Contours of the revolution


The choir is growing, critical mass is near, and a choice must be made

I have been accused of preaching to the choir, of talking to only those who know something is wrong, that everything is corrupt, that there is a plan, well advanced, to kill all of us who disagree with the wealthy predators who are poisoning our world for their perverted profits.
I am happy to report that the choir is growing, by leaps and bounds, in every city and town and farming village around the world. Everyone realizes something is wrong and something has to be done about it. It is up to each of us to realize it, and act immediately on our convictions, for the mass extermination plan is well advanced, if not irreversible.
It is widely realized by now that all the governments of the world are illegitimate. Created by bribery, extortion and manipulated media hogwash, these governments drug their people, brainwash their children, and murder people for profit to keep those who aspire to genuine freedom terrified of speaking out.
In the United States, the last several elections have been blatantly fixed. The coming election is no different: the final candidates have been chosen by the power elite and assuredly will not change the suicidal course of action now being followed, no matter what hollow platitudes they try to get you to believe.
The time is long past for real people, honest people, to take over the world, create governments that are fair and humane, and incarcerate those who by their twisted attitude of privilege have succeeded in turning our world into an open sewer.
How can this be done? you ask. This has always been the sticking point. Who are we to oppose maniacs with nuclear weapons, or gigantic government systems that are poisoning us from the air and in our supermarkets?
We are, in fact, the most powerful force on Earth. The one thing that can and must never be extinguished is our individual hope for freedom and happiness. And that is precisely what the powers that be, created by fraudulent philosophies developed into corrupt practices and enforced by those who do not realize that one person is equal in value to any other, are trying to extinguish. The only thing that can defeat these warped homewreckers is our belief in ourselves, and our solidarity with each other as simple, loving, respectful human beings, no more important than anybody else.
You must remember, above all else, that one single person is potentially as valuable as any other, and since it is our fate to live only a limited amount of time, that we die, and one day will be gone and forgotten, just like every other living being on this planet, we must realize that everyone else is in exactly the same boat as we are.
Once you really realize this � and realize it in all its emotional fullness � you will never be able to kill another living thing � unless it is for food, in which case you must do as the nearly extinct Native Americans do: Ask permission of the great creator to take this spirit in order to survive. That has always been the law of life, and will continue to be. But this is a law that never pertains to taking the life of a member of one�s own species. That is simply stupid, because we are all in this together, and taking the life of a member of one�s own species always means that your objective in killing that person is a superfluous illusion, because we are all in this together.
Think about it. Can you really live this life by yourself, or is the meaning you establish in this life not measured by those you have touched and loved?
Every soul who is killed needlessly diminishes the lives of those who have taken it. In this direction the world has plummeted for centuries, to the point where we are now within easy reach of killing all life on this planet forever. In fact, some say that we have passed this point, and nothing more can be done to save life on Earth. The situation is too far gone, they insist. Maybe this is true, but if we are to live, and still aspire to freedom, we can�t afford to think that way.
Life is the thing to be preserved, and creating death wherever we go is simply not the way to preserve it.
The one exception, of course, is self-defense. When someone is trying to kill you, you have a perfect right to kill them, but only in self-defense.
All the governments, all the philosophies, and all the religions of the world are illegitimate. They are all based on the fear of death, and on the figmented survival of death through whatever creative religious minds have chosen to invent. And, not so coincidentally, they are all conspiring in a population reduction program, which necessarily involves killing many of us.
This psychological denial of death is precisely what has caused all the carnage from time immemorial. Although this killing has been rationalized as fear of starvation or fear of loss of possessions, the real reason for it has always been not recognizing that every other person has the same value, the same legitimacy, as you do. So, to kill someone else is really to kill yourself as an honest human being with integrity and compassion.
It is the condition of our world that many people who have killed other people find themselves in that degraded and dysfunctional condition from which they may not recover, except through the understanding of what they have done. And when they do understand it, they will never do it again.
So let us as a society in solidarity leap to that point, and disempower all those who would disagree. This is the way to a peaceful future. More unjustifiable homicides never justify a better life. All the trinkets in the world cannot make it so.

