Why hate wonít work

That would make us just like them

9th July 2010

I like to write things as if each story will be my last, a condition which has never been nearer to reality than it is now.

It has been my great honor to know people Iíve never actually seen, but have learned so much from.

I used to like to think that everyone was pretty much the same, until I proved it wasnít true.

People start out believing in the same thing, but let themselves be separated from their fellows over issues that ultimately are unimportant, and the big picture ó not to mention peace ó remains an unattainable goal.

Nobody realizes that the world has been destroyed over this very thing, because theyíre too busy defending the minor particulars of their own points of view, while the general agreement they have about the big picture gets totally lost.

Iíve often reflected that I myself often confuse my own particular predicament of befuddlement with the worldís complex yet universal situation, and as a result confuse my own issues with the larger issues of the world. Itís called projection, and it guarantees you wonít see things clearly.

We are lost for the tolerance we lack for the perspective of others, even though most of us actually agree on all the major issues.

It reminds me all too often of the philosophy that sinister group called the Mossad wreaks on the world: By deception shalt thou do war, and divide and conquer. It turns out these are really easy things to do, and if you take a look around, youíll realize they succeed almost all the time.

Iíve learned over time, most importantly, that one thing is always something else. Perhaps the best example comes from religion. They tell you to believe, but when you do, very often the people who tell you to do that are really taking advantage of you.

I think, as an example, of the concept of tithing at the gaudy evangelical Christian temples. The evangelists ask for your support in propagating their version of Jesus, but then use your money for lavish vacations, flashy cars, amusement parks, and all manner of pornographic addictions.

Thinking a little deeper, I am reminded of the maxims ďturn the other cheekĒ and ďlove thy neighbor.Ē Itís easy to get cynical about them when you realize the other half of those thoughts is ďso they can take your money.Ē This is such a shame because it pollutes the most important thoughts we should have for each other.

This is really where I get the idea that not all people are on the same page, and the worst people are those who pretend to be but arenít.

I like to think Iím open minded, but then I realize that tolerance is a two-edged sword. Nietzscheís concept of the inversion of values is a subject that fascinates me. We are urged, by media with ulterior manipulative motives, to feel sorry for the less fortunate, and we do, very often. But then it all twists into something more sinister, and inevitably destroys communities and civilizations that have been built on hard work and discipline.

Feel sorry for oppressed women. A very true sentiment. But in the hands of low, cynical people, that becomes the destruction of the family, as women go out and survive on their own, leaving men to their own destructive and illusory addictions ó like sports, for instance ó and their bufuddled children to fend for themselves, or even worse, in the hands of twisted day care predators.

Feel sorry for the poor homosexuals, who are discriminated against, as men announce to women that sex is more important than love.

Feel sorry for the handicapped ó whose handicap is more often than not caused by cynical medical professionals, who more often than not prescribe poison medicines for profit rather than trying to cure you for a less lucrative fee. Plus, as Nietzsche pointed out, catering to the handicapped, gone overboard, retards the whole society, as a virtue is made out of illness, and people with no compassion get rich on the naive compassion of others.

No civilization in history has ever been able to get to the point, which is namely, whenever you do things only for yourself, nothing really good ever comes of it. Oh sure, you can make a big score in some endeavor, and wind up vacationing in Rio for awhile, or create some cool invention and wind up in a big house, but if itís only for yourself, it eventually turns rancid. Thatís why so many rich schemers wind up committing suicide, because the emptiness of this routine inevitably catches up with them.

We have a situation now in which it is more than very likely a cynical gambit of polluting all the oceans of the world for profit is going to wind up destroying most if not all of what we like best about this planet ó its beauty and its bounty.

Although most of us donít work for an oil company or the government, we nevertheless share in the guilt of this act because we have all taken the bribe that these two entities have given to us: keeping our homes warm with minimal effort and getting lost in the delusional delights that society has invented to keep us distracted from what is really important.

Even today, as they hurriedly pass laws to keep us from looking at what theyíre really doing, we still remain accessories after the fact, hoping they can plug the leak so we can return to that dead end path of living off the fat of the land and not noticing that our prosperity, such as it is, has always been built on the misery and deaths of others, who are often far away, and whose real story ó theyíre all just like us, you know ó is never really told.

Here in America, in this chaotic year of 2010, when fear of so many horrible things rages in all our hearts and confuses us to the max, there is one group of people who, above all others, seem to be responsible for much of the misery that has paralyzed our growth, confused our souls and jeopardized our lives.

