Is it us or them?

Who is that stranger on the path? Our own shadow, or someone else?

It is thus logical that all people who march in the Artificial Light, emanating from books attributed to this antique Hebrew monstrosity, must be driven by evil ethics ... evil stemming from (the) biblical childish (mis)understanding of the world must be present also today in so called “patriotic acts” of actually ruling in USA gang of ‘neo-conservatives’. These “pious” men, trying to imitate Bible achievements of Mosaic Levies, are overtly aiming at the subjugation, leveling and uniformisation of the whole planet. — Polish professor Marek Glogoczowski

Spirit flails impotently, wailing at the carnage and deceit. Cash registers ring, blood flows.

“Who is the third that walks beside you?” T.S. Eliot famously asked. "Who are They?" I recently inquired

I myself believed they were merely Scythians, the nomadic invading horsemen — Genghis Khan, the Mongol horde, and that bunch — from the infinite wilds of central Asia, who scourged the fringes of Western civilization for thousands of years and eventually populated Europe. The Yiddish wave that followed, Ashkenazi remnant of the Khazar empire in southern Russia, adopted the ancient Hebrew legends as their own, created the bank that won the world in 1776, and now wields a thousand nuclear devices in the desert from where they stole their dogma.

But other people have other, more imaginative ideas.

My favorite archeocryptographer, Michael Lawrence Morton, wrote me:


John ...

Yes .. of course you've put your finger on the Jewish thing. Yes. You have.

But you still are not thinking clearly about what I've told you. I've told you that Yahweh/Jehovah is/was Enlil the Nibiruan, a military dictator and egomaniac — REAL, HISTORICAL. And that the Nibiruans are real. The so-called "gods and goddesses" are NOT "mythological", John ... but were/are real, flesh and blood PEOPLE ... from another planet. They had a colony here on Earth. Etc. .. etc.

Sitchin HIMSELF, however, is Jewish .. and therefore can't admit that "Yahweh/Jehovah" is NOT identifiable as "The God of All Creation". This is Sitchin's great flaw in his work. Otherwise .. his work is truly great and is a monumental breakthrough. Yahweh/Enlil is/was a Nibiruan military dictator here on Earth for a LONG, LONG time .. and his last "stand" on Earth was as the commander of The Israelites. They were CAPTIVE to him.

They were brutally mind-controlled by him. He totally brainwashed them, using all manner of torture, murder, shock 'n awe, etc. He terrified the crap out of them. The Israelis have been ACTING-OUT on everyone ever since he left Earth around 500 B.C. in the aftermath of the Babylonian Captivity.

A traumatically abused person (or people) is going to have a very strong tendency to DO UNTO OTHERS what was done to him/her/THEM. This is Psychology 101. This is what The Jews have been doing ever since Yahweh/Enlil left Earth.

I've been telling you the real origins of Zionism. You need to listen to me, John. It was Enlil/Yahweh/Jehovah, himself. I beg you to listen to this truth.

Having read nearly all of Sitchin's output, I have some definite opinions on the matter. Slipshod scholarship and apparently deliberate mistranslations by Sitchin nevertheless do not nullify his unified vision of the spectrum of ancient belief systems. Sitchin wrote the ancient history of Earth as a 1950s sci-fi script, yet other academic studystreams tend to verify — or at least also hint at — the existence of a second human-like species on this planet. The British lecturer David Icke constantly hammers on this theme with his shapeshifters. And the Jewish holy books, and pronouncements of supposedly immortal rabbis, are quite clear on Jews being a different species from goyim humans, according to their DNA.

Whom are we to believe as we struggle to find an explanation for our species’ psychologically unsound behavior as a culture?

Mud Shadows

In Carlos Castaneda’s final book, The Active Side of Infinity (1998), don Juan challenges Carlos to reconcile man’s intelligence ... with “the stupidity of his systems of beliefs ... the stupidity of his contradictory behaviour.” Don Juan tells him of “the topic of topics,” “the most serious topic in sorcery.” This topic is predation. To the horrified astonishment of his apprentice, the elder sorcerer explains how the human mind has been infiltrated by an alien intelligence:

"We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so ...

Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary and egomaniacal.

The cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker might refer to this whole topic as a transferred projection of our own internalized shadow of death, which affects everything we do. But whether the shadow is merely internal or inflicted upon us by an outside force, we may not deny that it created the psychological philosophies by which we live, and as such, those repositories of holy dogma definitely are accurate depictions of the fearful creation that is the human mind.

Thus, the Polish ontologist Marek Glogoczowski can point out that Old Testament legends have flipped good and evil on their heads, and speak of an Artificial God that venerates its own imaginary visions as good and real, and the natural order of things as evil and illusionary.

This renowned author postulates that the actual geopolitical domination of YHWH “servants” results from “a trivial cognitive swindle, consisting of the substitution of the Natural Law by an Artificial one, inserted into the Bible.”

Glogoczowski writes:

Once such (an) Aristotelian general category comprising the term YHWH is established, by logical deduction it is possible to predict the whole set of behaviors that characterize people remaining under YHWH dependence ....

The goal of activities of these zealous YHWH “servants” turns out to be very simple, for it consists of an aggressive proliferation of “G-d chosen” gender, specialized in a collection of all earth’s riches ....

Prior to the invention of the scripture, the statement ... “I am who I am” – (was no) mystery: if we happen to meet someone declaring to us “I am who I am” we have a feeling that such person is trying to conceal his personality ....

The only natural possibility of existence of such a bizarre ‘person’ inside the Bible is THAT IT IS AN ARTIFICIAL BEING, which existed only in the mind of Moses, who was hallucinating at the desert that he heard a voice from behind the burning bush. (A phenomenon commonly experienced by persons remaining in a solitude for a long time, especially in a snow or a sand desert.)

According to Glogoczowski, the consequences of worshipping the Artificial God are profound.

1. So-called Bible believers (Orthodox Jews and the majority of Protestant Christians) consider this artificial, virtual God as ‘good’. They consider thus as good something which is artificial. The opposition of ‘artificial’ is ‘natural’, thus everything which is Natural should be ‘evil’ for them: the natural light — in particular the one of Sun, symbolized by the Indo-European sign of swastika — is evil, while the artificial light is of course good, in particular the light of the Hebrew sacral candleholder Menorah.

2. YHWH worshippers ... have since childhood been trained in contempt for all Natural Laws, which are despised by their inanimate “Master” (LORD) already in his First Commandment. These Nature Haters naturally adore Artificial Laws ... collected in their Sacral Writings. For a man is always born as a natural living entity, the priesthood of the Artificial by an artificial rite of circumcision make male infants bear, for the rest of their lives, the hidden sign of their belonging to the Artificially Chosen People. Naturally these “chosenites” shall dwell in an artificial separation from other natural ("animal”) human subspecies. And of course the artificial, hypocrite behavior of these "chosen” is supposed to dominate over the natural, straightforward behavior of courageous and mentally healthy — and thus "goddamned” — human “animals”.

3. Natural landscape is of course evil, while the artificial one is ... pleasing to their invisible Lord. YHWH worshippers are thus enthusiastic city dwellers; they consider with contempt so called "underdeveloped” people, who live in harmony with nature.

In agreement with the First Commandment of their Decalogue, all Natural Gods shall incline in front of their artificial LORD, while all animals — including “human animals” — of the earth shall or become enslaved, by their domestication, or eradicated on earth. All these remnants of "animist” (and “animalist”) past shall vanish, replaced by the Worldwide Kingdom of the Artificial, continuously illuminated with artificial lights and decorated with artificial trees and artificial flowers. This New World is supposed to be populated with artificial men-robots, making artificial love and conforming to the artificial Law, imposing everywhere their artificial culture and their artificial science. As exclaimed it 2.5 thousand years ago the most prominent prophet of Artificial, named Isaiah, "THERE WILL BE NEW (ARTIFICIAL) SKY AND NEW (ARTIFICIAL) EARTH”.

Mammon as the Artificial “Lord”

“All well educated historians, specialized in Antiquity, know that attempts to organize the world in a completely artificial way were present already two or even three thousand years ago,” Glogoczowski writes.

At that time the “god of artificial strength” was called Mammon, the god of wealth, worshipped in particular in Phoenicia (Carthagina) and in Israel. The miraculous “virtue” of money, which “can buy everything, including human virtues”, was described the best by the Renaissance playwright William Shakespeare in a “hymen at the glory of gold” contained in his play “Timon of Athens”. Three centuries after Shakespeare, the despised by all Jahvists Karl Marx dared to argue that “money and commerce is the true god of Israel,” and “Money has become the god of the world, in front of which all other human gods are supposed to incline.”

