Mindlock - PART 22

The evening news

How it would sound in a world that sought peace instead of war

Good evening.

Indictments for treason, conspiracy to commit mass murder, and obstruction of justice were handed down Friday against the entire U.S. Congress by the newly reconstituted U.S. Supreme Court, which was named earlier in the week by the provisional national government under the authority of the governors of the 50 states, several of whom were recently replaced by grassroots rebellions.

This unprecedented and peaceful takeover of the U.S. government earlier this week was necessitated when it was revealed to all that the former Bush 2 administration was guilty not only of complicity but the actual planning of the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001. The son of a former president who became president himself made the startling admission during a drunken and drug-addled tirade at a press conference during which his walkie talkie communication with handler Karl Rove was jammed by Act Up activists, and the frustrated president admitted that his vice president wouldn't tell him what the real plan was.

Now, all of America and the world knows the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down by precise controlled demolitions, the hijackers were fictional characters made Arab to inflame hatred of Muslims, and the U.S. government and all of the mainstream media have done nothing but lie about that day ever since. They have impeded investigations, destroyed evidence, and killed people who threatened to talk. In a story still unraveling, Bush also admitted that the dreaded fictional menace Al-Qaeda was actually a creation of a consortium of Western intelligence services designed to create a permanent enemy against which profitable wars would always be necessary.

The false flag deception of 9/11 resulted in the needless deaths of more than a million people in Afghanistan and Iraq alone, and brought into question the entire nature of U.S. history, because this ostensibly democratic country had now morphed into a criminal state that enthusiastically condoned torture, and boasted of it. Thus, principled patriots in the military, in concert with the governors and the patriotic factions of the CIA and FBI, arranged for the immediate arrests of President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, their staffs and the entire Joint Chiefs of Staff on charges of capital mass murder and treason. Also arrested were the Clintons and the Democratic leadership for their complicity in the Bushes' pathological policies of full spectrum destruction.

The Congress shared the guilt of this colossal perfidy by abdicating its authority to wage war to a drunken patrician and former homosexual cheerleader who due to America's completely corrupt political system became its president. One need only contemplate that one fact to assess the rapid decay of American culture.

The new Supreme Court also ordered state legislatures throughout the United States to reconvene and vet themselves of traitors complicit in the Bush/Clinton national suicide agenda, which was revealed by key bankers high-up in the international Rothschild money machine that rules the world.

Governments around the world crumbled Thursday as financial markets collapsed and millions went into the streets screaming. In a futile attempt to prevent bloodshed, the Army was ordered to stand down by the new provisional government, but crime became rampart in urban areas as the fabric of society shattered. Still, encouraging signs of neighborhood cooperation and compassion were numerous but went mostly unreported by the pro-war, pro-conflict mainstream media.

The provisional government immediately appointed a blue-ribbon panel with a three-day deadline to establish a new monetary system after it shut down the nation's banks and began the nationwide arrest of thousands of top banking and corporate executives.

The initial plan

And in the nation's heartland, local governments worked to set up food banks while state legislatures pondered ways to keep the electricity flowing while the international financial system teetered on the brink of collapse.

Do I have the right to say what I want, based on empirical evidence? Of course I do. No law can prevent me saying what I believe is the truth. Any law that tries to is clear evidence of a societal sickness that needs to be eradicated before it eradicates us.

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