Mindlock - PART 17

Systematic erasure

Human knowledge base manipulated to conceal the puppetmasters' profits

You see the slide everywhere. I'm talking about the difference between reality and what appears in the newspapers.

You know. The slide! The formula imposed on information dissemination from the CIA robots stationed at CNN studios in Atlanta, in the boardrooms of Hollywood, and the banks of London, all directed by men who frequent resorts so expensive none of us will ever see them. "The Iraq war is a good thing: Support your country blindly!" ... versus: Can you really see the blood spilled in your name as the cost of doing business?

The slide. The technique by which the masses are mobilized to accept depravity. Or, why so many Americans are feeling as if they're floating in the streets of New Orleans, left for dead by the country they thought loved them.

The slide is mostly accomplished by "disappearing" important news, either by ignoring it, as in the case of all those people arrested and jailed for challenging historical lies from 60 years ago (that were actually invented about 40 years ago, shortly after the Israeli hit on JFK).

Or by staging concocted and deceptive events — like those constant false flag terror alerts — to capture the manipulated news headlines that are blared so loudly that really important stories — like the Downing Street Memos, which proved the lies that led to a needless and phony war — are lost in a deafening sea of white noise.

Or — as in the recent case with Professors Walt and Mearsheimer, who produced such an obviously accurate document about Israeli influence on the United States — by conducting a multilevel defamation of people who are only trying to tell the truth and state the obvious. So that their observations are lost, drowned out by the distracting and deceptive hype, and they are branded as anti-Semites.

Sort of like the Holocaust Paradigm being used on a repetitive basis. It gets trotted out whenever the spotlight of criminality is focused on the tribe of manipulators who rule the world and control the masses, used to deceive those who are afraid to think for themselves.

Or, as President Bush says, "We have to repeat the propaganda so it sinks in," and it has!

Empty platitudes with no meaning now rule intellectual life in America. A fascism of thought which does not permit perusal of the central issues that most affect us is now prohibited on the mass media level for public consumption, another example of the psychological effectiveness of the Holocaust Paradigm.

I've always stuck with the Sam Ervin rule. He's a senator who pilloried Richard Nixon during the Watergate fiasco in the early 1970s. He said: "If you can't attack a person's argument on its merits and have to resort to attacking his character as a way of winning the argument, then you know that person is simply not telling the truth."

That ethic has long been absent from American mass media, killed by the calculated newspeak of those who own virtually all the world's news producers, and rigidly control the minds of their reporters.

And the long-term effect of this corporatized financial trend has been the systematic erasure — or at least manipulation — of certain parts of history for the purpose of concealing the identities of those who are doing the controlling of the human herd.

Foremost among these are the money masters. The world runs on money, and most of the people in the world simply have no idea of what money actually is — never mind who actually controls it. Or why all this bloodshed is so inextricably welded to the color of green.

So what gets erased is whatever impedes their profit production, and right now — judging from the think tank conclusions — what is impeding profit production and comfortable control of the masses — is simply the sheer size of the herd.

That’s why we have all these population reduction programs in place, from poisoned food to bad medicine. A crying mother with a child bleeding to death in the dirt streets of Palestine has no place in the computations of those who write the Halliburton contracts. And most Americans are lackeys to the contract writers, who have — consciously or unconsciously — to let those people bleed.

The wall in Israel is emblematic of the elimination of individual freedom for the human population.

Systematic erasure of certain facts that have a colossal impact on all our lives guarantees that this wall and other walls will be constructed to control human freedom of choice. The end of individual liberty for people everywhere is at hand.

The two most important legislative acts in American history are the 1886 Santa Clara decision humanizing corporations, and the 1913 Federal Reserve scam, which permanently stole the hard-earned money of every American — in perpetuity. Ever since, humanity has lost control of its own efforts to the middlemen who regulate their minds and steal their money. And in an incessant and neverending hail of gunfire, the human species continues to regularly lose its mind.

The systematic erasure of the knowledge that the destruction of those two symbolic buildings in New York was engineered in a way inconsistent with the U.S. government’s story is currently away with a bevy of alternative theories. Only one fact is germane: The towers collapsed at free fall speed.

Yet those who’ve spent their lives engrossed in government cartoons appear not to have the thinking skills necessary to make the connection.

Yet four years later, the only people who believe George Bush’s story of what happened on 9/11/2001 are those who are brain damaged and those who are paid well to believe it.

This is the kind of American that Jewish control of the media, money, psychology, medicine, education and consumer training has produced. A killer techie with no conscience. Woe to the rest of the world.

We real humans, who only want a fair shake for everyone, thrash around for a way to fight back, to restore some sense of sanity at least vaguely resembling the values we grew up with.

Yet we refuse to accept the facts of history, and instead believe what we see on TV, even though, somewhere in our psyches, we know what we’re hearing are lies.

Then we watch our TV preachers advocate the assassinations of certain foreign leaders. Right about then we look up and ask God who these people really are. Are they us? Are we them?

Did you ever ask yourself why Martin Luther, the reformer who overthrew Catholic dominance in northern Europe, late in his life regretted what he’d done?

When we push the button on that computerized machine that gives us our money, do we ever ask ourselves what bomb is dropping on someone very far away? Not very often, I’d say.

And that’s precisely the problem. How did we get this way?

The operating rule now for all of us is — find out or die.

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