Control of your mind


"Western society is controlled by the Jews with music, TV, houses, cars, [and] free sex" — David Hicks, an Australian idealist arrested in Afghanistan

I don't trust religious fanatics.

AFAIK, they're blind to reason, and can't be trusted to see clearly on that account.

Plus, most of them are phonies. You see the freaks on TV: Hagee saying Israel is more important than Christ. Twisting the minds of dullard evangelicals into an army for Israel, intent on killing the ragheads. Contemplate when the Pentagon changes that programming and you are classified as the new raghead.

In case you haven't noticed, this has already occurred, Raggie!

As people we have been turned into numbers. The very essence of our lives has been wrung out of us, classified and categorized. And the human quintessence — the very thing that makes life worth living — lies dead in the dust of a radioactive Iraqi roadway, or poisoned on the floor of an upscale American cancer clinic.

I hear some preachers speak to that, but hardly anybody's listening. It turns out the most infuriating aspect about 9/11 was that there was plenty of evidence the whole deal was orchestrated through the White House, which is run by Jewish advisers and the most powerful banks in London.

But the people's level of attention has become so fragmented, so splintered into occupational trivia and entertainment anesthesia — like football, the purpose of which is described in the Protocols of Zion — that the cognitive dissonance — the preprogrammed daily distractions of life — have become the real screen by which these traitors to humanity (so prominently featured on American Jewish television) blew up the symbolic heart of their own country in order to press profitable warfare around the world in perpetuity.

And in their terror (which was created in Washington), everybody believed their lies.

Now these same goons are asking us to vote for them.

The whole thing about religion is a screen. It's really about money. And this is where these two roads intertwine.

America is on the skids, you may have noticed. It's been a deliberate policy, engineered by the Jewish banking faction that has controlled most of the finances of Western civilization since the 1770s (although Jewish control of Great Britain, through predatory lending goes back at least another century before that).

That Jewish bankers have engineered ALL the wars since that time is, in today's Judaized society, generally classified as an anti-Semitic slur. We non-Jews are subject now to almost automatic imprisonment for merely talking about Jews.

But the fact remains it is a fact, provable, well-documented and available to those who seek, and are not completely comatose from the multilevel Freud/Marx/Einstein indoctrination which has created a permanent cultural slavery for non-Jews. Jewish bankers based in Europe and New York have engineered ALL the wars since that time — the American Civil War, both World Wars, and all the wars since.

Can you count them all? They all have the same genesis. And purpose. To make money the fastest way possible. This policy is consuming the Earth. Israel is clear evidence of this, of what the world will look like if we continue on this course.

This madness of profit, sanctified by the bought-off religions, is about to kill us all. And for all the world, the best way to identify this cancer that threatens all life on this planet is to scrutinize Jewish intentions.

The Talmud desperately needs to be subjected to the very strictures it has imposed on others through these new hate laws. It's like the deal with Israel. Only rights for Jews, all the others are slaves. This is what the entire Jewish community of every country on Earth seeks to impose ... EVERYWHERE.

It's very important that you understand this. Because all else depends on it.

As the late and lamented Stojgniev O'Donnell averred: Everything depends on answering the Jewish question. Otherwise, nothing will be solved.

But things are looking dark that it will ever happen.

In Germany, a lawyer is on trial for defending her client against Jewish mind control lies. The court says she committed a crime by even talking about the alleged crimes her client, Ernst Zündel, supposedly committed.

The lawyer Sylvia Stolz, asks: “Is it even possible to indict a defense attorney for taking his or her professional obligation seriously and doing everything possible to meet those obligations? If the answer to the question is ‘yes’ then the answer is further proof of Talmudic supremacy in Germany. However, it is obvious to all that such tyranny can no longer be called ‘justice.’”

In Canada, a publisher (with a Jewish wife, even) is assailed by Jewish attack dogs. He has said something to offend Jews and is therefore criminally liable. Also in Canada, another writer named Makow who pretends to be a critic of the Jews never draws any criticism from Jews. Why is that?

In the United States, votes disappear on the electronic scoreboard for presidential candidates not pleasing to Jews. Jewish TV networks ban certain candidates who are not pleasing to them, and then — unthinkably — the candidate upon whose candidacy the last fleeting hopes of freedom ride doesn’t even complain about it.

In the Persian Gulf, the U.S. government tells tales about tiny Iranian boats threatening American aircraft carriers who are there doing the work of the Jews. The captain of this fascist flotilla says the incident was no big deal, but the U.S. president – while visiting his real-life masters in Israel — says the event was very close to being an act of war.

It is a 360-degree encirclement of human activity by one small but insane group which happens to control all of the world’s money.

One final example ...

Recently I had the misfortune of attending a Catholic mass in Sarasota, Florida (Church of the Incarnation on Bee Ridge Road, one of those “hip” Catholic churches). Don’t ask me why I went. It’s too long and sad a story.

As we sat in a pew a few rows behind a finely dressed transvestite and a gay piano player, the red-nosed priest in the pulpit told the biblical story of Joshua, and how we should all rejoice at the splendor of his ceaseless killing of the Amalek.

I immediately noticed that he was not calling the characters of the Bible story “Israelites,” as they should be called. Instead, he was calling them “Israelis.”

I leaned over and asked my companion if she knew who the Amalek, the victims of Joshua’s incessant mass murder, actually were. She shook her head.

I informed her that the Amalek were today’s Palestinians, and that the priest was glorifying their murder by Joshua and the “Israelis.” Amalek is a term for all non-Jews, I told her. “We are the Amalek,” I added.

Right about then, I got up and walked out in disgust. My companion followed a few moments later. She collared an off-duty priest on the way out, and asked him why his church was preaching such horrid, pro-war garbage. He replied that the diocese decreed what the priests got to say, and they would be fired if they deviated from this order.

My final thought, as I strode past this devout congregation, was that all these Catholics, heads bowed in religious respect to a doctrine that had been totally twisted by Jewish influence, were all praying for their own murder.

Do you understand? Since Amalek is a Jewish term for all non-Jews, and the priest was glorifying the mass murder of the Amalek by the biblical Joshua, all these pious Catholics were actually praying for their own murder.

Do you really understand?

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