Too late for trust

Why no Jewish writer can be believed

22nd February 2010


“I don’t want my data base polluted by their deliberate disinformation.”

Periodically, even the most sincere of my trusty email correspondents send me supposedly revealing pieces about weighty topics of current interest that have been written by Jewish writers.

Some of them are pretty good. In fact, you might say Jews reveal far more about themselves than any gentile investigator can. This is true not only of current news but also of the canons of the genre, the classic insider Jewish warnings by Benjamin Freedman, Harold Rosenthal, Mordecai Vanunu, Arthur Koestler and the like. Perhaps it’s the inside information they have, their history of simply being a Jew all their lives, and apparently seeing life differently than the rest of the people on the planet, but their revelations about their own tribe often appear more realistic than some of the clammy invective thrown at the Jews in general by many of their aggravated gentile critics.

There are two notable features in the category of Jewish-Gentile relations. The first is that gentiles are encouraged every moment of all their lives to feel sorry for Jews, supposedly because these poor people have endured such hard lives throughout all their history. The Holocaust hoopla that began 20 years after World War II has been a public relations campaign to confirm that perception in the minds of everyone in the world, and has worked in spades, due to the ubiquitous power of Jewish media. In many countries today, you can be sent to jail for not feeling sorry for the Jews.

And the shadow of the monster takes form in your mind.

The second feature is, in case you haven’t noticed, Jewish control of practically every government and every major business in the world, and I’m not just talking national governments, but state, local and community bureaucracies and professions as well. Zoning boards. Hospital support groups. All the major corporations. 9/11 skeptics groups.

Notice how they always blur the focus, in every instance. I guess it’s what they’re programmed to do.

So too Jewish writers. Noam Chomsky led a shrinking generation of young American rebels into comprehending the predations of a mad U.S. military, but failed to illuminate the engine of the beast, which was and is of course the center of Jewish money, which is not so coincidentally the center of the world’s money.

Israel, Chomsky once said, is just another country, one of the world’s great understatements that totally evaporates Chomsky’s cachet as a philosopher. But that didn’t top his Jewish cohort Howard Zinn’s infamous line just before he died: “Who did 9/11 doesn’t matter.” Spoken like a Jew, Howard.

I’m guessing their success is an indicator of how unconscious most Americans are, whose minds are shaped by media — at every age and every level — owned by Jews, sending the profitmaking screw-your-neighbor philosophy throughout the world at warp speed.

How this Jewish money was accumulated that enables a small group of rich Jews to determine the fate of the world is the tale.

And now this tale — a totally fabricated reality that makes us cheer our troops in Afghanistan as they gather up young boys for future use by Neocons and others of that stripe — is going to be sorted out for you by Jewish writers, who may rail against the obvious debaucheries by Israelis spouting sacred nonsense, but never — not in a single instance — do they shine their supposedly penetrating reportorial light on the real heart of the beast.

Which is their cursed clan.

They have to lie to you in order to appear like normal human beings. If they really behaved as they wished to behave, and as they have been taught to behave in synagogues, you’d either be dead or getting them coffee.

And that’s the way it’s been for thousands of years, the real deal, as they say.

To defend Judaism is to admit you are a criminal, sworn to take the lives of others simply because you have declared that you can.

This in my opinion is not a human being. Jews are fond of claiming they are the Chosen, but are so embarrassed to admit that their vaunted holy book contains orders to kill or enslave all the non-Jews of the world that they will tell any lie to keep you from knowing it.

Is this something a healthy parent would ever want to teach his children? No, no healthy parent.

And so we get to the nub of the secret all Jewish writers try to keep, even though they may brandish tantalizing tidbits of the most insane conspiracy of all time — that only one ancient tribe is holy, and it deserves the whole world filled with a small number of others who will be allowed to serve them.

Their own science — psychology — defines this as narcissistic homicidal megalomania. And we read The New York Times, the quintessential Jewish media outlet, and think we are properly informed.

This eulogy began as a letter to Dirk Chardet, a nice young man who puts together a compelling new digest with many of the latest breaking stories from around the real world. A majority of his forwards are by lately popular Jewish writers such as the trenchant Israeli critic Gilad Atzmon, and I am writing specifically to ask not to be included in his digest, because I don’t want to associate with Jewish writers, simply because they can’t and don’t tell the truth, in all instances.

