Mindlock - PART 12

The blindness of belief

Trapped in our own misconceptions, we destroy ourselves and everything else

One god, the new king said, three millennia ago.

Akhenaten's rule lasted but a short time in post-dynastic Egypt, but the meme he created — monotheism — was a crime scheme that lingered and poisoned human history for the rest of its days.

The tale of Joseph in Genesis chapter 47 explains how the ancient Hebrews captured Egypt by stealth through the creation of the power of money. Even though the Egyptians finally chased out the brigands, our Jewish and Christian ancestors, their country never recovered from the robbery and mass murder perpetrated by the tribe of Moses.

According to the latest research, Akhenaten and Moses are approximately coterminous in time, somewhere between 1600-900 BC. According to Freud, Moses received the ten commandments from Jahve, the volcano god. The stupendous volcano at Thera, which changed the history of the Eastern Mediterranean as well as the course of our world, occurred sometime between 1600-900 BC.

"Then the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, 'Take handfuls of soot from a furnace and have Moses toss it into the air in the presence of Pharaoh. It will become fine dust over the whole land of Egypt, and festering boils will break out on men and animals throughout the land.' So they took soot from a furnace and stood before Pharaoh. Moses tossed it into the air, and festering boils broke out on men and animals." — Exodus 9:8-10

This is what the tribe of Moses has done down through history.


Belief is a blindness that prevents us from seeing the bigger picture. From seeing what's actually happening to us versus what we believe is happening to us.

And what we do is what we believe. All this that happens in the world is because of what we believe.

Believers convince themselves they see the biggest picture of all, but by definition it must be a delusion since we know that humans possess profound perceptual limitations. Within these limitations — which are both willing and unwilling — the engine of deception that powers civilization is concealed.

But the shadow in your heart knows.

The god is in your wallet.

And the passcode is "Israel."

Is = Isis, the power of fertility; Ra = the magical lifegiving power of the Sun, el = those little devils called angels, or elohim, redacted remnants of pantheism perverted and incorporated into the monotheistic poison.

When you believe in one God, you have the perfect excuse to obliterate anyone the priests (who are sounding more and more like rabbis these days) tell you God doesn’t like.

What did it all lead to?

E.C. Knuth writes, in “The Empire of the City,”

"The fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the great crashes of history and the great wars of history, the very periods when others lost their money, is beyond question."

R. D. Willing writes, in "The 12th and Final Religion: God Molock, Money, Israel and Cult 273,"

Israel is not a place; it's a state of mind; a delusional rapture using the formula I=PRT. It is responsible for civilization as we know it. A gift from the Gods. But which one?

I=PRT? Interest equals principal, rate and time.

As many of us accept the notion that by symbolically eating the body of a savior (a strange vestige of pre-civilization cannibalism by humans) we will live forever, so even more of us accept the rightness of charging interest for loans without realizing that the implications of society based on debt means no freedom is possible as long as the debt exists.

We are owned by our debts, and they rule our lives. This is the shadow that destroys us, with the wholehearted approval of the god that rules us. These are the ties that strangle us, that prevent us from living our lives meaningfully.

This is the true meaning of Israel. Control of the world by debt. This self-destructive, self-hating fear of death regurgitation is poisoning the planet. We are drowning in our own fear.

The god we really worship is money. It is a fatal mistake.

Willing further writes:

A study of the origin of major religions of the world suggests that the primary driving force was in the need to regularize the collection of debts.

Permit me to speculate. Somehow the same suspension of belief necessary to accepting that your belief in God will somehow enable you to live forever is the very same suspension of belief necessary to ignoring the mind-boggling fact — so simple that it hides in plain sight — that money is created out of nothing, and our entire civilization inflates toward its own obliteration by not understanding how money is created, and then used to enslave us.

• • •

The sudden epiphany of Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus was either ...

1. A sudden flash of insight about Jesus. Where previously Saul was the enemy of these upstart believers in a messiah, he suddenly did a 180, and became St. Paul (one of the principal founders of the Church of Rome) .... or

2. A calculated realization that getting people to believe in a Jewish messiah actually benefited the tribe of Judah, gave them a free pass by blinding believers in the new religion, and teaching them to forgive the very folks who were robbing them.

The Polish philosopher Marek Glogoczowski writes:

... the ever travelling apostle Paul was the prototype of Bukovski’s type contemporary missionary/psychopath, announcing the “gospel” of the oncoming Global Super State (the “Heaven”) for Chosen. This marvelous project, a truly terrorist Global Empire, we find already in the 2500-year-old prophecy of Isaiah (60, 10-12; 61, 5-6), as well as in the New Testament, in the Revelation of “Jesus”, according to which “there shall be one flock and one shepherd” (John 10, 16).

It means that already very early naive Christians were dreaming — as Americans do today — of “gathering in one sheep pen” of all, faceless and castrated nations of the earth, so “there will be no longer Greek nor a Jew”, as dreamt by St. Paul.

This suggests we can trace the idea of a “global police state” back to these two antique writers in the New Testament, who never heard the living word (?????) of this Israeli prophet, whose sinister history they reported — or profited from, in the case of St. Paul. (It means, by the way, that the New Testament is a much more important source of globalist ideas than the hardly known Trotski’s writings.)


The current rabid leader in Christian evangelism, now that Jerry Falwell has gone to hell, is the Rev. John Hagee, who preaches that the state of Israel is to be worshipped, even above Jesus. Millions of nonJews accept these teachings, even though they have been imported from Israel.

Head of Christians United for Israel, Hagee advocates for nuclear war, another American preemptive strike, against Iran. He gets wide play on the Jewish owned airwaves, which are for all practical purposes, all the media worldwide.

You may not utter a single word on TV that is not approved by Jewish financiers who control the station, the interviewer, and the question. The same situation is spreading rapidly on the Internet.

In the event some unanticipated truth slips through — like the reports of multiple bombs in Oklahoma City when that building exploded outward and the feds tried to blame the deal on a truck parked outside — subsequent news reports are completely changed, and inconvenient witnesses are found dead in a field, then reported as a suicide by slitting his wrists and strangling himself at the same time. After all this drama, the government-designated perpetrator has already been supposedly executed, and the case is closed. And in the process, courageous patriotism is delegitimized, forever tainted by the image of a white supremacist who blew up children. This was very Jewish television. It further destroyed the notion that Americans could be decent human beings. Gangsta rap. The fashionable debauchery of the American people by Jewish media.

So when the Twin Towers fell, no one questioned the official story. It would have been unpatriotic. This is what we were conditioned to believe, and it is what we did.

You may not learn a single fact in school, on television, or in the newspapers that has not been screened by Jewish censors.

The greatest contemporary example by far of truth twisting has been the brouhaha surrounding what Jews insist upon calling The Holocaust of World War Two.

Temples to this misery have been erected all over the world, and laws have been enacted in many countries prohibiting discussion of this falsehood inculcated on society by the Jewish intelligentsia that controls the world's money and hence its media. The story you've been told has twisted your mind. Have you noticed? How else could America support Israel, that beast of states?

Only through the blindness of our bogus beliefs is how.

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