Formation of the fleet

17th January 2012


The cool thing is that everybody already has one.

Once they're activated, the whole thing will go viral, and the world will light up all at once with a magnificent new field of vision, hundreds of diamond-clear dimensions all simultaneously and synchronistically sortable and comprehensible, all those childhood fears cleared up in a single heartbeat of grateful exhilaration. This will truly be party time.

Imagine humanity flying together with all the grace and precision of a flock of birds. *Formation of the fleet will be instantaneously reflexive, utterly instinctual and quite likely the finest moment any of us will ever have.

Although we know what it will do, no one really knows what this new psychotechnology can do. The limits of 'what can be conceived can be achieved' can already see farther than we can think. But expansion of consciousness by about a zillion power is a certainty.

And what makes it certain to happen is all the millions of people who are reacting negatively to the snarling jaws of money insanity and the waking white sleep of desire.

The human species has been permanently gimped by these neocon nutballs, but despite all the coma producing gambits, enough brainpower still exists to pull this off.

A planetwide epiphany is incubating as we speak.

People all over the world are having the same revolted reaction to all these horrendous assaults on people everywhere by a tiny bunch of cash cannibals.

On their terrain, they are unassailable, because they have all the guns and brain deadening chemicals. But on our terrain, we could punch the shit out of them and more importantly banish their diseased diarrhea from human experience in perpetuity because we have . . . well, let's just call them the facts.

Our terrain is cyberspace, and the communication levels above and beyond that.

The vehicle for our linkage is the metaphrand.

You may best understand it as the opposite of a shadow.

Others liken it to the weak nuclear force. It cannot be corrupted because it is connected to the universal vibe.

It is the repository of your hopes and dreams.

It is where you put your most valuable things, whether you know it or not.

It's also a detachable probe by which you can penetrate any secret vault anywhere.

It cannot be observed by any government agency.

Principally it is a replacement concept for your soiled and sodomized soul, or what's left of it after being ransacked for two thousand years by Torquemada's terror tomboys and the Sanhedrin's stranglehold on the foreskins of its zombie killers.

It possesses psychic armor far in excess of what anyone can do to you physically.

You need to visualize amoeba-like cells coalescing in phenomenally large numbers and say, with the power to disintegrate every single Federal Reserve building instantaneously.

Starship detox protocols. Get rid of the god poisons. Load up with the good stuff. And get ready to ride. You'll be driving, by the way.

This is an investigation into the space between the trigger and the finger, resulting in the triangulation of conscious thought that produces a new species called prismics, who, through the materialization of their metaphrands, can travel light years in an instant and never miss their baby's feeding time.

Like the man said, biosolar telepaths. No more cell phones cutting up our bodies with their deadly microwaves.

This is the human future the Jew creeps are trying to prevent us from attaining.

Mastery of the metaphrand technology is the only way I can see to take these beasts down, to somehow burrow into their minds and shut them down for the pathological mass murderers they are.

The first thing each person has to ask themselves is how much am I like them doing the damage, and is what I want merely to take their place at the pig trough?

Fortunately, if that's the case, your metaphrand won't fly. And even more fortunately than that, all Jewish metaphrands will never fly at all, because they can never possess the necessary integrity to link up with the universal vibe.

And that's how we get rid of them.

Human standards must be set so high they couldn't possibly measure up. This is only an obvious observation on their past and present behavior.·

Raise our standards high enough and the Jews will fall away like dead leaves in autumn, fossils of their own con game. Wish them well. Their own self destruction is something they always wanted, because despite all the phony prizes they have invented for themselves, they have always known that what they were doing was wrong.

It's called premeditated murder.

So now is the time to rush them and get them out of our hair. There will be too little time tomorrow, and by then we may have run out of air.

Remember that they're cowards, pushbutton killers in plaid pants. Kick their ass.

· · ·

The triangulation of thought is the access point to prismicity.

The metaphrand is your vehicle to prismicity.

Prismicity uncloaks the secret treasures of our future and many paths to universes we are only now beginning to know are there.

· · ·

metaphrand, n.

A metaphor is making a model of the unknown with the known. Using metaphors, which consist of two components, metaphiers and metaphrands — what is to be described and the metaphorical analogy — humans incorporate new experience into what they already know. The metaphor is the metaphier operating on the metaphrand. Triangulation.;=gm&q;=metaphrand

· · ·

"No, Whiplash, triangulation is not the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. It is the man who dreams of love, the woman who makes us real, and the universal vibe that makes it all possible, in any species. Working together to build happy homes for anything that lives, now that we know the score."

"So Beanie, you think anybody's comprehending any of this?"

