Failure to ID the perps

As usual, news is not put into context, and the real criminals profit from the crime

17th June 2010

I wrote this note tonight to a precocious young man who has helped put together a website which catches the latest oil catastrophe news fairly well, with the latest horrific predictions about the effects on people�s lives from foul air poisoned by oily water that I myself have been forwarding around the Internet. As far as I know, the big enchilada of this operation is a Jew named Ray Palmer, which is why you will never see the magic word on this website.

The site:

The note:

You think this is a great and timely presentation, and to some degree it is � the whole world is focussed on this catastrophe now � but you fail to name the principal cause of all the world's miseries because this would jeopardize your advertising, and your propagandized readership would turn away in disgust. Who are the people who are stealing our money, who is manipulating puppet governments from behind the scenes, why is our Congress 100 percent behind those savages who shoot teenage peace demonstrators with four slugs in the back of the head? If we had had the balls to answer that question honestly, it's safe to say that none of this stuff � the World Wars, 9/11, the oil volcano that poisoned the world � would have happened. Most people now have the balls to ID the real perps, but you don't, Shahin.

And now I�ll just add a bit to the note.

We have missed the boat and the boat is sinking. It never occurred to us in our lifetimes that taking control of our own destiny meant exactly that. Trusting that someone else � your leaders, your philosophers, or your holy men � would do it for you has turned out to be the biggest mistake any of us has ever made.

I hear all these quotes lately, Ben Franklin I think is one, that if you trade liberty for security, you wind up with neither. And that�s where where we�re at. We trusted our leaders, we believed our newspapers, our movies, and our popular songs, and now consider two things: where they have led us, and whatever happened to the people we trusted our lives to, not to mention our sacred honor.

Whatever happened to those people? Who were they? If you dig deep in the files, you discover that Eisenhower was an illegitimate Habsburg Jew, dressed in a totally phony biography to appear, astonishingly, as one of our better presidents. Does any of this resonate to Obama�s querelous resum�, his �list� of achievements, his philosophy in gay bathhouses? And what about Bush Junior, a certified drug addict sociopath who had to have a radio taped to his back during debates so he could know what to say and got porked in the White House by a male model member of the press corps? And then Clinton, reputedly a Rockefeller bastard, waving his cigar while the Mossad tapped his phone, and bombs fell on Serbia because we wanted to establish the European heroin hub in Kosovo, where it is now. Do you have any questions about the war in Afghanistan? Ask Vladimir Putin about the heroin on Moscow streets? He will give you a more honest answer than Barack Obama explaining how heroin has become the drug of choice in Philadelphia middle schools, according to informed sources.

The things we have believed are all turning rancid right before our eyes.

But failure to name the Jew � sure, you can blame it on the media mindlock if you like � has turned out to be, over what may be an agonizing three to 30 years � the very thing that destroyed human civilization. Why has this happened? Basically, because we were too lazy and narcissistic to stop it? Americans always said, who cares what happens to people overseas, as long as we�re OK. This was a betrayal of our collective belief systems, which had carried us across the many centuries, imperfectly maybe, but successfully.

The blame for the corruption that has crept into every corner of human life can be laid squarely at the feet of every Jew on the planet. The Kol Nidre oath, which empowers them to lie in the name of profit at every opportunity, has taught everyone in the world to betray his own parents, his own brothers and sisters, his own children. No wonder the divorce rate is so high. Who the hell would want to live with a person like that?

The rumor on the web is that BP could make more money from the insurance payout on a Gulf disaster that it could on the oil it might discover. Even now, they prioritize picking up the loose oil so they can sell it well above those feckless Floridians who are going to go screeching into a benzene night in the very near future.

The federal government has just admitted that has destroyed the relevant paperwork revealing who it was bought the �put� options just before 9/11, making extra money off that tragedy. But I think everybody knows by now it was Goldman Sachs, which has furnished innumerable Treasury secretaries to the Jewish controlled President of the United States, and also made lots of money by betting on a Gulf disaster. What does that tell you about who really did 9/11, or do you need the list of judges and Homeland Security officials who were so meticulous in releasing all those Israeli operatives who did the deed, right after they cranked out their anti-Muslim press releases.

The list of horrors perpetrated in the name of progress have all been done by the same people, in every generation. Now their gains have been consolidated in a way unparalleled in history. They have control of the food supply, and what they haven�t destroyed, they have poisoned. Starvation is one of their favorite methods. Ask a Ukrainian.

How few people realize that every product advertised in television is a kind of poison, every packaged item of food you can buy in a supermarket turns out to be bad for the health of your body, and every single kind of medicine prescribed by a doctor is a poison to mask the symptoms instead of actually cure the disease.

But now we�ve gotten the big dose, and apparently, if the alleged gas bubble doesn�t knock down trees as far north as Tennessee, all those beloved rednecks are going to come down with cases of pustule popping cancer and die with their mouths open, not ever knowing what it was had really happened to them. I wonder if someone besides the U.S. Army has taken out insurance policies on all these folks, and is awaiting the payoff. If so, he probably lives in Israel, and knows Bernie Madoff.

ID the perps? They are all Jews. And oh spare me the �it�s not all Jews� routine because you know a Jew who has been nice to you. Maybe he has been nice, or maybe he has cultivated you as a manipulatable goy, to be used as a possible instrument for future perfidy. As Count Cherep-Spirodovich once said, are we going to let the world go up in flames because we don�t want to offend a small number of Jews who appear to sympathize with us?

When you take the Kol Nidre oath, you promise to lie for profit. Some people say it was that fake tsunami that the Jewish-controlled Western powers unleashed on Indonesia that started all this tectonic activity that is going to tear us up real soon. But I say the road to the end of the world began the day that rabbi invented his license to lie, and cheat, and rob, and kill, because that�s the path Jews have followed ever since.

It is an indisputable fact that Jewish bankers, organized by the Rothschilds, have by manipulating interest bearing debt funded BOTH SIDES IN EVERY WAR IN THE WORLD SINCE THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION!

Our failure to ID the perps in a forthright and timely manner is about to cost us, every one of us, our lives.

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