The stupid list

Which nation rates the top prize as the stupidest country on Earth?

27th September 2011

Oh, what a contest it is! Humanity on parade; bring your barf bag.

Which of the 196 recognized nations on our formerly lovely planet can rightfully claim the title of the stupidest country on Earth? One thing is certain � there is no shortage of legitimate nominees.

Acknowledging my own heritage, my first choice will always be Poland � really a noncountry that has never really governed itself and even now is cringing in fear after its entire government was wiped out in a single plane crash, a perfect example of the abuse it has suffered from waves of brigands who for centuries have confused and abused the perpetually puzzled Poles. But I despise Poland because it harbored and nurtured the Zionist menace � Jabotinsky, Begin and the Irgun terrorists who murdered their way to Israel � and also because Poland was Britain's silent partner in starting World War II, betraying both itself and humanity, and to this day refuses to admit it.

Since my mother's ancestors (Feeneys) immigrated from Ireland, some tales of abuse emerge there, too. I think it is a rule of the human species that people who live on islands drink too much. Ireland has always been the whipping boy of those sadists on the big island, and still are. What worries me most about the real Irish resistance is that they have ties to Israel, and that will guarantee defeat, as it always has.

But Ireland had the famous poet William Butler Yeats, who saw in 1916 "that rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem to be born" � the same beast that assails us now. Add in John F. Kennedy, easily the finest American president of the 20th century, and that disqualifies Ireland from the stupidest country on Earth list, along with Iceland (which recently expelled and prosecuted its bankers) and Spain (which banished the Jews in 1492 and set an example for smart moves that the whole world should have followed and we wouldn't be in the fix we are in today).

Recent disasters furnish a couple of obvious nominees for the stupidest country on Earth list.

Japan, certainly among the most polite, industrious and innovative nations on this planet, has been almost completely destroyed by radiation TWICE! What does that say about the Japanese? Nothing that couldn't be said about most other countries. The Japanese accepted loans from Jacob Schiff that enabled them to build their military and set themselves up for being crushed in World War II. And they bit big for nuclear power after two A-bombs had shown them the way, then got the whole thing sabotaged by a fake earthquake, a Jewish computer virus and a government that still cannot speak coherently about a disaster that likely will poison all life on Earth.

A very similar nominee to the stupid list is Germany, Japan's ally in WW2, which allowed itself to be utterly destroyed TWICE by a collection of much of the rest of the world. But both destructions were intimately tied to the Jewish question, and today this reunited nation chafes under the grip of Jewish laws which prevent forthright discussion about what Hitler actually did and why he did it, not to mention what was the role of the Jewish international bankers who coordinated the efforts of three superpowers to crush the most serious challenge ever to the Jewish worldwide financial system.

If you're starting to pick up a pattern among stupid countries who let themselves be destroyed � that the key factor in the destruction is always Jewish financial influence � on the stupidest country on Earth list, it only gets worse. And it has been going on a long time.

Much in the same manner as the Incas and Aztecs, ancient Egypt was overwhelmed by horse-drawn chariots and totally annihilated by disease and the abstract concept of money, all introduced by your friendly Hebrew bankers from Babylon who are all so heroically portrayed in the Old Testament. Ancient Greece was done in by the international slave owning silver miners, and also by a sudden plague brought in by Jewish merchants from Egypt that killed half the population in a year, 427 BC. The Roman Empire ran for about 900 years before the passivity and social irresponsibility spread by the Jewish creation known as Christianity eventually killed it and brought on the Dark Ages (which continue today).

The nations of Africa, Asia and South America have not only been badly plundered by the Northern Hemispheric white races, but the nations on those continents were basically all set up by the white invaders from the North. I don't regard hapless tribes of indigenous natives as stupid, and the countries that were set up to corral them are all not so much stupid nations by their own development as they are stupid and unfair setups by colonial exploiters.