"I think there are millions if not billions of people who are tracked into the desire to rectify the wrongs that plague everyone. But far more than that are the victims of those wrongs.

"Humanity has shown no disposition to prioritize these injustices for correction. Like a glass of water on a boat, the surface seems to rock back and forth, but the result always stays the same.

"True, Beanie, but everything has been predicated on immortality as the be-all and end-all of everything we do.

"Humanity has missed the most fundamental lesson it was put here to learn, Whiplash. What do you do with yourself once you know your life is a finite proposition?

"When you sacrifice your heart, you should never have to take it back because you learned it was all a scam.

"Unfortunately for everyone and everything, humanity has chosen to declare its own impossible wish possible, and that choice — that foundation upon which civilization is built — is the very flaw that has our civilization looking like the bombed-out hulk of a decaying species that it is.

"Whiplash, am I boring you?"

"Beanie — please! — blither on."

"The question we have never asked and the lesson we have never learned is clearly reflected in question: Which would you choose? Eternal life or eternal love? If you live forever, love would disappear, become a ludicrous concept. But if you love forever, the life that goes with that is simply indestructible. Not to mention lots of laughs and it tastes good.

"Did you know the music of spheres, much like the music of the whales, is always laughing?"

"Beanie, I think this might make things a whole lot clearer."


Goethe (pronounced GER-tah) saw the human being as constantly engaged in a process of self formation. We have learned that even natural organs such as the eye require imagination to see. If the blind cannot be given sight by physical means alone, then how much more true must this be for those organs of cognition that allows us to "see" natural laws. The seeing of lawful patterns within the multiplicity of phenomena requires suitable inner organs. They are not given at birth, but develop in life. [. . .]

The sighted eye requires more than the input of natural light; it also requires Empedocles' inner, ocular light of intelligence. If we neglect the animating light of coherent intelligence that illumines and flows through all our senses, then the glory of the world stands mute before our inquiring spirit. Goethe emphasized the importance of a light that is within. In his words, "If the eye were not Sun-like, how could we perceive the light?"

How does one kindle the Empedoclean fire of the eye? Goethe's reply was simply, by active engagement with the world. [ . . .] He considered the instrument of sight as a paradigm of organ development and foundation. He understood it as crafted by light itself as it worked on the human organism.

"From among the lesser ancillary organs of the animals, light has called forth one organ to become its like, and thus the eye is formed by the light and for the light so that the inner light may emerge to meet the outer light."

(Excerpted from Arthur Zajonc, Catching the Light: The Entwined History of Light and Mind,/ 1993, Oxford University Press, pp. 204-5.)

Naturally enough, as your metaphrand emerges on the windscreen of your mind, you realize you're in that familiar place you always are, which is everything you have remembered in life splayed on the walls of your metaphrand. Welcome to the inside of your brain.

Get comfortable, and make it work, always preparing for that time certain to come when it will be only thing you have.

Park your metaphrand right in front of the blind spot in your eye, too. That way you always remember to check your blind spot.

You can see all this a lot clearer through the windshield of your metaphrand than you can through the dark wool blindfold of your chosen religious dogma, for sure.

Build your metaphrand like a sting ray so you can navigate all the traffic. It's going to be like Filene's Basement on sale day when the Big Light comes on.

But long before, like tomorrow would be good, the increasingly coordinated metaphrand fleet — millions of outraged spirits, militant metaphrands having replaced all those sleepwalking souls, attacking from all directions — need to converge on the central places of Jewish bankers and their proper Christian bodyguards, drag them out into the light of day and hang them all for the crimes they have committed — and are committing — against humanity.

American soldiers are brain dead butchers who rape children.

Look again into the dead eyes of the robots on TV who are telling us so-and-so is a great presidential candidate. These people will never be able to activate their metaphrands because they are dead inside.

Congratulations, you are participating in the most important team sport ever, disempowering the Jewish psychopathologues.

Everyone has a metaphrand. You can see it parked over your left shoulder, a little further back, if the light is right. And the light is right. It's light up time.

You can't kill or rob anybody (why would you when they're your relatives?).

What do you do when somebody you don't trust to do anything right, fair, honest or justifiable has the power to take your life at any time for no reason at all?

There's only one course of action when it's your last chance at life. Go right at them hard, and beat them so badly that it will never be possible for them to do it again.

Organize the metaphrands, attack with full force, and overwhelm them before they can kill another living thing.

Welcome to the fleet. Rule 1: Your standards must be so high that a Jew couldn't possibly deceive you.

Everybody gets to participate in the building of this ship that will save the world from itself.

If you read this far, you're already enlisted. Read the metaphrand links, fire up the starship, and get to work. Our lives depend on it.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

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