and the coming epiphany

17th January 2012

Humanity erases its shadows
with a serious scrubbing



'If anything can go wrong, it will.'
— First coined in 1949 by Capt. Edward A. Murphy, an engineer working on USAF Project MX981, which was designed to see how much sudden deceleration a person can stand in a crash. (something the world is about to find out)

Counterintuition requires an intimate knowledge of Murphy's fabled laws.

I first learned this as a tipsy teenager at a greyhound racetrack, where the trainers manipulated the health of the dogs at the behest of the people who calculated the odds and sold tickets through cement windows with bars to angry but totally focused losers smoking cigars.

So the lesson learned by bettors was always: Pick up that rock and look under it to see which handicaps have been deliberately introduced by the fixers in order to profit from manipulating the predetermined odds and also to maximize the fleecing of those po' folks cheering abused pooches with all their hearts.

The world is headed toward a serious and possibly fatal nervous breakdown.

A series of common sense epiphanies and their implementation can prevent this unprecedented catastrophe.

Step No. 1, intended for every person on this planet: Remove head from butt. Discard your holy marching orders, forget about contacting your Congresspuppet, and try to understand what is about to happen inside your own brain.

It's the exponential expansion of consciousness, which the Jews are desperately trying to prevent from happening.

As I have written before, the foundations of our civilization and our floor of reality are caving in, disintegrating in the light of day.

All history stands revealed as purposeful propaganda of the surviving rich, all philosophy a justification of a path that leads to a self-destructive dead end, which each day, in the field of vision of every person on this planet, balloons like some monster cloud on the horizon, a karmic tsunami that will end the possibility of everything we ever hoped to build, speeding toward us like some expiration date on an ancient stone calendar.

Whether it's the ludicrous lingo coming out of Congress that says we have to cut Social Security to our beleaguered seniors in order to increase aid to Israel to combat

(an entirely Jewish invention)

or a president whose background is not known presiding over a group of rich men in a Congress, long extirpated of any vestige of conscience, passing a law which stipulates


may arrest, detain, rape, sodomize, empty your brain with waterboarding and electric shocks to your genitals, impoverish, poison and molest your family and friends, take all your property and send you to a foreign country to be tortured slowly to death, and erase you from history, with no way to protest, no lawyer to call, no tenacious Action Line reporter to save your butt, and no charge ever lodged, only the say-so of the Jewish slimeball killers who have stolen the United States of America from its greed-blind Wasp proprietors (which is also what happened in England), who eagerly facilitated their own demise.

I'd have to say now that the American population has been reduced to a bunch preprogrammed robots sleepwalking to a Pavlovian waltz that instructs them to cheer the murder of innocent people in order to have a job that pays enough money so they can purchase exotic technological devices which play media that encourage the mindless slaughter of populations targeted for abuse by the same people who gave the initial orders.

Ouroborus City. Mind programmers get the snakes to eat their own tails, and charge exorbitantly for the procedure. It could also be called the Federal Reserve principle, or even the Christian principle. I saw a version of this play at the last Catholic mass I attended.

From more than 200 radio interviews I've done over the years, the most frequently recurring phenomenon I've experienced is that on the shows that include call-in segments, the first caller is always a Jew pretending he (or she) is not a Jew.

Why would somebody do that? There's only one answer. Because they have something to hide.

The Big Light is coming, sports fans. Nobody gets to hide anything.

You gotta be who you are where you are, and never let them forget it.

So these feebly disguised Jewish questions are always posed cleverly in the context of the conversation they are trying to hijack, but the implication is always something like "how much effort should the goyim expend in rescuing the Jews from the latrine they created as a life for themselves and the rest of the world?"

My laughing answer, always delivered while hanging up the phone, is always "absolutely none."

The Jews should expect about as much compassion and understanding about their embarrassing position once everybody understands what they have done to the world as Americans should expect from the rest of the world once the Jews have removed the last penny from U.S. pockets. That is to say, none.