These victim nations � kind of like geopolitical rape victims � form the majority of the world's 196 nations; so therefore none of them are really eligible for the stupid list, because so-called "uneducated" inhabitants of so-called "underdeveloped" countries actually have a higher survival probability in post-technological society because of their hands-on relationship to the planet. So calling them stupid would be stupid, although most of them ARE stupid enough to accept the extermination programs of Western pharmaceutical giants under the guise of stopping the spread of HIV.

A typically ill-informed American would be quick to nominate Iran for the stupid list, but in fact the old Persian Empire is now the leader in the fight for democracy in the world, one of the few remaining individual countries that has not been taken over by the Jewish world bank. Given Iran's courage in presenting the real Holocaust to the world, if standing up for principle is stupid, then we are all doomed (which may be the case). Neither Iran nor all the Muslim countries under perpetual siege from U.S. killer drones run by Jewish bankers; hence none of these victim countries could ever be put on the stupid list, and that includes Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as every African nation, because none of them has achieved their own independence, only complicated vassalage and misery courtesy of the real axis of evil in the world, which is the U.S., Britain and Israel.

Yet, on the theory that stupidity leads to disaster, we only need to look at the catastrophes that have befallen complacent and corrupt nations to judge genuine qualifications for the stupid list.

Two of the top nominees are: France, once the bulwark of Europe, but once the Rothschilds got hold of King Louis XIV, the French wound up cutting themselves to pieces in a rage over one meaningless political shibboleth or another, and they now possess an overt CIA/Mossad cutout as their president and laws prohibiting free speech. So much for the famed French intellectuality, unable to voice the truth about the Holocaust hoax.

And then, of course, our sister country, Russia, besieged by the Hidden Hand for hundreds of years before, of course, the czar and his family were cut into little pieces by the Jewish butchers sent from New York by Jacob Schiff, who spent $20 million to fund Lenin and the Bolsheviks, but who got back $600 million because the czar had been the richest man in the world.

Funny how all these wars � certainly in Russia but much more recently in Libya � are reported in terms of alleged war crimes and protecting the people, but once the Jews get their hooks into the place, these two rationales are flipped on their heads, the people they are liberating get slaughtered, and all the money gets stolen by the same people who fund the armies. Every time.

Perhaps the greatest abomination ever perpetrated on a country (although there are innumerable contenders) was what the British, driven by the Jewish bankers, did to India, erased an entire culture and set themselves up as Brahmin kings of the realm. And yet even that was nowhere near as bad as what the international money lenders and drug dealers did to China, addicting its entire population to opium for centuries and then installing a totalitarian system that now holds sway with the Jewish elite at the top. Now India, thanks to its lingering British control, has become riddled with Jews in the same way that Saudi Arabia was formed, with a core of Wahabbi Jews at the center of the violent pseudoIslam they practice and preach.

It's up to you to put India and China either on the stupid list or the victim list, but Saudi Arabia goes into that special category of a nation that is not a nation at all, but a swindle, a crime scheme, a template for tyranny, as one family, the Sauds, has hijacked an entire country for its perverse purposes. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the incendiary brand of Islam known as Wahabbism was created by a Jew, or that the Sauds are Jews. Count on all the sheikdoms on the southside of the Persian Gulf to be the same concoctions, phony countries with hidden Jewish connections and superrich elites running the show.

Of course, the unquestionable champ in this noncountry category is Israel, which ignores all the laws of the civilized world but which writes laws for other countries (like the U.S.) that don't apply to itself. Israel, supposedly created as a refuge for oppressed Jews, is in reality the forward base for the never-ending white Western assault on the Islamic world, and a sanctuary for Jewish criminals from all over the world.

But it is also a straw dog, too, as it takes the heat for homicidal Jewish behavior around the planet whose architects may visit Israel from time to time but are really based in the posh suburbs of New York, London and other major metropolises, murderers of the planet hiding in plain sight and often seen on television.

