Mindlock - PART 9

9/11: 5 years later

Only the deluded or the paid-off still believe amateur Arab pilots did it

The mindlock continues. The official coverup of the events of September 11, 2001 remains essentially intact five years after the mind-numbing orgy of destruction in New York and Washington.

This momentous first “foreign” attack on American soil was staged by key players running the U.S. government on a higher level than the president, who has by now has been exposed as a sociopathic sock puppet. The guilt of the highest leaders in the U.S. has been demonstrated for all to see by their concealment of evidence, obstruction of investigations, and obvious lies explaining that day and the subsequent carnage that has been wreaked because of them.

The brief amount of time that the towers took to fall proves the building cores were demolished. In five years and after billions of dollars spent “fighting terror,” the U.S. government has arrested no one for the crimes, and in fact has spent considerable effort covering up the evidence of treason and mass murder that has been unearthed by a worldwide army of outraged 9/11 researchers.

My friend the Lone Eagle, an aircraft supply expert, notes that among all the air disasters in history, 9/11 was only the time that a crashed aircraft could not be identified by the serial numbers on its small replaceable parts, which are seldom destroyed in any crash. And it happened four times that day.

Yet the government told us three steel framed skyscrapers collapsed due to fire. That also had never happened before.

Ellen Mariani is the widow of a man who supposedly lost his life on Flight 175. She looked for relatives of other victims of that flight and after five years of searching, she has found no one. These are three of thousands of jarring clues that the American people are in a significant coma about this event.

Both official government and mainstream media communications continue to reassure the public that the resulting "war on terror" continues, despite the facts that wars declared in its name have not only been unjust, but unsuccessful, and the entire American army is being poisoned in the bargain.

Not a single "Arab terrorist" not heavily coached (if not outright invented) by the powers that be has ever been arrested and charged for any of these colossal crimes.

The pre-9/11 investors who profited from their foreknowledge have all been identified as Israeli Jews.

9/11 was a hoax. You know it, and so do I. If you are an elected official and continue to deny 9/11 was a scam to make war a permanent revenue generator, then you should be preparing to go to jail.

Then again, consider the penalty for treason and mass murder.

How has 9/11 etched itself into our collective history?

Trillions of dollars spent on security measures and foreign invasions, enriching only the richest corporations and impoverishing the rest of us.

Hundreds of thousands of lives sacrificed to the maintenance of a scam.

No foreign terrorists ever arrested for the greatest crime ever committed in America.

The legacy of 9/11 includes arrest and detention without trial for thousands of innocent people. The creation of the concept of "rendition," which transfers suspects to other countries who have no laws prohibiting torture, is probably the major achievement by the Bush administration in its hellbent dash to destroy the American republic, and subjugate it to the whims of the international bankers.

It has become an America no one recognizes anymore.

The principle feature of the 9/11 coverup was the willful destruction of evidence by our highest leaders, one of many capital crimes committed by hundreds of national figures who broke the law to cover up their crimes.

Treason, mass murder, and obstruction of justice. That is the new official American mantra, for politicians to run from, and for citizens to keep repeating. I’ve been repeating it for three years. http://www.worldnewsstand.net/03/John_Kaminski/17.htm

Now, five years after the Twin Towers were destroyed, a groundswell of interest spreads across the minds of Americans, who for so long have been terrified of even considering the prospect that their own government would stage a charade of this magnitude merely to increase their profit margins.

Rumsfeld's Cipro stock, Cheney's Halliburton profits, the Bush family's joint bank account with the Queen of England .... but all these are chump change compared to the real profits that are harvested from the poisoned corpses scattered all across the Middle East, innocent corpses planted by the world's genuine Axis of Evil, which is monster Israel, through its Jewish domination of the world's money and media markets, controlling its vampire puppets Britain and the United States.

Unfortunately, the tapestry of history shows all too clearly this specific sequence of events is common in the history of humanity. Leaders who insist they are above the law and exercise their right to wrongly take the lives of others are allowed to get away with it because of the power they wield over the corrupt justice systems of whatever country they happen to control.

In our own century we’ve seen it happen to Russia. When it became the Jewish experiment known as the Bolshevik Revolution, 60 million people were murdered in its Communist gulags.

We saw it happen to Germany, which is now chiefly remembered for its persecution of .... who else? .... Jews. The fact Germany created an economic system free of the Jewish central banks is seldom mentioned today.

And now we see the United States, where no one can get elected to public office without the support of the Jews. Name me one person in public office opposed to Jewish interests!

As a result, we get mass murder in Gaza, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, all horrors to support Jewish interests in Israel, yet supported by most Americans who do not trouble themselves to know who is perpetrating the mass murder of innocent people in their names.

America has become a Jewish state. We should pay particular heed to what happened to ordinary people in Russia when it became the Soviet Union, which was also a Jewish state, because it’s about to happen here in the U.S.

9/11 was the event that threw the American democracy into a pathologically totalitarian state, and jeopardized the future of humanity as never before.

Here is what we have learned in the five years since 9/11.

• There were no Arab hijackers. The American government has made no legitimate arrests in the case, has no identifications and no proof. Five years is enough time to declare to all of mankind that the U.S. government’s story about 9/11 is false, and we all need to realize that our freedom depends on our declaring it.

• Subsequent wars started by the U.S. were criminal acts against law and conscience. 9/11 was the initial pretext for this intensified persecution of the Islamic world. Subsequent terror incidents were all false flag operations based on the Israeli model and likely carried out by them as well. America has become a criminal state in the same way that Germany and Russia were turned into criminal states by unchecked Jewish influence.

• The three World Trade Center towers were brought down by controlled demolition. A Jewish New Yorker reaped a $7 billion payoff by leasing the towers six months before 9/11. He was a close friend of now-comatose mass murderer Israeli President Ariel Sharon.

• Hundreds if not thousands of the highest officials of the United States, Britain and Israel need to be indicted for — say it with me! — treason, mass murder, and obstruction of justice.

• Yet thanks to wholly corrupt and unreliable corporate media, the coverup remains intact as questions the government and media ignore continue to fester in the minds of an increasingly perplexed public.

• Focus on public ignorance partly explains how the crooks got away with it. People are easily convinced. The people who did this crime also control the school system. What do you expect people to think? They’ve been made blind.

Intense public relations campaigns of vilification and fear-mongering were necessary prior to both World Wars to persuade the American people to support invading other countries. Now, xenophobic hatred of everyone bubbles through the Jewish TV screens with frightening regularity.

• People begin to see the hollow rhetoric of TV news and Congressional committees. It has little relation to actual reality.

Anybody ever see undoctored evidence linking hijackers to the scene.

That answer would be no.

Millions of people understand that 9/11 was a false flag operation in the classic Israeli tradition. But now that Israel and Jewish bankers control the U.S., Americans have adopted the practice, and it is being put into effect all over the world.

But 9/11 was the key event that allowed these new police state measures and phony wars to be undertaken. All we have left now is corporate corpse plucking. And the sadness that we let the greatest hope for human dignity and freedom slip through our fingers, all because some Jewish men figured out a way to get permanently rich by creating a state of permanent war, which is the real legacy of 9/11, and the history of the U.S. in the 20th century.

As I have said numerous times in the past, 9/11 opens a window to the dark side of American history, the one we have never wanted to look at.

Even now, people refuse to look at the core of the problem, which is a philosophy that values one certain group of people over all others. Until that it is understood, the 9/11 puzzle will remain a mystery.

The American people still don’t get it. Throughout the U.S., most people still pretend the war on terror is not a lie


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