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Kaminski on radio THU 1-14-10 10 am EST

12th January 2010

Veteran renegade radio maverick Clayton Douglas, perhaps best known for his hard-hitting Free American magazine, hosts writer John Kaminski on the airwaves Thursday, Jan. 14, 7 a.m. PST.

Clickable link will be available afterwards for your listening convenience. Live shows at 10 am EST on blogtalkradio.com are repeated all day on http://freeamerican.com. Second show on TruthRadio.com at 7 pm PST.

Live call-in line is 646-915-8774.

Douglas has been a trooper for the truth for decades, but generally squeezed out of the alternative radio market dominated by Jones, Rense and other Zionized poseurs for his willingness to call a Jew a Jew. Likewise Kaminski, author of “The Mindlock”, “Tales of the Tribe,” and “The Nature of the Next Chapter,” has been banished from most “respectable” Internet news websites which are funded by covert Jewish money for the same reason.

For more information about this irascible duo, check out http://johnkaminski.info/about and http://freeamerican.com. And to prepare you for some of the items to be discussed on this distinguished radio program, you might want to consider the following transcripts of Ezra Pound’s radio broadcasts from Italy prior to World War II, shared with us by my Canadian friend Dick Svendsen.

"Ezra Pound Speaking"

Edited by Leonard W. Doob

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