Glogoczowski insists countries and social groups that spend the most money are living in the most artificial manner, pleasing in this way their invisible “Lord”. Thia is especially true in the USA, where “proportional abundance of post-consumerist garbage (is) systematically transforming our Earth into a covered with rubbish wasteland.”

The Polish philosopher further notes:

As a cumulative result of continuous life in artificially “improved” conditions, which characterize in particular the Anglo-Saxon civilization, the number of people which grow obese, flabby, shortsighted, devoid of pigmentation and with diminished mental capacities is significantly higher than in countries not yet fully “developed”. It is in these “most civilized” countries we shall expect outbursts of consecutive, super-industrial, commercial and cultural pathologies. These new pathologies, like the famous American oxymoron of “war on terror”, risk ... total devastation of our planet

Does worshipping God cause cancer?

Glogoczowski describes the organic process in which living beings of lower complexity and intelligences start to parasite on more complex tissues as being both a description of Western civilization and an accurate explanation of cancer.

The problem is that an individual, grown without dense interactions with his “tribal” neighbours, is virtually unable to reach higher stages of his ethical ... development, for these features (serve) as models of behaviour (for) youngsters. Once the development of a person remains artificially inhibited at the stage of so called “childish egocentrism” (like it was in the case of biblical Jacob), such person naturally starts to behave like an “alien” hostile to the collective life of his surrounding “tribe”.

The same also holds true, Glogoczowski notes, in the case of micro sections of animal tissues, which were artificially separated for a longer time from other cells active in organism’s movements.

After several weeks of “non training” by surrounding cells, these “chosen” (by their separation) groups of cells develop the tendency to form “egoistic” tumors, once they are incorporated back into parental organs.

Again, there is a parallel between the development of civilization and how cancer spreads. And in sociology ....

Amongst Anglo-Saxon populations, considered as most developed, there is practiced a sharp separation between “rich” and “poor”, with upper classes living virtually isolated from “underdog” masses, this beginning with private schooling system for children and ending with exclusive clubs, hospitals and cemeteries for adults and seniors. As we wrote above, such an artificial separation cause that super rich start to consider the poor as “aliens” in their countries, which “artificial aliens” becoming for them the object of an exploitation only. The same happens at the microscopic scale, when lowly differentiated neo-plastic cells, which isolate themselves from more mature neighbors ... start to consider the body hosting them as “the pasture”, permitting them the realization of their egoistic “teleonomic” goal of continuous non differentiated growth of their “super” race.

But it all comes down to ...

... (The) “screen” separating the ethically non matured Chosen People from Nature is The Holy Scripture, which instructs its readers “Be fruitful and fill the earth. The fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth” (etc., see Gen. 9, 2).

If only the writer of this passage — Was it Yahweh himself? — had been possessed of the sight to admire living nature’s beauty, and remember that humans are members of the same animal world that Old Testament believers are supposed to terrorize. Glogoczowski concludes:

At the microscopic scale the “ethics” stemming from such “blessing of global terrorists” is realized the best by an ordinary tumor, which indeed is devoid of receptors permitting him to recognize higher modes of behavior of its mature neighbors.

The outlined above identity of goals (finality, teleology) of inspired by its “Lord” Judeo-Christian Civilization, with the “vegetal” goal of evolving towards malignancy tumor, permits us to imagine, what kind of future our Civilization “under G-d of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob” is preparing both for its members and for the surrounding “New Jerusalem” world.

An Artificial God who hates natural things? Extraterrestrial visitors who created and control us? Inklings of predatory fantasies programmed deep in our subconscious?

Will we ever honestly address the psychological poison both in our holy books and in ourselves and clearly see how they connect to the blood we spill?

As the church bells keep tolling, the blood keeps flowing, the clearest explanation of why it all keeps happening can be revealed at any time deep within the catacombs of our own hearts.

Marek Glogoczowski, Ph.D., is a lecturer in philosophy at the Pomeranian Academy of Pedagogy in Poland, as well as a world-class mountain climber and prominent commentator on world events and belief systems at

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