The trick to killing someone

When spin eclipses reality, people like you die in droves

23rd January 2010

The trick to killing someone is not to know them. That’s what the moneymakers have kept secret from us all these years.

All those people we were told were our enemies? They weren’t. But we were told that so we would kill them. Do you remember when that happened? It has happened every day of your life. Every day of our nation’s existence. Every day humans have existed on this Earth.

We tell lies about other people so we can steal what they have. It is the human condition.

It’s much harder to kill someone you know. Sure, there are exceptions. Some things, like the rape of your daughter, are capital offenses, immediate dispatch authorized under any circumstances. Betraying your friends is probably the most popular way to get yourself killed.

Talking about Jews in an unflattering way ranks definitely among the top ten ways of getting yourself killed, but I think that total remains well below the level of killing/getting killed by the Jewish war machine on one side or the other, which they both control anyway, in every conflict since at least the Crimean War. But you don’t remember when that was, do you? They don’t tell you about the old wars, only about the new ones, and the ones they’d like to have. They are always planning a war. Have you noticed?

Mostly, killing someone just isn’t fair. You wouldn’t want it done to yourself. You’d want someone to know the life images that flashed through your mind as the drug-addled American soldiers following their Israeli training raped your daughters, slaughtered your wife, and eviscerated you in slow fashion while listening to heavy metal music on their earphones.

It sounds like Iraq, doesn’t it? Has it crossed your mind that Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and all those other war-ravaged places are just trial runs for the big show? Have you guessed where exactly that is going to be?

If you say everywhere, you can get good odds.

This is your country I’m talking about, Jethroe! Where has your mind gone?

A close relative of mine once returned from the ancient temples in Mexico decrying the practice of human sacrifice as barbaric. “And the Mayans used to cut the hearts out of their human victims!” she shrieked.

It reminded me of the Druid legend when, to celebrate the winter solstice, they rounded up all the criminals and deadbeats, put ’em in a wicker cage and fried ’em up. Talk about an object lesson for the society at large.

Realizing that the corpse is someone you know makes all the difference.

And now that they’ve perfected the art of killing real live people in Afghanistan by pushing buttons in Tampa, we’ll never get to know who these folks really were, will we?

You were probably thinking you were better then them. Hold that thought when it happens to you, and one of those fancy killer drones visits your neighborhood.

The trick to killing someone is not to know them.

And oh how much help we get not knowing them! Especially from the Jewish New York newspapers.

Remember the incubator story from Kuwait, the heart-rending tale of how Iraqi soldiers ripped newborn babies out of their incubators so that the savage Muslims could steal the equipment? Of course you remember that it turned out that not only was the witness the ambassador’s daughter, but that the whole charade was scripted for the war machine by the prestigious Madison Avenue public relations firm of Hill & Knowlton.

But it set the tone in the American mind for Gen. Barry McCaffrey to murder 10,000 Iraqis fleeing Kuwait on the Highway of Death, and the comatose Americans barely lifted an eyebrow at the mention of it.

Remember the uranium charade played by Bush as a flimsy excuse to continue bombing the hell out of Iraq. This was accompanied by the American president raising the specter of Iraqi drones bombing Long Island with less than an hour’s notice. In the last 20 years, American, British, and Israeli bombs have murdered some 6 million Iraqis.

They wound up lynching Saddam Hussein over the pretext that he had killed some 200 dissidents; the “victor,” George W. Bush, murdered more than 2 million Iraqis and still receives large speaking fees for mumbling in public from remote locations.

Remember what all those Jews said the Germans did to them that resulted in Americans beating up and killing German-American shopkeepers in the runup to World War I. Remember what all those Jews said Germans did to them during World War II which resulted in the firebombing of Dresden that killed 350,000 people in two days.

Remember those nasty Japs, and what we did to them at Hiroshima, 75,000 murders in a single instant, 400,000 overall; then we did it again at Nagasaki. And the war was already won. It’s important to remember that the Jewish-run United States LURED Japan into World War II, after spending decades of arming them thanks to Jacob Schiff and his banker friends.

Remember the greatest scam of our new century, the 9/11 caper, where Israeli-controlled American leaders killed 3,000 of their own people and blamed it on Afghani nomads to further attempts to make permanent and continuous war on the whole world. Now I notice that Holland has granted the U.S. permission to station troops in Aruba and Curacao, in preparation for the coming war against Venezuela. The death toll is expected to rise, as ever.

The trick to killing someone is not to know them. When you know someone, you don’t kill them, you learn to love them, and appreciate them for what they are, and respect how diligently they are trying to live a decent life, no matter where they live or how they worship.

But it’s not that kind of world anymore, is it?

Spin has eclipsed reality, and in all circumstances, that is a proven recipe for extinction.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, ever grieving for those who have been betrayed by bad luck, but ever grateful for this rewarding but fatal opera we call life.