The afternoon moon
Back when was around 13, on those days when I was not terrorizing the neighborhood on my very fast bicycle, probably most often when I was walking home from school,

Portfolio prospectus

The al-Qaeda Symphony in XXX-Major
In a society that believes in nothing, fear is the only agenda.

Prismicity 101
Prismicity is the fortuitous science of a happy future accomplished merely by turning on the light within yourself. Aiming for a bright future? Get into automated Bitcoin trading. Read this bitcoin era erfahrungto learn more.

KAMINSKI'S Spring fashion forecast
Whatever you choose to wear to this final battle between the predators and the prey, you will face an interesting schedule of events that will present a challenge to even the most obsessive of social fashion trendsetters.

I first learned this as a tipsy teenager at a greyhound racetrack, where the trainers manipulated the health of the dogs at the behest of the people who calculated the odds and sold tickets through cement windows with bars to angry but totally focused losers smoking cigars.

Mastery of the metaphrand technology is the only way I can see to take these beasts down, to somehow burrow into their minds and shut them down for the pathological mass murderers they are.

Bus driver
Unbeknownst to the passengers, the driver was a graduate of J.B. Campbell's slide control driving school, and without further adieu, he locked his right arm, planted a firm but measured stomp on the break pedal, and this mountain of steel began to reverse direction. The bus groaned and hissed, tilted severely, sending laptops and coffee flying everywhere...

Why Christians are unreliable allies
If you think the worldwide leader of the Roman Catholic Church can call Jews the elder brothers of Christians, then you better think about that part of the Jewish Talmud that says the corpse of Jesus Christ is hanging upside down in a vat of excrement for eternity.

The gay plague
All societies coalesce on the basis of protection of one's own children and property. Homosexuals and Jews sabotage this life-sustaining coalescence as they are motivated by their own pathological and physiologically deviant propensities.

2012 — the final battle
I said this years ago. It is the intent of our masters to make the whole world just like Palestine. Already they are going house to house in New Orleans relieving people of their weapons...

The shadowmasters' garage
As usual, on a Saturday morning, unusually warm for December, Beanie and Whiplash were down at the shadowmasters' garage, tinkering with this secret gadget they'd acquired — presumably by mail, possibly over the Internet — some months earlier....

The secret you never get to hear
My thoughts keep returning to the strange similarity between the way religions and the government do business. Always some secret reason � something too holy for us uppity slaves to appreciate, or some piece of information too sensitive for us ignorant citizens to be trusted with.

How to get smart and stay smart
An essay on REAL genius By Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

Something to shoot for
So the question now becomes for everyone not something to shoot for, but someone to shoot at. No more discussion is necessary. They have passed a law that allows them to kill us without explaining the reason why, on the say-so of a cutout politician who has no verifiable history.

Our leaders deserve to be jailed
Like I always say, every person on this earth knows the difference between right and wrong. It's just that not every person can tell the truth.

The piece of the puzzle they always leave out
Who are the handsome propagandists who refuse to mention poppy fields and debauched Russian girls in Israeli brothels but talk about the need to fight communism in Afghanistan?

Milk teeth
Jesus was standing at the turnstiles, arms outstretched, beseeching a churlish throng hurrying to pass through to the other side. The place looked an awful lot like the Hoboken path train station at rush hour.

Use your brain
If you want to call me an anti-Semite for mentioning it, then you too are an insincere robot stooge trying to conceal your own guilt.

When evil casts no shadow
On his popular cable TV show, Jon Stewart Leibowitz once made a joke about how the Jews runs the world. First, all the gentiles in his audience laughed nervously. Then he raised his eyebrows, and all the Jews in the audience laughed knowingly.

The missing piece
So we die. Big deal. The task then becomes to see how much real love we can actually produce in a short period of time. Prayer and piety are for fools; right action is the only answer.

The stupid list
Which of the 196 recognized nations on our formerly lovely planet can rightfully claim the title of the stupidest country on Earth? One thing is certain � there is no shortage of legitimate nominees.

The gospal according to Fred
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (nee-chee) (1844-1900) is the most vilified philosopher of all time. Why? Because he reduced the holy dogma of the faithful into a puddle of pitiful drool, and has suffered their slanders ever since. Nietzsche packs a punch that is too tough for most Christians to deal with honestly.


Essence of the American spirit
It was a cold and snowy night in Boston, January 6, 1836. Ice-filled wagon tracks rutted Federal Street and icicles sparkled in the flickering light of the oil street lamps. Inside the Odeion Theater, a Methodist minister who insisted he was the great-great-grandson of a famous Indian chief told a story that was even colder.

9/11 Ten Years Later
Ten years after the day that blew the minds of the world, a false story hardened into murderous insanity has been distributed around the world with bombs, bullets and blood, resulting in the deaths of more than 3 million innocent people, 99 percent of them in the Islamic world.

Puzzle answers:
First thing you do after reading this list is to email (or write) all your old history teachers, sending them a bill for all the time you wasted listening to them.

God's gumshoes
The man in the wrinkled suit, closely resembling Humphrey Bogart's legendary caricature of movie detective Sam Spade, stubs out his cigarette in a glass ashtray and chuckles like some friendly uncle.

When the floor caves in
In my humble, "uneducated" opinion, Jaynes is one of the great scientists of the 20th century who has been suppressed by the profitmaking powers that be.