We may observe that collectively, the stupidest countries on Earth must be Russia and China, because they have let their national fates be guided by these same Western Jewish financial kingpins, but the further we go down this list, the more it becomes obvious that in each case of how a country destroys itself, the core of the issue is always Jewish money, backed by "international" revolutionaries who come into a country and take it over so that the original inhabitants are no longer in charge. Happened in France, in Russia, in Germany, and would you please look at the U.S., which has already had at least five secretly Jewish presidents (2 Roosevelts, Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson) and now has a president whom nobody knows what he is.

But over time, ever since the Jewish financial monster nested permanently in the City of London around 1700, it is Great Britain that has plundered the world with its exploitation and drug smuggling. The great fortunes of the world were and are made by the sale of illegal drugs, which is why the CIA is in charge of world drug smuggling (not to mention why we are still in Afghanistan). But Britain has hooks into every country that most people can't see, like the income tax scam in America where the proceeds go directly to the Queen. And ever since 1815, when Nathan Rothschild captured the London Stock Exchange, Britain's fortunes have been directed by Jews, and their monarchs now firmly possessed of Jewish blood, spare no one in their drive to control the world.

Well, we've hopped around the globe long enough. Everybody already knows who is the grand champion of the stupidest country on Earth list.

It has been said by several sincere men that "if freedom dies in the United States, it dies everywhere."

Across America, that doesn't mean a thing, because most Americans are lost in their own televisions, or stock shenanigans, or some other ultimately trivial occupation that is significantly less important than the end of freedom in their own country, and the world.

There was a time � at least it's what we as Americans have been told � that America was the light of the world, that people everywhere wanted to come to America because that's where you were free.

Remember? Liberty and justice for all.

Has anybody seen a whiff of that lately?

Firstly, America unthinkingly destroyed perhaps the most functional and nontoxic civilization ever seen on the planet, the American Indians, whose lifestyle nurtured nature, rather than destroyed it. This grand massacre, still ongoing, set the stage for subsequent obliterations all over the world and perhaps even more sadly, gave Israeli Jews a rationale for exterminating those indigenous inhabitants known as Palestinians. American foreign policy has always been basically "kill the Indian savages and take their land." And most Americans, lost in their beer and sports events, simply, blindly, refuse to admit this, even as they wave their flags and ardently cheer the deaths of others they have never met and know nothing about.

Secondly, just like Russia, China, France and all those other countries, the United States let themselves be taken over by Jews. The formula is always the same: bribery, blackmail and murder. The deal was queered from the outset by Alexander Hamilton. By 1913, the Jews controlled everything in America, especially the educational system, which systematically denied people the information they needed to recognize the prison that had been built around them.

When you think about it, it's no wonder that the Jews view the rest of the world with contempt, as they have been able to take over any country they wanted to, at any time, by the manipulation of money, ownership of the press, and the buying of a few politicians.

The genuine risk involved in naming the culprits in every single one of these tragedies keeps us from ever solving this recurring problem. Fortunately, an increasing number of people, as conditions get worse, are summoning up the courage to forthrightly address this dilemma.

So the important thing about this story is not which country is the stupidest � we all share in that designation to some degree. The important aspect of this story is that all of these countries have been destroyed by the same method, unleashed by the same people, and every time, with the same disastrous results.

How to recognize if your country is on the stupid list? Simple. If all the moves they make benefit only the well-to-do and are opposed by the vast majority of its citizens, you know you're on the list.

Will the world ever wake up and see that all countries are being destroyed by this same Jewish banker problem? Or, deluded by their high-tech delights, will people remain comatose cowards and accept the meager rations handed out by the predators, who continue to steal the majority of the wealth from everyone everywhere?

What you do to others is what will happen to you. If you love them, they will prosper; if you hate them, they will die. Is this something the world has never known, or is it something we've just forgotten?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means. It is your contributions that have kept him going this long

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