Remedial metaphrand instruction

Our future can never be anything else but science fiction

10th February 2010


I know it’s a little late to be springing surprises on you, but this is information you need to know: you have an analog self, and you need to activate it.

“ . . . consciousness is an operation, rather than a thing, a repository, or a function. It operates by way of analogy, by way of constructing an analog space with an analog “I” that can observe that space, and move metaphorically in it. It operates on any reactivity, excerpts relevant aspects, narratizes and conciliates them together in a metaphorical space where such meanings can be manipulated like things in space. Conscious mind is a spatial analog of the world and mental acts are analogs of bodily acts.” (Jaynes, pp. 65-66)

I have tried unsuccessfully on several occasions to communicate this to you, but apart from one flicker of recognition in San Diego, no one has grasped it.

The world is created by spin. You can use your own spin, or theirs. Spin materialized becomes consensual reality. You share in it, and it poisons you.

Essential to collecting the data necessary for your perfect life is a safe place to put it. The safest place to put it is between your cheek and the pillow, which not so coincidentally is the place you most often communicate with your analog self, a.k.a., the metaphrand.

The literal definition of “metaphrand” is “the thing to be described.” Think of it as some kind of metaphorical box, a treasure chest, the very last thing you’d want to lose if a hurricane suddenly blew you away.

In terms of actuality in your own mind, it means “the materialization of your own soul.” Every word that you apply to any particular thing is actually an expression of a wish by your own soul.

You may wish to perceive what follows as mere science fiction, sheer folly that will not happen in a million years. Or, you could come at it as an interesting checklist of your own mental capabilities, shedding a particular light on how you regard your own upcoming death.

Either way, something is happening and we don’t know what it is, do we, Mr. Jones?

The Mayans called it “the dark rift” or “the black road”, and up-to-the-minute astronomy confirms the existence of such a topological feature of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

The short version of the dark rift story is that the nuclear bulge at the Galactic Center of the black road vaporizes our solar system and everything in it in a galactic instant, beginning December 21, 2012, which supposedly is why the 31,000 year Mayan calendar ends at exactly that point.

This of course is the dark view of the dark rift story, and so-called Mayan experts have spun the tale as gently as possible, hinting at transfigurations, ascensions and other tamer scenarios than vaporization, a total scramble job right down to the molecular level.

As Hollywood has already paid its twisted homage to the concept, so too has the government looked at this event as yet another opportunity to consolidate its totalitarian control, so the race becomes whether humanity can realize that this entire menace is the product of its own nightmare beliefs before something really irreversible takes place involving the modification of the human mind.

So wouldn’t it be nice to have a really safe place to put your dearest thoughts, where they would not be tampered with by religions, political parties or even something more sinister — your own fears. Make sure you don’t put any fear in there, because you may never fear what you may not avoid.

Don’t contemplate this as reality for the moment. It’s too preposterous, right? So just look at it as an academic exercise. Put on your thinking caps. How could we survive such an onslaught?

Fortunately, I invented such a device in the late 1980s; of course, it’s only a concept, an idea, bad science fiction in a clumsy attempt at a novel. It involved the organic materialization of a detachable probe personality, a human drone that could travel the universe in an instant using the untapped universal power source, which Tesla only hinted at.

The detachable probe would be a 100 percent representation of yourself, materialized by the power of your mind, connected to the universal source. The major difference between yourself and your probe would be that you could choose the contents of your probe, as opposed to your own body, which is afflicted by genetics, environmental poisons and Jewish conditioning.

Eventually, under conditions in which you would have to do without air, food and water, you could escape from your organic body into your metaphrand, and survive the apocalypse. I know, totally off the wall.

All this info collected dust in a cardboard box for about 20 years until I learned that what is happening now to us in what appears to be an exponential expansion of human consciousness has happened to us once before, with consequences that the phrase “far-reaching” does not begin to comprise.

That would be the invention of language, which changed the makeup of humanity by creating an analog, interior self which mulled things over. Call it the lingering echo of the shadow. Where previously there had been only act and react, there was now reflection, a third way, which led to our so-called civilization, and also a shadow of doubt over everything. This empirical, existential doubt began to conflict with the orders of tribal leaders, which eventually led to the inevitable downfall of the gods, because it turns out that gods, or God, can only be actualized projections of the human mind. There simply is no other data source.

Now, more than 2000 years later, we finally see the concept of divinity profoundly decayed and deconstructed as vestigial bicameral voices from the time before written words that echo in the mind as perhaps the last hope we have to avert death.

And from this feverish, misguided wish we witness ourselves bathing in the blood of our brothers, and then, in the interests of civility, pretend that none of it ever happened, which is precisely why it keeps happening.

Not to acknowledge our own impending deaths manifests in the real world as why we kill others.

[intense effects of the Galactic Center]
Always remember in your heart that you’re going home and you won’t have a problem. When you think about it, the infinite bounty that comes through gratitude for the journey is its own reward.

We just have to remember that we’re all doing a slow waltz toward the party at the end of time, and the only thing we really have to do is appreciate how well every living thing sings the song of its own choosing.

Then, we will really have a choir to sing to, that all the universe will want to hear, and what a joyful noise that will be.

And did I mention that the metaphrand is also the key to spaceflight, using the path that taps the universal power source?

Reference: Julian Jaynes, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Houghton Mifflin, 1976.

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who dreams that one day in our bright future, humanity will be universally known as the most reliable beacon of compassion amongst all the stars.