A redaction


The last sermon of Martin Luther

Condensed from his final book: �The Jews and Their Lies�

The famous religious reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) nailed his famous Theses on the front door of the Church at Wittenburg as a reaction to what he would later learn was Jewish corruption inside the highest offices of the Catholic Church in Rome. His ideas inspired the Protestant Reformation and changed the course of Western Civilization.
Almost immediately the Catholic Church began efforts to clean up its own corrupt act, but it was too late: the horse was out of the barn, and along with many others, most Jews flocked to the newly formed Protestant religion.
Luther eventually learned how he had been deceived by the Jews and recanted some of his recommendations. Unfortunately, the Catholic church never did fully learn what its inner corruption by Jews had done to itself, and to this day (especially since the 1964 Vatican II fiasco) remains sabotaged and subverted by corrupt Jewish influence (perhaps best evidenced by the sorry fact that the last two popes both are of Jewish ancestry, which explains why they both have said that Catholics and Jews are brothers, when in fact they are mortal enemies).
What follows is a truncated redaction of Martin Luther�s final book: The Jews and Their Lies. It is written by a writer who is neither Catholic nor Jew, but merely a seeker of truth in a world besieged and nearly destroyed by the dishonesty of those who seek to hurt, deceive and destroy others, especially true believers of any type. This redaction consists of selected but unchanged passages from this work, and as such, is more an edited condensation and reshuffling than an actual redaction.


Martin Luther:
The Jews and Their Lies, 1539
A redaction: 2008

Even with no further evidence than the Old Testament, I would maintain � and no person on Earth could alter my opinion � that the Jews, as they are today, are veritably a mixture of all the depraved and malevolent knaves of the whole world over, who have then been dispersed in all countries, to afflict the different nations with their usury, to spy upon others, and to betray, to poison wells, to deceive and kidnap children � in short, to practice all kinds of dishonesty and injury. (Extract from the pamphlet �Von Schem Hamphoras und vom Geschlecht Christi.� 1543)

Those Jews professing to be surgeons or doctors deprive the Christians who make use of their medications, of health and prosperity, for such Jewish doctors believe they find special favor with their God if they torment and furtively kill Christians. And we, fools that we are, even turn for succor to our enemies and their evil ways in the times when our lives are in danger, which is indeed sorely trying God�s patience.

... Besides, you also have many Jews living in the country, who do much harm ... You should know that the Jews blaspheme and violate the name of our Saviour day for day ... for that reason you, my lords and men of authority, should not tolerate but expel them.
They are our public enemies and incessantly blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ, they call our Blessed Virgin Mary a harlot and her Holy Son a bastard and to us they give the epithet of changelings and abortions. If they could kill us all, they would gladly do so; in face, many of them murder Christians, especially those professing to be surgeons and doctors.
Therefore deal with them harshly. As a good patriot, I wanted to give you this warning for the very last time to deter you from participating in alien sins. You must know I only desire the best for all of you, rulers and subjects.
Martin Luther died a few days after delivering this address, at Eisleben, Germany in February 1546. Although he was known to be ill from various afflictions, some say he was poisoned.

In �The Jews and Their Lies,� he wrote:
Our people should be on their guard against these hardened, condemned people, who accuse God of lying and proudly despise the whole world.
They are boastful, proud fools who to this day can do no more then to praise themselves and condemn the whole world.
They are real liars who have perverted and falsified the entire Bible and continue to do so to this day.
They are wicked and hardened people who refuse to be converted from their evil to good deeds.
They would like to deal with us as they dealt with Persia (Iran) in the time of Esther. Oh how they love their book of Esther, which so nicely agrees with their bloodthirsty, revengeful and murderous desire and hope!
The pray that their Messiah would slay and murder the whole world with their sword.
They falsely preach that their God has commanded them to practice usury (rip people off). They lie about God.
Therefore be on your guard against the Jews and know that where they have their schools there is nothing but the Devil's nest in which self-praise, vanity, lies, blasphemy, disgracing God and man, are practiced in the bitterest and most poisonous way as the Devils do themselves.
The king of Babylon, the king of Assyria and the Romans all led them away and destroyed them. Yet they remain stiff-necked, blinded, hardened and immoveable.
The Devil has possessed these people. They always boast of outward things, their gifts, their accomplishments and deeds, which is to offer up the empty shells without the kernels. As Moses said, "God does not regard them as his people."
Even now they cannot give up their insane raving boast that they are the chosen people of God, after they have been dispersed and rejected for 1500 years.

