindlocks and unlock the real beauty of the universe, which comes only through open objectivity. Only then can wonder actually be perceived, without the filter of a concocted deity contextualizing your Pavlovian response.

This filter prevents us from seeing the other dimensions, which is what the Jews took away from Egypt with their monotheism.

Completely eliminating all Jewish influence in the public sphere is a precondition of the subsequent search for our future, with a sincere group of humans who have banished Jews forever from the realm of considerate and conscious beings for their perpetual perfidy, their savagery, and their lying.

And, we take our money back.

Now onto more pleasant matters.

One great thing about the higher dimensions is that money has no relevance in any of them. When human beings feel secure enough (which better be damn soon), and the currency is stabilized by reputable authorities (never happened in human history), then we may be able to concentrate our thoughts and actions on the actual ingredients and requirements and necessities of an organic spaceship into which we could project ourselves and defend ourselves from any and all stuff. No more complex than that. And of infinite complexity.

What can be conceived can be achieved.

Within the framework of specific requirements which I am about to delineate, the metaphrand is anything you want it to be. It’s your ultimate sanctuary. No one can get you there.

The metaphrand is a ship, ectoplasmic at present, and only operable on the lucid dreaming level, with dimensional doorways to the astral and etheric levels. The task is to either materialize this impregnable and omnipotent device into the third dimension, or, adapt ourselves to take advantage its utility by evolving to other dimensional levels.

There are as many sizes of metaphrand as there are fish in the sea. The three that concern us most are personal, planetary and universal.

The metaphrand contains your most precious stuff that you have collected in your lifetime. Somewhere in that mess of snapshots is the path to your future. Your job is to find the right path, and, in doing so, choose the very best stuff. Rule 1: Detox for God poisons.

And, are you ready for this, it looks an awful lot like a whale, with flippers, even. As a whale sings its way through the ocean, so shall we wing our way to the future.

We’re going to build a ship — the ship that saved the world from itself — and when we get it built, we’re going home, that home we have always dreamed of. Think Teddy bears by the fireplace cruising the galaxies.

We’re going to build the metaphrand, and you’re going to help me. It’s the way to a peaceful future.

The metaphrand was invented by that young boy who must always be father to the man if humanity is to survive.

Coming next: Metaphrand engine specifications.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who dreams of a time when life on Planet Earth is widely regarded as a beacon of hope for all the civilizations across the sky