The secret you never get to hear (But in your heart, you already know)


16th December 2011

The gods keep mankind ignorant of the ways of living, else one would do enough in a day to last for a year. — Hesiod, c. 700 BC

My thoughts keep returning to the strange similarity between the way religions and the government do business. Always some secret reason — something too holy for us uppity slaves to appreciate, or some piece of information too sensitive for us ignorant citizens to be trusted with.

A priest might say, "at the discretion of the holy father". A politician would use the words "national security".

What is wrong with this picture? Why are we ruled by secrets we cannot be told? There can be only one answer. All these secrets are lies and deceptions.

The famous Biblical story of Yahweh talking with his cronies about confounding the speech of all humanity "so they won't become like us" clearly bespeaks the sense of superior men deceiving gullible savages, who simply did not understand what was being done to them and ascribed all these events to magical beings to be worshipped in trembling fear and wonder.

God, in ancient parlance, was an absolute synonym for king. Dead kings, through the clever voices of priests, became gods.

Today we have the mysterious banditos called Al-Qaeda miraculously turning up in every war zone on Earth fighting first on their side, then on ours, but, after ten years of histrionic chest thumping by righteous American politicians, we have not been able to capture and prosecute a single credible perpetrator of the 9/11 attack, which is the linchpin of the Al-Qaeda terrorist pedigree.

Realizing Al-Qaeda is fake means you realize all the ensuing wars are fake. Realizing the Christian liturgy is an exact copy of the Osiris legend means you realize Christianity is fake, invented by the Alexandrian Jews to sabotage and exterminate the Roman Empire.

Somehow our thought process cripples us — is designed to fail — when we attempt to apply critical thinking to our religious beliefs. We are advised not to look too deeply into these matters by our holy men, lest we offend the great power in the sky who rules over us all. The list of dire consequences for offending said entity is endless and absurd.

You can make your own comparisons about the behavior of your own government, selling guns to every available criminal who works for them, but taking them from everyone who it plans on robbing and killing.

But don't despair. Just because we're not immortal doesn't mean God doesn't exist. In fact, you see the dude a lot clearer when you understand you don't have much time — only one lifetime; it goes fast — to accomplish it. Be grateful for the chance.

The temptation to keep valuable knowledge secret goes way back before the time of religions as we know them today. But the science of politics, by far a more consistent discipline than religion, has never changed at all. It has forever been 'get it while you can by any means necessary, then paint a noble, self-serving picture of it'.

The notion about who might get hurt in all this manipulative tinkering has always been and remains today a distant afterthought in the human thought process. That so many of us humans now are seriously feeling the effects of this tendency to make humane concerns of compassion and understanding of lesser priority is a direct result of this practice.

We are suffering because we have, throughout our history, ignored — not to mention exacerbated and reveled in — the suffering of others. What we're experiencing is simple karmic justice. We definitely deserve what we're getting — simply by being less informed than the people exploiting us.

And at the center of this exploitation is blind religious belief, molding the populace to accept without question the dictates of the ruling authority, which is kept in place by brute force masked by righteous rhetoric, the theme of which is always 'we are better than them, so that gives us the God-given right to rob them'.

Could there be a better description of the behavior of your country and its comatose populace, deluded by centuries of misleading information?

As I have written elsewhere, the gods of the Bible, often called the Elohim, were actually members of a worldwide seafaring civilization in the Bronze Age, whose voyages account for all the Great White Father myths — Sargon, Osiris, Jehovah, Jupiter, Deuce, Thor, Viracocha, and Quetzalcoatl were all members of this same worldwide fraternity, imparting knowledge and establishing communities as they fleeced the uncouth local yokels in every corner of the world.

If you think the same thing is going on today, you'd be right.

This ancient mystery people left relics around the world including the pyramids, Stonehenge and the roots of our own language. They later morphed into the Phoenicians, whom you may remember invented the alphabet you use today, and who were bulldozed out of existence at Carthage c. 200 BC, although rumor has it they regrouped in Venice and are prominently represented on Wall Street today.

In my own rather acerbic Biblical studies I have come to understand that Yahweh, who was apparently an ancient tribal leader, resisted the takeover of this worldwide seafaring culture, who judging by the available descriptions, were simply not a very nice bunch of slave gathering white giants.

