What you are allowed to say

25th January 2010

You can call them bankers, or corrupt politicians, or even Illuminati and still get along nicely in the world, maybe even get a job with one of those high paying media outfits if you’re willing to spin the line they want.

You can call them Zionists, or Communists, or Israel Firsters and while receiving slight superficial approbation from mechanisms designed to do that, continue along profitably in the niche market of edgy Internet radicalism.

And if you want to really cut your advertising revenue, you can call them Straussian neocons, Ashkenazi hoodlums, or the synagogue of Satan and you’re still going to get support from certain rarefied corners of the political spectrum. But even God won’t help you if you come right out and call them Jews.

That’s when the alarm bells go off, Google and PayPal shut you right down, and you’re in real trouble if your financial support system is dependent on these goons for approval. Of course, everyone’s is.

Who would do such a thing to a well-meaning individual simply trying to find out what is really going on? This is the purpose of our quest.

Clayton Douglas, a veteran radio host who has plumbed many of the same political depths that is the subject of our quest, has graciously offered me airtime to try to convey to you the nature of the danger you are in, and in particular, what patterns of history now pertain to the crisis we are facing right now.

Our objective is to address people who are impeded by their own belief systems from seeing what the real lineup actually is.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who has been banned on most Jewish-controlled websites for pointing out continuing Jewish crimes against humanity. www.johnkaminski.info