The Mindlock - PART 2

The weight of demons

9/11 hoax, phony Iraq war, poison media propaganda wind up justifying torture

We need to take the blame — now.

How many more lies do we need to hear that cost thousands of lives and take away our Constitutional rights? How much more poison do we need to have shoved down our throats by official government agencies? How many more friends do we need to see killed by government functionaries doing business as rabid dogs?

How few of us have looked into that deep dark place in ourselves and seen the connection that travels from the sweetest part of our own souls — you know, that stuff we give our families — to the little girl lying dead in the street in Baghdad. And a thousand other dusty towns turned bloody by the shadow that lurks in the hollow of our own wallets.

And don't forget the big new wall that circles the heart of Jerusalem with its shadow of fear, and spreads its crippled cancer into the minds of every human on this planet through toxic electronic fantasies better known as mass media. Already firmly constructed in your own mind from a lifetime of American public schools, that same wall is being constructed in your own town — in New Orleans, for instance, in a thousand places on this planet, at this moment. The war for human freedom is definitely on.

Just turn on the TV and see. Then turn it off quickly and hit the Web, where you can choose your path with care, function, and discernment. Try to ignore the recent news that half the American population can't read a simple sentence.

Those who can read may wish to take note of the top ten pieces of news reported on the Internet over the past four years:

• 9/11 was an inside job hoax, perpetrated by the very men you see on TV sending young boys off to war. Psychopathic brain entrainment that kindles mass hatred of strangers is used in all wars. Killing people and stealing their assets remains the most venerable human tradition. However, deliberately killing one's own people, as happened on 9/11, is a different matter. It too has a tradition — Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty, Waco, OKC are only the well-known wounds the United States has inflicted on itself for the purpose of mass death profits.

For one thing, a willingness to kill one’s own people means that no one anywhere is safe. That is the situation in America today

The trail is clear for those with courage. The World Trade Center towers were not knocked down by airplanes, they were demolished professionally. Hundreds of websites can prove this. Hundreds of witnesses heard the pre-collapse explosions in the towers. Top theories converge around the time the towers took to fall as the chief piece of evidence proving official complicity.

They simply fell too fast. The buildings couldn’t have fallen in the way they did simply by being struck by airplanes. The stories told by government officials about what happened simply are not true.

But there are plenty of other pieces of evidence to choose from, beginning with impossible cell phone calls and ending in the constant and continuing litany of lies that spews forth from both the White House and its corporate spin machine.

Were the real facts of that sad day to become common knowledge, thousands of top leaders in the U.S., Britain and Israel and its financial overlords in Britain and Israel would face capital charges of treason, mass murder, and obstruction of justice.

But we know the system doesn’t work that way and never has.

Those who have the money make the rules. And woe to the rest of us.

Yet the inside job nature of the 9/11 caper is an established fact, hammered home by the following items.

Cell phone calls from 35,000 feet couldn't have been used on the fateful day because the technology had not been installed on planes at that time. Those great media heroes, in actuality, were contrived characters designed to deceive the public and mobilize opinion for an all-out war against the Islamic world.

There is no evidence that there were hijackers. Those CIA “cutouts” constructed for public consumption were ludicrous. Nine are still alive; nobody's sure of any of the names. The videos of them were fake, just like the videos of Osama bin Laden.

The string of lies, the phony investigation, and the destruction of the evidence were all blatant violations of U.S. Constitutional law, yet the combination of a corrupt judiciary and complicit media combined to anesthetize the American conscience, which has in its coma now accepted the disturbing normalcy of the practice of torturing other human beings for fun and profit.

Yet the time the towers took to fall — virtually free fall speed — and the countless videos of tiny white shape charge plumes that seem to pull the giant black monsters the Twin Towers became right down with them, remains the top piece of evidence. That WTC7 fell later in the day without having been struck by a plane is clear evidence of an obvious demolition.

Not a single Congressperson has ever contemplated breaking this coverup, all of them being paid by the very same people who perpetrated the crime, and now plunder the world.

Thus was 9/11 the trigger that has brought us to the nadir of the modern world, in which a tyrannical superpower bribes the whole world into its fantasy fetish and treats even its own people like cattle, a prescribed policy so chillingly described in certain of the world’s so-called holy books. Extinction for dozens of reasons is staring us in the face, and the wars for lies stretch out in front of us as the poison cola froths in our veins.

9/11 was the public moral justification for the United States and its killer allies to declare war on the whole world, and squeeze the life out anyone who doesn't play along. The basic Old Testament formula.

The carnage to human body and soul it has produced in its twisted implementation is truly a tragedy of profound proportion, a spreading stain on human consciousness that threatens to engulf us all in supporting senseless slaughter.

And as a result of the success of this colossal government psyop, Americans have lost their free speech, their right to a fair trial, and their right to object to being enslaved by this New World Order murder machine. Speaking of which ....

• The Iraq war is a totally phony deal. It's mass murder for maximum profits. Americans who abdicate their responsibility to speak honestly do not deserve the freedom they thought they had. All Americans are complicit in this folly that has already killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

The Downing Street memos proved for all to see that the war against Iraq by the U.S., Britain and Israel was a hoax more than cruel and beyond logic. President Bush, his lackey Powell admitted, fixed the facts around the policy. That’s called lying.

A half million deaths later, no single American politician possesses the courage to call him out, probably because most politicians voted for the war based on the paranoid and manipulative lies that have been told to all Americans.

• In a matter of days, some cyberwonks say, the U.S. is going to bomb Iran over this trumped-up charge of WANTING to build nuclear weapons. The magnitude to which the flames from this bogus provocation will spread will be interesting to observe. In a large part of the world, this means your house is at risk, and your life as well.

• The U.S. government, or maybe it’s the world government now, has begun a campaign to reduce the population of the planet.

Some of the ways this is being accomplished include:

• Mad cow or chronic wasting disease is a time bomb waiting to kill most of the earth’s human population in 20 years.

• Biotech food, which will not reproduce, makes mass starvation inevitable in certain areas of the world.

• Chemtrails drop blood-borne products container designer diseases on unsuspecting populations.

• Most medicines prescribed by doctors contain toxic compounds. This practice is now protected by law. Redress for victims is now prohibited.

• Depleted uranium ammunition, which is deliberately destroying the American army from within, guarantees lifelong battles with cancer and other more serious diseases to both the winner and the loser of wars fought with it.

• Slick school curricula and clever media manipulation have produced a population essentially incapable of asking questions to challenge the lies it has been told.

• The air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink are now deliberately hypercharged with disease-producing compounds.

And as the media-created politicians with proper bloodlines and unlimited cash deploy new ways to further torture all those deemed ineligible for membership in our new predator society, ordinary people can only sit and cry at the mutilated corpses of their loved ones, and the mangled hopes of their dearest dreams.

The weight of demons that makes us so afraid to challenge the lies we have been told guarantees that all these deceptions will continue until the last feeble whimper about the injustice of it all disappears for the last time.

Because we have done the same thing ourselves as we watched faraway people slaughtered for corporate profit, we will get no sympathy from anyone who hears us cry for our world, because we were the ones who created the problem in the first place.

Adieu, America. You have become a monster.

Show this story to a cop you know. His reaction to it will tell you if he’s your friend or somebody who may be the one who one day will come and kill you.

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