They give you a tantalizing part of the truth, but their ingrained ulterior motive always makes them hold something back. I call it the Alex Jones Formula, where he fries up 95 percent of the truth, and then discombobulates into vague nonsense about the mysterious Illuminati. People love it. Most people I know think he’s really working for us.

Plus, there is the biggest reason of all.

Three thousand years of Jewish lies have gotten us where we are today. Why would I want a Jew to try to tell me how to get out of the fix Jews have put us in? No normally functioning human being would make that choice.

How many more Jews posing as something other than a Jew will I have to listen to in this lifetime?

This warning especially applies to those Jews like Henry Makow and Brother Nathanael who have converted to Christianity. It’s like a waltz. Christianity was invented by a Jew. They titillate you with revelations and insights into esoteric adventures, but the heart of the beast remains intact, feeding on itself, unwilling to reveal the basic mind control crime of all the monotheisms but in particular the nastiest one of all, the Talmud, which is nothing but a license to murder anyone you like and then lie about it.

And that’s what they do.

Jewish writers don’t write about that. They write about petitioning our congresspeople, and I want to wretch, because our congresspeople, each and every one, is guilty of multiple counts of treason, accessory to mass murder and . . . obstruction of justice has become a way of life in Jewish America.

I have always considered my writing to be independent of any group or label. I happen to be one of the few former lefties around who actually saw through the Jewish mindlock, and once you do, reality changes. We are being totally manipulated. It’s time to wake up.

Jewish writers aren’t going to tell us how to do that. They’re going to tell us about some interesting issue that is going to capture our attention so that we will devote our time to it and ultimately not see what it was we were looking for. We have our objectives changed when they are passed through a Jewish filter.

That’s what Eustace Mullins meant when he said “Because of the presence of the Jew, you will not achieve your dreams.”

Jewish writers inevitably blur and twist the contours of any argument to invariably shape it into advantage for only themselves. I don’t want to be saddled with that taint. Think of the Boer War, where Brits and Dutch died in droves but the Jews wound up with all the diamond mines. That’s what happens every time.

And I don’t want to read political stories written by Jews and have to sort out the bias by which the story is always twisted to favor the Jews. I don’t want my data base polluted by this deliberate disinformation.

If Jews want to do stories on their own depredations, they should focus on Untermeyer who bought Woodrow Wilson and destroyed the American republic, or how Jewish robots like Foxman and Dershowitz have actually destroyed much of American history with their psychotic hatemongering. Or maybe how the concept of cannibalism relates to how they regard themselves.

Jewish New Agers should weigh in on what human properties, what human connections to God and the universe, are cut off by the Jewish practice of circumcision, and why does Judaism so desire to deface everything it touches?

Most importantly, I’d like to hear stories by Jews focusing on how they are going to decertify the Jewish power kings, and work for an equitable world, rather the fetid plantation they have created. Or how they have overcome the xenophobia they inflict upon the world.

We are so far behind comprehending what Jews have done to us, it would be absolutely ridiculous for me to ever trust anything said by a Jew about any topic.

Did you hear that Israel now has a fleet of 747 jumbo jet drones that can deliver any number of its 1200 nuclear warheads anywhere on Earth?

The Jews are the Chosen all right, chosen to lead us straight to hell. You know how you can tell. We’re already there. Look at the label.

It’s all around you.

Look at the hoaxes they have perpetrated upon us.

Osama bin Laden. Saddam Hussein. Swine flu. Atomic energy. Fluoride. Fair elections. AIDS. The Federal Reserve. The income tax. The Civil War. You know the list. Good music. Gardasil. It’s 360 degree attempted murder, as far as I can see.

Eustace Mullins told me this tale twice, several years apart. When he lived in Washington D.C. and was regularly visiting the imprisoned poet Ezra Pound, he also lunched regularly with the legendary Benjamin Freedman, whom, Mullins noted, was an executive of the notorious Anti-Defamation League, one of the many Jewish gestapo groups.

When I expressed to Mullins that it seemed that Freedman, for all his seemingly enlightened invective, was merely putting us on to prove that Jews could appear to be human, Mullins looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and raised one eyebrow.

So now you know why I never want to be grouped with (and seldom want to even read) Jewish writers, because it’s guaranteed you’ll get the wrong story, and, worse, the data base by which you make all the decisions that affect your life will be polluted by deliberately false information. Often, the effects of that disinfo are irreversible.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida preaching the message that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor.