The falling silhouette

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”. — J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director 1924-1972, quoted in The Elks Magazine (August 1956).

Close your eyes. You can see it, no question about it. It is seared into your consciousness for as long as your life lasts.

At first glance, it looks like a stick figure, twitching, arms akimbo, against an ethereal blue sky.

A second of hollow silence. Then realization. 9/11/2001. The day America died.

What we have now is the mouldering corpse of a dead republic, stumbling around the world dispensing poisons upon those it intends to erase as not relevant to the profit scheme.

Everything you knew up to this point is now in question. That sickening sight of a human form plummeting, flailing mechanically at the thin air like a man who could no longer breathe, is a perfect metaphor for the history of the American republic — citizen sacrificed for the lucrative dreams of rich men. In a crime so stunning no one could believe that their so-called freedom was that cheap, hollow and artificial.

The vaunted American dream lies splattered on a New York City street, and the pavement of history. And, as so many people know, the story we have been told about it is utterly false ....

Yet the world continues to turn on the basis of this colossal falsehood. And the predetermined media objective spins its consensual reality even further away from what is really going on. Only darkness lies ahead. Yet while we live, and can think ....

The gap, I like to call it. The mindlock. It will, one day soon, be listed as the primary cause of death of the human species in that great autopsy report in the sky.

... the story we have been told is utterly false.

Many things happened that were obvious tipoffs. The prevention of forensic examination of the crime scene and the wholesale destruction of evidence was the big one. What kind of police force destroys evidence of the crime they're investigating? Only the ones who committed the crime.

The bogus Popular Mechanics and National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) reports addressed none of the chief concerns of 9/11 skeptics, only smeared them with the same broad brush they had used to create the fictitious Arab hijackers.

There were no hijackers. Does everybody understand that? How could a list of 19 perpetrators be announced on the very day this mysterious crime occurred, and then have seven of them turn up alive around the world? And the FBI has never once, since that fateful day, ever attempted to modify the list or explain the discrepancies? Have you ever seen clearer evidence of a coverup? I think not. These Israeli Arab Mossad cutouts were paraded around the country, even at U.S. military bases, not to mention strip clubs, in order to paint a picture in your mind, which now, thanks to TV, is indelibly etched there. They are false images, as bogus as Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

All of the laws passed since that fateful day need to be repealed immediately. Because they were enacted by arguably the worst criminals the world has ever known, the Bush gang (which includes the Democratic leadership) and its Jewish handlers.

Don't be afraid to say it. It is the key part of the mindlock, all locked up with Holocaust propaganda and political correctness laws that actually stifle freedom of speech, not to mention moral decency. There is a financial octopus with an overwhelmingly Jewish tint that goes back through time. If you research it, you'll find the same scam being worked over and over again, in which the key detail is that one source finances both sides in every war. This is what we need to understand if we are ever going to overcome this insanity that threatens our future in a omnidirectional way that previous humans on this planet could not even comprehend, much less combat. And yet the burden is on us, if we'd like to keep on living in a free and healthy state.

This reluctance to call a spade a spade is what has torpedoed the 9/11 skeptics movement. It's easy to blame the Jewish-controlled mass media for putting a market whiteout on anything that alleges wrongdoing by Israel and its agents, because mainstream mass media in the United States are in fact and deed agents of Israel. I don't think anyone can even argue about that.

But the reluctance to connect the dots — Silverstein (Sharon), the Israeli art students shadowing the fictitious hijackers, Zakheim, Feith, Perle, Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Giuliani, Netanyahu, the men in the white van who cheered the collapse — and the failure to recall Prof. Kevin MacDonald's assertion that "neoconservatism is a Jewish movement" have all resulted in a great silence on the Jewish matter, those Hebrew fingerprints that are all over 9/11, which is of great comfort to Jewish mainstream media.

Thus we are constrained, as the Gospel of John warns us from so long ago, "for fear of the Jews."

The cause of death of American freedom can be laid squarely at the feet of this multi-trillion-dollar Jewish control of Congress, Jewish ownership of all media and most of the professions, and that work of the devil himself, the Talmud, which has turned the innocent human race into a self-absorbed species of mass murderers.

The falling silhouette is us, as each day we plummet deeper and deeper into the darkness and ignominious obscurity we surely deserve.

2008 9/11 update

The coverup remains in place and people continue to die needlessly.

The coverup remains in place, and people continue to die needlessly. Somehow, most of us have become anesthetized to the pain of the lies upon which we are forced to build our lives.

It has to be the biggest lie in American history, as the sabotage of the Lusitania and the stageshow known as Pearl Harbor drift into the manipulated mists of history. More likely you remember the story of babies pulled from incubators in Kuwait as a justification for bombing Iraq for 20 years, a plot hatched by a New York PR firm.

On September 11, 2001, the first two World Trade Center towers fell to the ground in ten seconds. The buildings had been anchored by 47 [dimensions} steel core columns, which by the time they were seen by the public being trucked away from the rubble, they were all neatly cut at certain lengths to fit neatly on the flatbed trailers that disappeared the evidence of the greatest crime — the most blatant act of treason — in American history.

The numerous explosions prior to the collapse turned the subbasements of the towers to jelly. Thermite burned for weeks at temperatures much hotter than any trickle of jet fuel could produce. The building was wired in a standdown the weekend before the event.

All the other evidence merely distracts from this clear proof of the crime. Ragheads in caves in Afghanistan couldn’t possibly have done this.

It was the granddaddy of all false flag operations, perfected by Israeli intelligence over the years, a classic provocation formula in which one group scripts an arranged conflict between groups two and three and then sits back and profits from both sides, no matter who wins.

Worst of all, the system that generated and ultimately condoned this treason continues to flex its murderous muscles upon the world, using a whole array of mind control techniques underwritten by fake money to stifle the hopes and dreams of everyone on the planet. It is still in power and getting more brazen.

Why else would America, in the year 2008, be constructing concentration camps for dissidents and not mentioning a word about it in public?

As I have written on numerous occasions, 9/11 offered the American people a unique window by which to see their own sordid history in a new and more authentic light.

By now numerous sites on the Internet can provide you with chapter and verse on how the world is not run by countries, it’s run by banks who control countries, and therefore the true criminals always remain behind the scenes manipulating puppet personalities into increasingly depraved acts.

The die is cast. You can see it dripping from the sky in a subtle chemtrail mist and feel it in your bronchial passages. You can taste the plastic in your mouth at the fast food window. You can feel when you live in a country that has suddenly decided to practice torture. Where did we get this idea? Is it something you approve of?

The highest achievement of the Jewish false flag terror formula that has plagued the world with assassinations and bombings since time immemorial was the demolition of the Twin Towers on 9/11, since in a single act it destroyed the American republic.

The staged apocalypse in New York City united the nation in fear, but was soon revealed to be a put-up job. It’s primary aim was to justify hatred of Arabs and support the invasion of the Muslim world, which is now well under way. In case you haven’t noticed, World War III has started, just like Albert Pike said it would.

• • •

The first three 9/11 skeptic researchers I latched onto for guidance — Mike Ruppert, Jared Israel and Gerard Holmgren — all turned out to be questionable characters, AFAIK.

Ruppert produced the early tangents to suspicious stock trades and later fleshed out Vice President Cheney’s coordination of the smokescreen air exercises on that fateful day, but sabotaged two early and major 9/11 conferences with his deceptive dalliance about Peak Oil, which has now been exposed as just another price-gouging strategy of an oil company shill.

Jared Israel’s early timeline appeared to expose a pattern of diffidence in America’s air response to the so-called hijacked planes, but he now lives in Israel and the prevailing viewpoint is that drones or missiles hit the Towers for show, and no airliners were involved in the other two events in Washington and Pennsylvania.

Gerard Holmgren wrote the best early story depicting the government’s story as the de facto conspiracy theory, and also dug out interesting discoveries on planes that never flew and supposed 9/11 victims who died long ago, but he joined up with the no-plane gang and helped create what many feel was deliberate confusion in trying to publicize the obvious fact of the criminal inside job that took place that day.

All three were defiant in their defense of any charges this was an Israeli conspiracy, and, of course, that turned out to be the same Achilles heel that has infected the entire 9/11 skeptics movement, Jewish manipulation from within the ranks.

Let me state for the record here and now that the no-planes-on-9/11 school of thought is for me utterly compelling, and especially buttressed by Col. George Nelson’s observation that no traceable replaceable airplane parts were found at any of the four crash sites, the first time in history that has ever happened.

But it remains a “style” issue, not essential to proving that the greatest crime in American history was obviously an inside job, and that the American people are prevented from comprehending that by an apparatus consisting of a media mindlock — using the proscriptive Holocaust formula — that prohibits stating the obvious truth.

Until this truth is spoken officially, the world will continue to degenerate into a tragedy of unspeakable proportions that will not abate until these truths are acknowledged.

Otherwise, the history of human freedom has clearly come to an end, and Earth’s future is darker than we can now imagine.

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