Worldwide quarantine

The ultimate answer to the Jewish question

17th June 2010

From Pakistan, my old friend from the Jumeira Beach chatroom writes:

“I have a question for you as one of the renowned experts on the issue. You have outlined a problem; how about proposing a solution? I would like to understand a solution on the subject.”

I responded:

The answer is obvious, Qasim. A worldwide quarantine of all Jews. Now, let me state at the outset, we don’t ever want to be like them, even though they have tried, all these centuries, to make us like them. So we don’t want to preach going around killing them, even though that’s what they do to us with impunity, and also immunity, because they own the courts in every country. And also, the formation of Christianity, and later Islam, happened for two reasons: one, because people desperately need some kind of standardized image to hang onto for their peace of mind, but two, to pacify the public, reduce barbarism, promote peace; unfortunately, the peace that has been promoted all these years amounts to a kind of imprisonment where the average person has willingly relinquished control of his own destiny to a group of men more concerned with money than with God, and certainly not concerned about lowly proles like us in the least bit.

A worldwide quarantine of all Jews — which I think would be voluntary in many instances, once the news gets out about what they’ve really done to the world — would suspend all of their rights in every country on Earth. Whether they would be forcibly detained or merely put in a kind of economic stasis remains to be seen. Each country can work out its own plan, but the basics of this worldwide audit of what Judaism — in its criminal syndicalism — has done to the world must include a thorough analysis of the financial shell game they’ve been playing all these years, and how it is a deck of cards stacked in their favor. Personally, I favor a system in which Jews would not be permitted to possess their own money, but instead had to get it from a Muslim, who would be empowered to scrutinize their actual reasons for wanting it.

This worldwide quarantine must also include a thorough examination of how, at least since John Calvin (Cohen), Jewish perfidy has created or infiltrated ever form of worship on the planet and twisted it to its own advantage. The prime examples are Rothschilds taking over the finances of the Catholic church several centuries ago and Martin Luther’s realization at the end of his life that he had been duped by his handlers into the sabotaging the very organization that, at least at one time, aspired to be the one true church. The Jewish Fifth Column of Islam also is a good example, as we see in all the raging protests throughout Europe in which purported Muslims (many wearing the Star of David around their necks) threaten to behead the world if it doesn’t convert to Islam. Muslims I know don’t act like this.

All of the Protestant Christian denominations derive from Jewish sabotage of the Church of Rome, through Calvin and his peers. Many of the newer Protestant denominations derive from the sabotage of Darby and Scofield, working for British intelligence, to subtly slant the messages in the Bible to favor this new form of Zionist Israel and eventually erase all the depictions in the Bible of Jews as the Synagogue of Satan that they surely are. This is how we got shills like Falwell and Hagee receiving millions from Israel to preach the gospel of worshipping the Israelis as our lords and masters. Jesus, fictional character though he may have been, could not have been Jew, because a Jew never would have said “throw the money changers from the temple.” That line is in fact the reason that the Jewish “holy book,” the Talmud, has Jesus hanging upside down in a dung pit for all of eternity. Jews don’t like it when you tell them they can’t live for money alone.

In the United States, a definite plan can be followed. All the dual U.S.-Israeli citizens are, by definition, guilty of treason. No one can be a citizen of more than one country (just as we need a law that stipulates no one may own more than one bonafide residence). To be a citizen of more than one country guarantees that one of those countries, or perhaps both, will be betrayed by conflicting allegiances. Nowhere has this been more vivid that the constant acts of espionage and sabotage committed by American Jews to, for example, steal nuclear material from other countries with bribes and blackmail. Further, those U.S.-Israeli citizens should be RICO acted of their ill-gotten gain (especially Hank Paulsen), and this act alone would balance all the budgets of the world.

Israel, of course, is a big problem. They have nuclear missiles aimed at all the capitals of Europe, and they boast about it. Israel must be immediately neutralized by electromagnetic impulse generators (we have the technology) so they can’t launch anything or shoot anyone else (in the back of the head with four slugs). Then the recalcitrant Israeli Jews should be sequestered in one of three vacation camps: one in Birobidjian, where they will be cared for by the Mongolians; one in Libya, where Col. Gadhafi will instruct them in the finer points of Islamic finance; and one somewhere else, for which I am entertaining suggestions (no, Antarctica would be too harsh).

