Tales of the Tribe - PART 5

The new Iron Curtain

What’s that shadow in your mind, and how long has it been there?

The Iron Curtain was a phrase commonly used in the 1950s to describe the post-World War Two partitioning of Europe. The sinister label was used to convey the lockstep conformity of thought and action demanded by the old Soviet Union of the hapless Eastern European nations it controlled.

Today, the Iron Curtain is electronic, and engulfs the whole world. Its totalitarian terror apparatus is entirely conceptual, and has been implanted in the minds of every person on this planet by what at first seems to be a totally by chance arrangement of a seemingly infinite variety of commercial media. But upon deeper inspection, a chilling pattern emerges, that is perhaps best reflected by the overall loss of intellectual capacity in the United States during the past half century.

Once a vibrant and intelligent society, the USA is now a lockstep fascist state that justifies torture and preemptive war because it inadvertently robotized itself using the combination of political manipulation backed by the raw power of movies, television and newspapers. The unending search for profit at any cost turned the beacon of liberty into the mad master of horror in search of a twisted comfort it can never achieve, and as a consequence, America continues to turn the world into rubble on a daily basis.

But perhaps the robotizing has not been inadvertent. In the bevy of recent media revelations from Harvard about Israel’s control of the U.S. as well as an increased mainstream media presence about the obvious inside job crimes connected to 9/11, the majority of the American people continue to prove they will willingly ignore the horrible crimes being committed by their so-called leaders at the expense of not only the rest of the world — but also themselves.

And for what? Security? All honest and decent humans have always known you can't have real security without faith in some higher hope. Yet the men who control these activities in today's world do not lead us toward real security. They lead us toward false hope and terrible deeds questing for plunder and power. Some may say this is the way it has always been, but the healthier among us — who are all currently running for our lives — know that the way to permanent peace lies through an understanding of the other, and that security has never been established through the use of raw power, but only through mutual understanding and empathy.

The actual use of raw power guarantees only hatred and incessant revolution to follow.

We may not live this life for ourselves. Both Jesus and Milton Friedman have uttered these words. It is obvious to real human beings.

But it is not obvious to mass media, nor to neocon politicians, who play on our fears and reward us with graft. And blood. Lots of blood. It is a profitable substance. Just ask the pharmaceutical industry. And while you're at it, before you slip into that final coma from which you may not emerge, ask yourself what impact the stuff doctors are putting into your veins has had on your life, the disintegration of your formerly happy country, and the condition of the whole world.

A lot like the impact mass media have had, wouldn't you say?

Then other pieces of the puzzle begin to coalesce.

1. The Soviet Union and its horrific gulags (60 million dead) were originally a Jewish enterprise, funded by bankers from New York and executed by Jews from Brooklyn. Somewhere there's a famous quote that "Communism is Judaism."

2. The creation of the so-called Jewish homeland in Israel was a subtext (if not the real reason) of both World Wars One and Two. The USA was taken over by international Jewish financiers in 1913, and has not regained its financial freedom since. The Balfour Declaration during WW1 committed Britain to the establishment of a Jewish Palestine. The state of Israel was formed out of the rubble of WW2, although the actual Jewish Holocaust religion would not be established until the middle-1960s, after the Kennedy assassination was engineered by a Jewish mobster working closely with the Mossad.

3. The ideological guides for the current Bush adminstration, Perle and Wolfowitz, who wrote PNAC, are high-level Israeli agents. So is U.S. Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff. As was Pentagon finance chief Rabbi Dov Zakheim. I trust I do not need to go on to you about principal 9/11 players, from Larry Silverstein to Tommy Franks, who are also Jewish.

4. The foundation of Western capitalism, ostensibly when William Paterson founded the Bank of England in 1694, rests on the abilities and formulas of Jewish bankers from Holland. The actual rise of the worldwide British Empire coincides with when Jews took over the finances and made the City of London the power center of the world. Rothschild banks have handled the coffers of the Catholic church for many years. The flag of Israel, as you may now know, is based on the Rothschild model. A story is circulating that the mother of a recent former pope, the Polish one, was Jewish.

5. Media ownership in the United States and throughout the Western corporatized world are EXCLUSIVELY Jewish. And so with the the biggest media power center of all, Hollywood. The impact of movies on the world throughout the 20th century has defined the social aspects of ALL of human civilization. People you thought were good Americans, like Judy Garland and Billy Graham, were Jewish. And participating in something so huge, some experiment so audacious, that I won’t even attempt to explain to you because you wouldn’t believe it if you heard it.

Anyway, these are just five things. Try to compile a list of shadowy traits to match this for any other group. Then explain to me how a certain people can cohere for 5,000 years without their own state, yet survive and prosper century after century while the countries they live in decay and die.

Explain that to me, please.

You won’t be able to, of course. One of the reasons you can’t is because you were brought up in an educational system that concealed these facts, that presented you with a history of the world that doesn’t talk about these things, that doesn’t give you the real history.

Try to understand what’s going on through psychiatry, and you will discover it is a Jewish science. The National Education Association, to which all public school teachers must belong, is a Jewish organization.

WW1 President Woodrow Wilson’s involvement in the robbery of Germany and creation of a two-tiered educational system in the United States, one for the privileged rich, and the other for us worker bees, for example. And people wonder how today’s torture-happy USA rooters devolved into lesser beings from their formerly happy pioneer spirit? Wilson’s top advisor, Colonel House, was Jewish. WW2 President Roosevelt’s top advisor, Bernard Baruch, was Jewish.

Currently, the Jewish state known as Israel gets $3 billion per year it has never been required to repay (although $15 billion including commercial tangents is more accurate) from U.S. citizens. This is both robbery and slavery. Israel is putting up a wall around its enslaved indiginents and calling them terrorists. The practice seems destined for the United States as well.

As one commentator described it: “Israel is not a country. Israel is the crime syndicate for the people who run the world.”

A life built on blood inevitably means a horribly bloody death awaits those who choose to travel that path.

And this is the current fate all Americans face, provided to us not so free of charge by that same shadowy, no longer hard to identify group that has done the same things to other people in other countries in other times.

See the shadow in the sky sometime soon before you die. Identify it clearly before it’s too late. It is the only hope any of us has.

It’s the new Iron Curtain.

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