... The more you try to help them the hard and more wicked they become.
They await a messiah, but to them it means gold and silver.
No people under the Sun are more greedy than the Jews and their cursed usury.
Since childhood they have devoured poisonous hatred against the Goyim (Gentiles) from their parents and Rabbis, and still devour such without ceasing, that according to Psalm 109 it gone over into their flesh and blood, bone and marrow.
Therefore know, my dear Christian, that next to the Devil you have no more bitter, more poisonous, more vehement an enemy than a real Jew who earnestly desires to be a Jew.

(Editor�s note: Look at what our children have become today, through modern �style.�)

Should they at times do something good, however, know full well that it is not done out of love for you, nor for your good.
A person who does not know the Devil might wonder why they are so at enmity with the Christians above all others, for which they have no reason, since we only do good to them. They live among us in our homes, under our protection, use land and highways, market and streets. Princes and governments sit by and snore, and let the Jews take from their purse and chest, stealing and robbing whatever they will.
They permit themselves and their subjects to be abused and sucked dry and reduced to beggars with their own money, through the usury of the Jews.
As their distinguishing mark, they strengthen their faith and bitter hatred against us by saying among themselves: "Keep on, see how God is with us and does not forsake his people in exile. We do not work, we enjoy good, lazy days; the cursed Goyim must work for us, we get their money; thereby we are their masters, and they our servants.�
All this we accept from them while we are protecting them; yet they curse us.
Do not their Talmud and rabbis write that it is no sin if a Jew kills a heathen, but it is a sin if he kills a brother in Israel! It is no sin if he does not keep his oath to a heathen. Therefore, to steal and rob (as they do with their usury) from a heathen, is a divine service. For they hold that they cannot be too hard on us nor sin against us, because they are the noble blood and circumcised saints; we however, cursed Goyim. And they are masters of the world and we are their servants, yea, their cattle.
The heathen philosophers and poets write much more honorably, not only about God's government and future life, but also about temporal virtues. They write than man is by nature obligated to serve others, also to keep his word to enemies, and be true and helpful to them especially in need, as taught by Cicero and his like.
Should someone think I am saying too much � I am not saying too much, but much too little! I see how Jews curse us goyim and wish us all evil in their schools and prayers. They rob us of our money through usury, and wherever they are able, they play us all manner of mean tricks...
... into the temple they had placed money changers, merchants and all manner of avaricious trade, that our Lord Christ said they had made of God�s house a den of thieves. Now figure it out for yourself what a fine honor that was, how the house was full of glory that God had to call his own house a den of thieves!
Since we do not understand Hebrew, they secretly practice their hatred against us, that we think they are friendly to us while they curse us . . .
They are a heavy burden to us in our country, like a plague, pestilence, and nothing but misfortune.
... they hold us Christians in captivity in our own country: they let us work in the sweat of our noses, while they appropriate money and goods, sitting behind the stove, are lazy, gluttlers and guzzlers, live well and easy on goods for which we have worked, keep us and our goods in captivity through their usury.
We do not call our wives whores as they call Maria, the Mother of Jesus; we do not call them bastards, as they call our Lord Christ. We do not curse them, but wish them all manner of bodily and spiritual good ... We don�t steal and mutilate their children; do not poison their water; do not thirst after their blood. With what do we deserve such terrible wrath and envy and hatred of such holy children of God?
It is not otherwise than we have quoted from Moses, that God has struck them with insane blindness and a raving heart ....
Now what are we going to do with these rejected, condemned Jewish people?
We should not suffer it after they are among us and we know about such lying, blaspheming and cursing among them, lest we become partakers of their lies, cursing, and blaspheming. We cannot extinguish the unquenchable fire of God�s wrath, nor convert the Jews. We must practice great mercy with prayer and godliness that we might rescue a few from the flame and violent heat.
We are not permitted to take revenge. Revenge is around their neck a thousand times greater than we could wish them. I will give you my true counsel: First, that we avoid their synagogues and schools and warn people against them.
Moses writes in Deuteronomy that any city which practiced idolatry should be entirely destroyed with fire and leave nothing. If he were living today he would be the first to put fire to the Jew schools and houses.
Secondly, that you also refused to let them own houses among us. For they practice the same thing in their houses as they do in their schools.
Thirdly, that you take away from them all of their prayer books and Talmuds wherein such lying, cursing, and blaspheming is taught.
Fourthly, that you prohibit their Rabbis to teach. For they have forfeited the right to such an office, because they keep the poor Jews captive with the massage of Moses 7:11, 12, who there commands them to obey their teachers under threat of losing body and soul. Moses clearly adds, �What they teach you according to the law of the Lord.� This the profligates pass over, and use the obedience of the poor people for their own willfulness against the law of the Lord, and pour out for them such poison and blasphemy.
Fifthly, that protection for Jews on highways be revoked. For they have no right to be in the land, because they are not lords, nor officials. They should stay at home. (Because they ...) practice usury on princes and lords, land and people. High officials close an eye to it.
I would like to assemble a cavalry against them, because you will learn from this book what the Jews are ... their activities should not be protected, unless you want to be a partner to their abominations.
Sixthly, that their usury be prohibited, which was prohibited by Moses. Everything the Jews have they have stolen from us and robbed through their usury, since they have no other income.