The key point in this is to make Jews live among themselves, because they have established a documented history of preying on cultures, ravaging them, and then moving on. Their goal since time immemorial has been to eradicate the white race, because that is the only force that prevents them from achieving their psychopathological worldwide hegemony.

The human race needs to sequester all Jews and make them live among themselves, just to see what happens. Will they create some kind of super society vastly superior to anything this planet has seen? Or will they destroy themselves? Because they don’t have anyone to work their parasite act on, they will have to exploit themselves, won’t they? And another question would be, what would happen to the world if all the Jews were suddenly extracted from it? Would it collapse into unintelligent chaos? Or into an endless series of peaceful villages?

You know, really strong people don’t shoot other people because they argue over a certain point. Only weak people do that. Strong people talk it out and get along. And yet, in this world today, the strong people are silent, and the weak people have all the guns.

Now, you would rightly criticize me at this point for proposing a solution that is absolutely impossible to achieve, because the Jews have all the guns. And yet we know they’re not brave; Hezbollah proved that in Lebanon. Israelis are good at shooting women, children and unarmed men, but in battle, they’ll run, every time. That’s why they want to obliterate Iran, because they know, in a fair fight, Iran would whip their ass. But Jews, through their absolute control of U.S. media, politics and the courts, are able to neutralize every challenge to their beastly manipulation of the American citizenry, and through so-called laws that become more oppressive and restricting with each passing day, are able to take out — to Wellstone, as we say in the states — anyone who presents a serious threat to their evil plans. Most truth speakers never make it into the media spectrum because they are instantly boycotted the minute the charge of anti-Semitism is leveled at them. And if they circumvent the boycott in some way, and can’t be bought off, then they are killed.

What happened after 9/11 in the U.S. provides a very instructive lesson as to what happens if you try to go through existing channels. All the empirical evidence was immediately declared classified, so no one could mount a strong challenge to the bogus official story. The media applauded this flag-waving government crackdown and reinforced the government’s lies with more lies of their own. Those Israelis who were arrested by honest cops and citizens were treated as visiting dignitaries by the Jewish judges who heard their cases, and immediately shipped back to Israel under the best of conditions, later to appear on TV to say they were sent by Israel to the United States to document the event, indicating for all the world to see that these Jews knew in advance what day the Twin Towers were going to fall. All the while, the Jewish government and the Jewish media continued to trot out fanciful tales of Islamic terror cells in Germany, and websites supposedly aiming at exposing the plot to the American people tempered what they had to say so they could continue to receive money from their Jewish advertisers.

In the worldwide quarantine, no Jew will be permitted to hold public office, to teach, or to practice medicine, or to broker money. No Jew will be permitted to do business with any non Jew without the oversight of a third non Jewish party. But what is most needed is that Jews be cut off from their access to non Jews, and the only answer for that is sequestration.

Of course, all this is pie in the sky. We could never win an election on this referendum, because not only is the electorate brainwashed into thinking Jews are just another kind of person in the world, there is no vote counting mechanism in existence anywhere that is not compromised by Jewish manipulative technicians.

The Jews own all the courts and all the lawyers in the world, virtually. Jewish propaganda has prejudiced all the cops and all the soldiers against innocent citizens.

The Jews own all the politicians and all the appointees in the government of the United States, because without Jewish financial support, no non Jew can be elected in the U.S.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, because both parties are owned by the same Jewish bankers who own everything else. This means that all the cops and all the courts are now under Jewish control.

There is no way we are going to wrest control of the world from the Jews without a revelation in the hearts of all the people on the planet. Absolute Jewish control of the media tells us that this is impossible — to awaken everyone to the thousands of years of Jewish perfidy.

Otherwise, our future is bleak and shrinkingly finite. Our future consists of either subsisting as the slaves that we are now, or existing not at all, as we are, one by one, stricken by one of a variety of Jewish mass murder plots.

Being slaves to the Jews is our best hope if we don’t take this action immediately. Otherwise, are future is clearly premeditated sickness and death, a plan devised long ago by a horrid group of insane Jewish rabbis, who teach people to hate themselves, and then project that hate onto everyone else.

John Kaminski is a writer who used to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida but is now far away from there, monitoring from a distance the parts per billion count of benzene, methane, and sulfur dioxide.