The mindlock vs. the metaphrand

Detoxify your frame of reference, catch onto the universal vibe

17th May 2010


Poems are rafts, clutched at by men drowning in inadequate minds. — Julian Jaynes

Mr. Tsun, the enigmatic cyberphilosopher, is right. The psychotic horror that is Judaism cannot be detoxified and destroyed without taking Christianity and Islam down with it. They are all parts of that same suffocating blanket on thought that is monotheism, which steals the divinity of every living thing and hides it in the locked closet of our imaginary father.

Can you imagine if everyone in the world were suddenly and convincingly deprived of their belief that God, the almighty maker of the universe whom we have convinced ourselves is real, was nothing more than a projected anthropomorphic fantasy, devised and maintained by cynics for profit?

Surely mass madness would ensue, and the whole world would be thrown into utter chaos. Well, I ask you to look in your heart right now and tell me, what kind of world have we produced with this big stud at the top of the heap, the archetypal headman, institutionalizing corruption and perversion with his unchallengeable dictates? Rivers of blood spilled in the name of god, every day in every way. All the great heroes of history have been monumental killers. All the great peaceful kingdoms of history have been constructed on the corpses of those millions who didn�t get to write the history.

Jehovah is the projected shadow of our own mortality wreaking havoc upon the world. The puss from the bloated boil that is denial of death through romanticized ritual oozes out onto the world in things like laser guided bombs killing teenage girls in Afghanistan because of drug addled American soldiers pushing buttons in Tampa.

Appalled believers: take counsel in this. Nobody is trying to take away your god. Nobody seriously questions that some incomprehensible force created all that is, and we as conscious human beings have been guided by mysterious chemical forces that have allowed us to be born and prosper.

As a million year old species supposedly gaining consciousness on every day of that path, we have showed our gratitude for that immeasurable gift in a horridly childish way.

This principally has happened because we have improperly processed our own fear of death, and because the mythology that insulates us from our everpresent fear of death is a fabrication, our subliminal knowledge that we are operating on a lie seeps through into the real world and manifests as every soulless perversion that has ever been invented. The big wars have been the worst thing ever invented. Every soldier who ever lived was only trying to kill his own death.

The continuing history of warfare is nothing more than the real world materialization of the lies that poison the foundation of all the world�s religions, the lie that we do not die.

Our religions are clumsy, corrupt and based on a fundamental lie. The tragic contortions humanity has been put through are now poised, through the hole in the Gulf of Mexico of 2010, to end all life on this planet through poisoned oceans, so it�s almost too late to be talking about any of this.

But if any of us gets through these next two years still intact and coherent, we might want to keep these definitions in mind.

In the mindlock, people believed that Arab terrorists flew jetliners into buildings in New York City, and the United States went to war around the world, bombing places where they said these terrorists might be, to try to catch them. In the metaphrand, we have already calculated that the Jewish money center in London, which runs all the warmaking operations of Israel and Washington, is making preemptive war on China, as well as stabilizing its heroin and oil operations. The 9/11 caper was done by them as well, to create the pretense that there was some moral reason for for exterminating the entire Arab world.

The metaphrand means �the thing to be described.� It is an empty vessel. It is your empty vessel, your mind, after you have cleaned it out of all the God poisons. You are going to die. In order to feel comfortable and live happily, you will have to believe a lie, the lie that you do not die. You can choose anything you want, believe any system that appeals to you. Have you noticed, they all say about the same thing.

Except one, but we won�t talk about that now.

The mindlock is what you have been trained to believe. The metaphrand is what you can choose to believe. Pick only the best stuff to put in there. But try to be real. We all have to get along. And what a joy it is when we do.

While we were trying to build a heaven on earth, we neglected to notice that heaven was all around us.

The metaphrand, as you may have guessed, is the vehicle that will take you there. You get to build it, you get to drive it, and you know it will always take you there because no matter what you do, you are locked into the universal vibe, which is not only your source but your destination. How much safer could it be?

And clearly, most of you already know what it is, or you wouldn�t be even listening at this precise moment.

Be that as it may, I have written three previous essays about the metaphrand, and after presumably hundreds of reads, I have received only one fully coherent response. This is it.