I know that many of you consider yourselves Americans and decent people simultaneously in a time when it has become impossible to empirically prove the two labels are possible in one stable personality. Yes, that means if you support what the Jewish controlled USA is doing then you are completely insane.

There is no psychologically valid excuse for any of it happening.

One need only consider the words of the Chinese sage Sun Tzu, master of the art of war, to know that American robots totally manipulated by their Jewish masters can lead to no other result than the destruction of both and everybody associated with them.

Keep in mind, when reading these axioms of behavior that around the world and across time have been accepted as the the normal and fair minded rules of war, how dissimilar they are to the typical slaughterhouse laws that Jewified American lunatics have recently perpetrated on the innocent people of Libya, Iraq and other defenseless places around the world.

The moral law is the principle of harmony.
The moral law takes priority over heaven, earth, your king,
and everything you've ever learned.
There is no instance of a country
having benefited from prolonged warfare.
Captured soldiers should be kindly treated and kept.
In the practical art of war, the best thing of all
is to take the enemy's country whole and intact;
to shatter and destroy it is not so good.
So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire
than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment
or a company entire than to destroy them.

[The purpose of all human activity is to maintain the possibility of being friends for as long as and in any way possible.]

Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking
the enemy's resistance without fighting.
If you know the enemy and know yourself,
you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.
If you know yourself but not the enemy,
for every victory gained
you will also suffer a defeat.
If you know neither the enemy nor yourself,
you will succumb in every battle.

It should be obvious that no American military man really knows anything, given the sorry sequence of staged events by the Mossad guided U.S war machine over the past decade, from the 9/11 jihad charade to the imaginary burial at sea of the world's greatest terrorist (and close friend of the Bush family).

Contemplate the aggregate number of innocent people who have been murdered because of the utterly transparent 9/11 lie.

Can any American military man live up to any of Sun Tzu's practical and humane prescriptions? Well, maybe, after they finish raping and killing an Iraqi family and setting them on fire.

Fat chance American soldiers will ever win another war, nor should they, because all the wars they have ever fought have been fraudulent enterprises, devised by Jewish bankers to make themselves very rich and everybody else, those lucky enough to be left alive, very poor.

So long ago, the time before time, it seems like, the French proto patriot Vercingetorix — who now only makes occasional appearances in a French comic strip — fought against the incredible general Julius Caesar for 25 years, from one end to the other of what is now called France but in the first century BC was called Gaul.

What finally cost Vercingetorix his victory was the nation, with firm solidarity and tangible support, that stood behind Caesar, as opposed to a disorganized group of French tribes who could never decide to do what they needed to do and unite against the foreign interlopers.

In the 1930s immortal Marine Gen. Smedley Butler told the people what was going on, but again, the bickering tribes couldn't agree on how to resist the foreign interlopers who had taken control of their land and who, just a few years later, were to set all of Europe ablaze.

And just a couple of years ago, a banker who expressed a pang of conscience and told us that what was going on was not exactly what they said was going on, died in his hot tub after articulating the problem on national TV. That would be Matt Simmons of North Haven, Maine, whose name is etched on the plaque with so many other candid but unlucky patriots who were murdered simply for telling the truth.

All these historical anecdotes reveal that we're all due to become bigtime losers in the next few days or months, as the big dealers squeeze the noose around the wallets, throats and circulatory systems of millions of people they just don't want hanging around here anymore.

The net analysis of these four examples is that there is no f****** way (NFW) we can stop the destruction of humanity by the genetic engineers and the Jewish pill pushers.

Fortunately for us, NFW is not an option. We will stop them. And this is how we'll do it.

Thinking counterintuitively during this pharmacological and piezoelectric Ascension process our government has been trying to sell us.

When you place a bet, you always want to consult whatever Murphy's Law research material you have hardwired into your thought process, anticipating any possible thing that could go wrong.