Can you resist the comparison to events happening now?

This hard attitude about infidels and usurpers is reflected in the bloodthirsty certitude of the Old Testament, a 'take no prisoners' attitude that permeates human logic today. Previously I thought this tough attitude was unnecessarily harsh on the unenlightened and uninformed of the world; then I read Comyns Beaumont's description of what the very large and very shrewd invaders of all these cultures were really like — a social picture of prehistoric humans that we are — and should be — afraid to confront.

An "ungainly, misshapen and violent race of ogres whose last king, named Balor, of the Evil Eye, slew his enemies with a flash of his fiery orb" is the way he described the Fomorians who first colonized Ireland and were among many tribes of the world erased from history by the Early Iron Age comet-caused great flood that apparently ended the last Ice Age and caused worldwide destruction, worst of all in North America. (The "fiery orb" reference reveals prehistoric knowledge of firearms and explosives, one of the major aspects of history that is totally covered up.)

But these are all names lost to history in a cataclysm. Some survived. Thoth brought the religion of his lost nation to Egypt. Comyns Beaumont insists this pre-flood worldwide seafaring culture (the ships in 10,000 BC were much larger than in 500 AD) seeded all known civilizations.

Comyns Beaumont's synopsis of the Book of Enoch's account of the Early Iron Age catastrophe that began civilization as we know it today goes like this.

1. The Giants, sometimes called the Satans, lived in the Age of Saturn . . . the flood and the hurling of the Giants under rocks marked the end of that age.

2. Their references to women are respectful . . . the surest sign of the culture of a race.

3. They worked in iron before anyone.

4. They manufactured weapons of war for all the world . . .

5. They possessed a considerable knowledge of astronomy and their seers, represented by Enoch and Noah, had watched the heavens and thus acquired prior knowledge of some impending catastrophe. It is portrayed as something falling on the earth, a great commotion, and the earth sinking down into the void, that is drowning.

6. All these events happened in the far north Atlantic, but affected the whole planet in varying degrees.

I couldn't help but remember Clif High's Expando planet theory in which earlier forms of animals were much larger because the planet was much smaller, lending credence to the so-called myth of the giants of old, which is confirmed by Comyns Beaumont.

Legends of giant red haired invaders exist from all over the world. Herodotus, for instance, mentioned that the son of Agamemnon, named Orestes, was 12 feet tall.

"In the OT we read of the sons of Anak, or Giant, so immense that the spies sent out by Moses described themselves as "mere grasshoppers in their sight," implying that the Anakim towered over them."

Comyns Beaumont insists the pre-flood history of the world is contained in the Book of Enoch. "It describes in dramatic terms the materialism of the age and the growing decadence of the time, of freed, of ambitions on the part of rulers, of the feverish manufacture of munitions of war, and the final collapse of an advanced civilization."

In the holy books, all these momentous events have been transmogrified into divine intervention by angelic beings. The real history kept from us (most likely in the Vatican Library) is that these were real people, unusually large and possessed of technology unknown to most of the world, and who ran a pattern of exploitation and control over the unenlightened masses.

It has always been the Cult of the Sun vs. the Cult of the Serpent. Now, both are being supplanted by the Cult of the Universal Vibe, which acknowledges its own end as part of the plan and the real secret of eternal life. The only way to attain immortality is to be a part of all life, which as far as we know, has never and will never end.

The lesson we need to learn about is to learn how to help others. Only then are we truly alive. All the rest is just misinterpreted death ritual.

If we don't take care of each other, we're not really taking care of ourselves.

Like life itself, today's crises are something we have to get through, not deny! (Yes, you are being fatally irradiated.)

We have to stop destroying each other in a frantic quest to achieve something that cannot be achieved, and help each other understand that the only thing we ever keep is what we give away. Only then can we be really loving. Anything else is just a self-delusive pose.

Oddly enough, to continue to search for eternal life guarantees our extinction and irrelevance.

Oh, and that secret you never get to hear? There's only one thing we know for certain. It's a lie.

Would you give your life for God? Don't worry. You will.


Comyns Beaumont: The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain

Henry Binkley Stein: Priesthood of the Illes

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