There are two kinds of Jews. The first are those whom Moses led out of Egypt into the land of Canaan, as God had commanded him; to them he gave His Law, which they were to keep in that land, not beyond; and that only until Messiah should .... The other are the Kaiser�s (Caesar�s) Jews, not Moses� Jews. They had their origin at the time of the governor Pilate in the land of Juda. For when he asked them before his tribunal, �What shall I do with Jesus who is called the Christ?� They cried, �Crucify him! Crucify him!� He said: �Shall I crucify your king?� They cried out: �We have no king but Caesar.� Such obedience to Caesar, God had not commanded them, they did this on their own accord.�
Of such are the present remaining dregs of the Jews, of whom Moses knows nothing; they also know nothing of him, for they do not keep one passage in Moses.
Finally: That young strong Jews be given flail, ax, spade, spindle, and let them earn their bread in the sweat of their noses as imposed upon Adam�s children, Genesis 3:19 � �In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.� For it will not do that they should let us cursed goyim work in the sweat of our brow, while they, the holy people, devour our bread in laziness behind the stove and then boast they are masters over the Christians ...
... let us apply the ordinary wisdom of other nations like France, Spain, Bohemia et al; who made them give an account of what they had taken from them by usury and divided it evenly, but expelled them from their country. For, as heard before, God�s wrath is so great over them that through soft mercy they only become more wicked, through hard treatment, only a little better. Therefore, away with them.

I hear it said that the Jews give large sums of money and thereby are helpful to the government. Yes, from what do they give it? Not of their own, but from the property of the rulers and subjects, whom they deprive of their possessions through usury! And thus the rulers take from the subjects what the Jews have taken, that is: subjects must give money and suffer themselves to be fleeced for the Jews so they can remain in the land freely to lie, slander, curse, and steal. Should not the despairing Jews have a good laugh over the way we suffer ourselves to be fooled ...

... do not let them have protection or safe conduct, nor fellowship. Neither permit your money and goods, and the money and goods of your subjects, to serve the Jews through their usury.
... to pastors and preachers: warn your parishioners against their eternal ruin, that they be on their guard against the Jews and avoid them.

The Jews desire no more from their messiah than that he would slay the Christians, divide the world among the Jews and make them rich lords.

In my opinion it will have to come to this: if we are to stay clean of the Jew�s blaspheming and not become partakers of it, we must separate, and they must leave our country. Thus they could no more cry and lie to God that we are holding them captive; and we could no more complain that they plague us with their blaspheming and usury. This is the nearest and best advice that makes it safe for both parties.
I hope in this booklet a Christian who does not desire to become Jewish will find sufficient arguments to guard against the blind, poisonous Jews, and will also become an enemy of the wickedness, lies, and cursing of the Jews, and come to the knowledge that their belief is not only false, but that they are also possessed of all the Devils.

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