Tales of the Tribe - PART 21

The unchosen road

The link between trauma and enlightenment

"The hearts of little children are pure, and therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss." — Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa) OGLALA LAKOTA

Bless what you call your misfortune. It created the strength of your beautiful soul. — Socrates (via Voltaire, via Kaminski)

Don’t let them choose it for you. You see what happens when they do. Look at the world. Choose it for yourself.

Two hundred times in cyberspace I have told you the same story. I imagined myself aiming at a tree of evil and ever since have just kept firing at the trunk of the beast, aiming straight for its repulsive black heart. Each time the target gets clearer.

One memetic shot that got through was “9/11 was an inside job,” thanks to a patriotic phalanx of noble souls whose questions eventually became obvious to most people in the world. How could those towers have come down at faster than freefall speed? The noise in the minds of an increasingly nervous American citizenry is getting louder. The great neocon empire is teetering, trying to put its totalitarian constraints in place before the whole bunch of them — Congress, the international bankers, even some royalty — are taken out and shot on the spot for their crimes against humanity.

All Americans, now little more than sockpuppets driven by Jewish mobsters, face this probable future, as well. America is living a lie, and one day, enough people will see it to destroy it.

Funny how people come up to me now and say, “John, you were right about what you said four years ago. 9/11 was a complete coverup. Our government was involved in bringing those buildings down.”

What were they talking about?

9/11 was a hoax
Fake terror alerts
Arrest the president now!
In the mouth of madness
Uncle Sam wants you ... dead!

Only now, they add: “You were right about what you were writing about then. But you’re wrong about what you’re writing about now ... It’s not all Jews who are the problem.”

My insistence that Judaism is NOT a real religion, and therefore anyone who calls himself a Jew by definition endorses some really horrible concepts like it’s OK to lie to a non-Jew, is a true statement. The depraved situation in the world today, with big money parasites churning up those who are merely trying to live in peace, is a direct result of Jewish philosophy, and I challenge anyone to prove to me it isn’t.

The well-known and much-distrusted radio talkshow host John Stadtmiller interrupted an interview I had with a Jew recently posing as a Muslim by blurting out: “We don’t want to get put on the ADL’s hit list!” Thereby revealing that the Republic Broadcasting Network (and the Genesis Communications Network as well) are clearly constrained by this Jewish media mindlock that pollutes all the information it attempts to disseminate.

And why is it that so many people are talking about my personal life, but refusing to answer the questions I ask in the following essays?

Not a single person — especially not a single Jew — has attempted to refute or even disagree with with the solid contentions I articulated in these pieces:

The Jewish war on freedom of speech
Can a Jew tell the truth?
Judaism is madness
The infection
The sucker punch

These answer is because these assertions cannot be refuted; they are an accurate description of what is happening in the world today, a description you will NEVER read in American media because American media are entirely controlled by Jewish owners.

The answer is clearly given in what I have written. A Jew — any Jew! — simply CANNOT tell the truth about what Israel is doing to its neighbors, about negative Jewish influence in the United States, or about what Jews believe about non-Jews.

The entire Jewish community in the United States is complicit in these crimes, as are all Americans who have supported this unjustifiable mass murder of innocents in the name of the wholly fictitious War on Terror.

Upon hearing these statements, the vast majority of people (non-Jews) reflexively trip into the riff: “Well, I know a Jew who has been nice to me, so it can’t be all Jews.”

And therein lies the mistake that Christianity has engendered in its adherents. Christians turn the other cheek while their Jewish overlords turn the world into a dungheap, conveniently not bound by the polite honor of honesty that shackles well-meaning people practicing real religions.

Look around you. Contemplate the lies. Identify their source.

Do you have the courage to transcend your conditioning and be a really free person? Or will you continue to be a slave to ideas that are not really your own? Will you let them choose your fate for you? — that’s the real question.

From the perspective of a spoiled American living in a pleasant suburb and contemplating the event known as 9/11, this colossal betrayal of the American people by U.S. leaders profoundly changed the political climate of the world in five short years from one of general amity lightly oppressed by the European banker powers that be to one of strident regimentation and profligate mass murder, a frightening emphasis on reducing the population — an essential step to the health of the planet — by covert means — which is not appropriate for a truly civil society.

The confusion surrounding these conflicting goals — freedom vs. health — is tearing the world apart, literally. People’s lives are unnecessarily imperiled everywhere, because a small clique imposes its own obsessive reality on the rest of us innocent bystanders. The Sun is now blotted out by chemtrails, and no politician even dares mention them.

In the five years since I've been writing these hotheaded homologues, and occasionally pontificating on late night radio shows from Vancouver to Tehran, I have evolved ...

... from a general rage about what I perceived to be rampant corruption in every organization I ever encountered, to a finely honed and deeply researched view of what has happened to human society. How did we get to this pathetic pass where we are eating ourselves alive, and everything else as well?

As I saw on a recent TV biography of Freud, the science of psychology is based on the notion that everybody is bad, wicked and fickle in their deepest hearts, crawling reptiles who would betray their best friend for an extra taste of soma. However, I, kind of an average guy with little discipline and a third-rate education, disagree completely. This is the Jewish hoax that has been played upon the world. We're basically happy, not evil. I don't know anyone who wouldn't instantly help someone in big trouble, like say, someone who was about to lose her life. It's part of our natures to realize we can't make this journey by ourselves, and frankly — there's something wrong with anybody who says otherwise.

Yet because of insisting exactly that, I have been reviled, besmirched, lied about, banned, ignored, and every now and then correctly criticized for an error in judgment or misstatement of fact.

What so badly upsets people about what I write?

We have been wounded badly. It would behoove those of us who remain alive — who partake in this exquisite gift that somehow through luck or fate has been given to us — to solve this problem of manipulated carnage and chaos by treating others exactly how we would want to be treated ourselves.

And if one tribe had been ripping off its neighbors for 2,500 years, how would it make amends? Could it even admit to the problem? The true test is this.

Can you see the gleam in the eyes of the other? Do you understand how it would feel when your daughter bleeds to death in your arms? Or how a bereaved father might feel if he held you responsible for committing this monstrous act?

Do you see how all this has been chosen for you? Your future, dear friend, can be read clearly in the radioactive dust of the Tigris-Euphrates delta, humanity’s oldest civilization now permanently poisoned DELIBERATELY at the behest of the very tribe that calls itself The Chosen. See the connection?

The Chosen are a poisoned legacy, a tribe of brigands who are trying to eradicate history and rewrite it themselves. Most people have only seen the rewrite. To find the real story, think unchosen.

In the words of Robert Frost, “I took the road not chosen, and that has made all the difference.” Take it now, before it’s too late.

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