That would of course be the Jews, whom I have railed against so much over these past few years. Of all the religions of the world, there is only one that demands it keep all the goodies for itself, and worse, that everybody else in the world is not really human, that they are less important than beasts, as Menachem Begin would say.

Iíve gotten in so much trouble for saying this, that my life is now a few hundred dollars away from ending, Iíve been driven from my home, and if they (the Jews) thought I was important enough, Iím sure theyíd just kill me. And yet itís the truth. And yet everyone is afraid to say it, and this cowardice is largely responsible from what are about to be many millions of deaths, due primarily to war and medical malfeasance.

So many people who have love in their hearts have excoriated me for picking on the poor Jews, because after all they have been persecuted across time for . . . aye, thereís the rub . . . for what? They have been persecuted for trying to rob and kill us all, but since they control all the money and media, the world has largely forgotten the second and most important part of that equation.

Now Jews control everything, and the oil spill, the wars, the medical poisoning and the toxic air, are largely their doing.

So the people with love in their hearts are thinking that I hate the Jews. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am merely trying to point that what they have done to everyone over the many centuries is not very good for the health of the planet. But hate them? No, critical as I might be ó and I am, for sure, an equal opportunity critic ó I donít hate them. I recognize them as the critical danger to human survival, because they are deliberately leading the world to mass suicide which, manipulated as it is, would be mass murder.

Itís somewhat humorous than I am reminded that we have no real choice but to love the Jews, for the error of our ways that they have vividly shown us, and while loving them, we must show them the error of their ways.

The humorous and ironic part of all this is that I have been shown this by other people I have bashed to smithereens for their backcountry beliefs and corncobbled myths and legends ó the Catholics,

the Christians, and the Muslims, most of whom I have found to be very principled individuals, shackled though they may be by questionable historical facts.

They donít hate the Jews, and neither do I. They are afraid of the Jews, for sure. But hate is not really in the repertoire of those who really believe in the universal vibe (as I like to call it), the respect and gratitude we show for the great gift of life on a fantastically lovely planet we have received.

Funny, huh? that the only people who really hate are the Jews. Itís funny that they are the ones promoting all these hate crime laws, when they have always been the ones doing the hating. Well, it isnít funny to all those people theyíve put in jail with their corrupt Jewish courts and governments, and all those people theyíve gotten other people to kill because they convinced them they were evil, though that was really just a flimsy and untrue excuse for robbing them.

But hate them? No, people who believe simply canít do that. Why? Because that would make us just like them. That would be a fate worse, truly worse, than death.

Many of you think that not hating them has led to our current predicament, where all life on this planet is now seriously threatened by the profitmaking schemes of the Jews. But all this talk about nuking Jerusalem is not the way to a clean future, if such a possibility still exists.

So many Jews ó Avigdor Lieberman and Martin Creveld, for two ó have said that rather that surrender their Rothschild crime center in Israel that they would destroy the whole world first, which seems to be exactly whatís happening today. Even so, to participate in that deadly exchange would be nothing more than playing the Jewsí game, and thatís what has gotten us to this awful point in the first place.

Nuking Israel would be to admit that the Jews have won, which even if they destroy the world, will never happen.

The Jews cannot win, no matter what they do, no matter how destructive they become. All Jews are self-hating Jews. All Jews are ashamed of their own devious heritage, which is why they try to hide it. Their philosophy will ultimately lead them to their own suicide. The trick for us is not let them take us with them when they decide to depart.

And hating them wonít get the job done. The guy with the scraggly beard was right, you know. We have to love them. Feel sorry for them, yes, for the infinite emptiness of their belief system. Try to rehabilitate them, yes, even though in their tactical warfare thinking, they are about a hundred years ahead of us. But hate them, no, because that would make us just them, and all would be lost.

All is already lost, you say? I would disagree. No matter what the condition of the world, no matter how much preplanned disease ravages every species on the planet, the game is not lost. As long as you have love in your heart, the game will never be over. And that is precisely what the Jews do not understand.

It all comes down to this. The Jews want to run the world like a business, because thatís how they can maximize their profit. The rest of us want to run the world like a home, because home is really the only place you can find real love.

As I am chased by the shadows of my own bad dreams and the specters of a world gone mad, I just hope I donít die on the highway, because the highway is nobodyís home, even though everybody acts like itís theirs.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida and yearns to get back there no matter how poisoned it is, even as he heads north on I-95. www.johnkaminski.info