I'm going to tell you something that you are not going to believe when I first tell you, but then, something — you won't initially know what it is — is going to dawn on you, and then you will finally believe what I say, without question, because the logic will be irrefutable.

Let's take a hypothetical example.

A society believes a certain thing. Because it believes that certain thing, that certain thing manifests in its reality, because the things we believe in are what we do.

In order to reverse engineer that process, we would take the real world results of the belief system and try to connect them back to the original religious or philosophical insight or impulse that produced the belief that produced the behavior.

Just for practice, let's gather today's real world results and try to connect them back to their original religious impulses.

How about this urge to smother the world in disgusting scatological homosexual depravity, especially teaching American first graders about the great heroes of gay liberation? Or the string of one war after another, always a former U.S. puppet gone renegade, deserving a carpet of bombs to replace the spigot of gold he'd been sucking with Pentagon approval? Or the empty eyed presidential candidates who become our slavemasters in the same way that priests become Popes — with the approval of Jewish bankers?

Or the propensity to build a society on a fabricated mythos, which supplies ontological security to an angst-ridden populace and keeps them from having to make decisions of a threatening nature? It also keeps them from realizing that they can't have what they want or they'll be burned at the stake?

Reverse engineer that, and let me know if you see any resemblance to an actual God in there.

There is only the shadow of death, dressed up in its eternal finery selling the elixir of eternal life, dutifully confirmed by only one witness, the woman they called a former prostitute who reportedly (on the testimony of a few alleged bishops in a religion that had not yet been formed) saw Jesus ascend into heaven.

Now, also as a hypothetical example (so your belief system not overly stressed), and thinking counterintuitively, let us cogitate on what the result of a different belief system might be.

Just for argument's sake, let's try this one.

We must relinquish our aspirations to immortality. It is an unattainable illusion that we have mistakenly sought in fear that our lives were for nothing if we did not continue to live in some way, because life is the most precious thing that ever could be. So if it didn't last forever, we could at least pretend it did, and that would be good enough.

Right. For a totally artificial world, based on an irrational and ineradicable lie that has poisoned everything we have ever done.

After the fall of the false prophets — all the monotheistic religions are crumbling into the dead dust of obsolete deception — and wouldn't you know, there's God, still up there with a shit eating grin on his face.

And what would the result of this be?

Instead of killing people, we'd be fighting to keep people alive and help them thrive. Instead of building skyscrapers only for the very rich we would be building comfortable homes for all living things, and widely advertising this practice to any living being in need of one.

Realize that the shattering of the eternal life goal means the beginning of perpetual peace on Planet Earth.

A society that denies death uses as the object of every endeavor symbolic victory over death, from a touchdown in sports to a killing on the stock market.

Ever since the dawn of time, humanity has been trying to kill its own death, not knowing that to succeed would mean going extinct as a species.

Now that's thinking counterintuitively.

What is the coming epiphany?

The realization that we are all free agents empowered by and with a direct connection to the universal vibe that animates all life.

The wish to dominate people is only to convince yourself that you do not die; in fact, all of life's activities are caused by that root motivation.

Thus has society been built on a false foundation.

Learn to listen closely to the universal vibe and hear it singing. It is a song sung by every living thing.

Just remember my goal is to make you laugh at those desperately tense moments you want to cry, and in this same way you will learn to love at that hairy moment you are going to die.

The answer was always to believe. The trouble came when they convinced us — and we wanted them to — to believe a lie.

All this time, all we ever had to do to keep us safe and warm was defend and nourish all living things, and not prance around sucking up to some God whom we've used as a weapon to dominate others, bragging about the eternal life we have secured for ourselves by our punctiliously recited prayers.

My holy trinity is Norman Rockwell's painting of the three umpires at Ebbets Field trying to assess the raindrops.

Fact is, we're all coming out of the chrysalis of fear and getting a pair of wings we now must learn how to use.

Sun Tzu say: Change disadvantageous terrain, win war.

All metaphrands on standby alert. Skylax out.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

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