Now, about what to do.

The odds of disempowering the predators seem so daunting. The knowledge that our governments, our philosophies, and our religions are trying to kill so many of us, presents us with an immediate problem, namely, the preservation of our lives.
We have reached the point where anybody who advocates the killing of others must be killed off. And this is the human conundrum.
When we kill others in self-defense, do we become like them? Do we become, in fact, worse than them, because we have killed after thinking it through first?
Is there an alternative? Do we let them kill us because we don�t want to kill? No, that�s out of the question, because then we would be dead, and the objective, for all of us, is to stay alive.
But how can we justify killing someone else? Even if they are clearly evil?
Doesn�t that make us hypocrites?
What if you were an Iraqi father whose daughter has just been raped and killed by American troops (which has happened so often lately)? Would you be justified in killing the perpetrators, should you find out who they are and have the opportunity to kill them?
Christianity, which was created by Jews, says no. I say that�s bullshit. That�s what allows Jews to kill innocent people openly and get away with it. Remember, Jews don�t have a problem killing anybody, because they regard all non-Jews are cattle.
Thus, this is your choice. Will you allow yourself to be killed, or kill those who are trying to kill you? Each person must decide for him or herself.
But I think it�s time to let our governments, and our philosophical and religious leaders, know exactly how we feel about this, and embark on the course we have chosen, immediately if not sooner.
And while you are busy deliberating, and deciding upon which course you will choose � to defend yourself or let yourself be killed by heartless predators � ponder on these following thoughts.
Penalty of an ancient grief

First from ancient Greece ....

Those from whom Persephone accepts the penalty for an ancient grief � she sends back their souls to the sun up above in the ninth year; from them grow noble kinds and men swift in strength and outstanding in wisdom, and for the rest of time they are called holy heroes by mankind.
The idea that the soul is divine, derived from the heavenly Dionysus, and that it is enclosed in the "Titanic" body, produced a new understanding of human origin and destiny: humans now, if properly enlightened and initiated into the Orphic mysteries, could claim to be on a journey back to their divine origin. This has been termed "the journey of the soul": the soul originated in God, became incarnate here on earth, and is destined to return to God.
Plato preserves one of the most famous Orphic sayings in antiquity. He writes, enigmatically: "Perhaps we are actually dead, for I once heard one of our wise men say that we are now dead, and our body is a tomb" (Plato, Gorgias 493a). This statement lays out one of the quintessential Orphic doctrines � in Greek, Soma sema ("The body is a tomb"). We learn a great deal more about this saying in another passage:
Some say that the body is the grave (sema) of the soul which may be thought to be buried in the present life, or again the index of the soul, because the soul gives indications (semainei) to the body. Probably the Orphic poets were the inventors of the name, and they were under the impression that the soul is suffering the punishment of sin, and the body is an enclosure or prison in which the soul is incarcerated, kept safe (soma, sozetai) as the name some implies, until the penalty is paid. (Plato, Cratylus 400c).
� Gregory C. Riley, The River of God, A New History of Christian Origins, pp. 144-5
Now, flip forward to the present day, and mull this excerpt from an e-mail I received just today by the prolific and principled writer Mark Glenn that reaches back into the bloody bowels of prehistory.
One first encounters this fact when reading in the Old Testament where Jacob (�the deceiver� who defrauded his brother Esau out of his inheritance) is renamed �Israel,� the meaning of which given in the book of Genesis is �He who fights against God and man.� Not long afterwards are the plagues and the slaughter of the first-born in Egypt, followed by the Israelite invasion of the Levant and the destruction of the various indigenous peoples there, including (but not limited to) the Amalekites, Canaanites and Philistines. It is also most likely not mere coincidence (based upon which particular spelling used�Israil, Izrael or Azrail) that it is also happens to be the name given to the angel of death.

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