This is very thought-provoking. I have been thinking about it for several days and it has helped me discover a possible new angle of perception for my analog or perhaps, “metaphrandian” self. I refer to that parallel experience of day and night awareness which is separate from what may find any form of expression in the normal course of events — the daily succession wherein you appear, behave and communicate. Yet, this separate awareness is solid and continues to expand, to produce timeless experience full of inspiration and beauty, informed overall in a natural way by that element of gratitude that you have mentioned — as well as a kind of fascinated wonder. Yet, it is a type of experience which often cannot even be shared, except rarely — a fact which often induces a vague loneliness mixed with that grateful wonder. There is a whole, rich world of experience in this growing awareness which seems to be held incommunicado. Mass communication and education give no hint of the presence of such a possibility.

Then it occurred to me that the evil ghouls sitting astride their banks and piles of money and gold, manipulating the people of this earth, may have purposely cut off all avenues of expression for this “metaphrand/higher-self” experience, purposely making such people feel delusional and in need of “jew diagnosis” and drugs. Inspiration and the best inclinations are thereby cut off. It is like a secret treasure is being hidden, robbed from people, by what is called “normal” reality — a false reality composed of lies. Somehow I can sense a possible key to mass awakening in this central insight. People who have previously been too frightened to look for this “hidden treasure” might now become more willing to take the leap and develop their own capacities for discernment — once they realize they've been hypnotized in effect, cheated out of their true natural inheritance.

It would be a great new day if millions of us could throw open these artificial sham shades and draw back the phony curtains hiding all the slimy little secrets of the so-called “elite” — and their sick little “secret societies”, learning at last that the capacity to know right from wrong, good from evil, had not gone anywhere — but was merely awaiting their summons to become fully engaged and developed. Not just a righteous nation could result — but a maturing and improving world, with each person as you once said, “motivated by wanting to do the right thing”. What an inspiration to all involved — except, of course, those who criminally profit from the murderous and unrighteous status quo and all their sold out, lame and defective lackeys. Those vision-less criminals would be held responsible by true hearts everywhere and removed.

I recently observed someone who embodied this kind of awareness. It became visible somehow. His hard edge was honed from relentless honesty. His sense of dignity and honor flowed from his eyes and visage — and suddenly I understood this was the true but suppressed universal language. It was the presence of trust with strength and honor included. It was the obviousness of the understanding of word of honor and deep intent to do right. Yes, the hidden side is the truer, deeper nature and when that finds expression, a new reality will ensue — one marked by good character along with inspired achievements made possible by opening the door to “the thing being described” which was waiting anxiously in all true hearts to be set free. It is very interesting, even exciting to thing of a new saying coming along to the effect that “the truth will set your metaphrand free”. It would allow those higher hopes, dreams and intentions locked away everywhere to flow into a better world with a much better way of being.

J. P. Edson

Thank you, J.P. All of that, and exponentially more. It�s a way to peace without exploitation, doing the universal vibe thing to promote love, understanding and happiness, and then, making sure everyone has enough food, because there is way more than enough to go around, despite how much Monsanto, another Jewish outfit, has tried to collar the world�s food supply. As soon as this Jewish banker system is dead, we�ll have more food than we know what to do with. There is no reason to reduce Earth�s population. Everyone, every living thing, is here for a purpose.

Or at least, that�s the way we think in the metaphrand.

Our path to the stars is through the diamond�s eye in the rain, in the glitter of a dewdrop on a palm frond. When we die we will see that that�s where we have gone.

But in the meantime, building your own metaphrand to see the world more clearly, and more sensibly, foreshadows unexpected possibilities that it appears we are going to need sooner than we thought.

The spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico threatens to substantially poison all life on this planet in two to three years. When the birds and fish die, we die. Probably some Dick Cheney type Morlocks will survive in their underground cities on a menu of Soylent Green wafers and gentile blood souffl�s. But most of us will be leaving much sooner than we wanted to.

The metaphrand contains the possibility, if properly constructed, of averting this disaster. Failing that, it also contains the possibility of surviving this coming megadisaster when no other formula will work.

Best of all. You get to pick. Will you stay stuck in the mindlock, and cheer on those valiant American troops who are raping children in Iraq and bombing indiscriminately in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and countries we don�t even know about? Or will you build a metaphrand, your very own, with all your best stuff in it, and help us ID the perps, defang the monster, and live happily ever after until we all go to the party at the end of time.

The sky�s the limit, and the Earth is the prize.

The world of the mindlock is headed toward certain destruction; the world of the metaphrand is a beacon of hope for as far as the eye of time can see.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who has been banned by most mainstream and Internet media for talking too frankly about Jewish monopolization and exploitation of reality, which is exactly the cause of the dire straits the whole world finds itself in today.