Tales of the Tribe - PART 6


Think you have an effective path of action? You better think again, my friend

“When citizens fear their government, you have tyranny; when the government fears its citizens, you have freedom." — Thomas Jefferson

A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it's going to get. — Ian Williams Goddard

So you think you have it all figured out, do you? Sign a petition? Write your Congressperson? Support the 9/11 skeptics movement as a way of being conscious rather than simply rely on what the unreliable TV talking heads tell you?

I am here to tell you there is absolutely no avenue of political expression in the world today that is not both infiltrated and warped out of control to the extent that its original intent has been completely subverted. In other words, no political action you can take escapes the big eye of Big Brother. And it has been that way for a very long time.

Two recent epiphanies finally made me realize that no matter where I turned, I could find no independent thought not already polluted by the planted misconceptions of the powers that be. Worse, no avenue of political expression had not been professionally redirected by COINTELPRO-type infiltrators, whose task in life was to make money by making friends with others and then betraying them.

The first eyebrow-raiser came when I learned that Fidel Castro was longtime friends with Rafi Eitan, the shadowy head of Mossad activities in the United States, and, like all Israeli leaders, a mass murder mastermind of the first order. Click. Remember? Soviet Union style Communism was a product of Jewish bankers in New York. All the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution had Jewish names and changed them to aliases like Trotsky (from Bronstein).

The close tie between Castro and Eitan showed me that Cuba never was an alternative government system to the United States, and so all those feelings of respect for Cuba’s doctor program and generally progressive attitude suddenly melted into the idea that Cuba was set up by the powers that be as a faux threat to the U.S., and hence increase weapons sales by everybody. Ka-ching! And I remember reading about how Fidel occasionally flew up to New York disguised as a rabbi to watch Yankee games with David Rockefeller.

On the exactly opposite side of the political spectrum, an even more chilling portent of the futility of fighting for freedom in this locked down day and age came when a paragon of the U.S. militia movement told me the absolutely most radical right of all the Patriot groups — which had been headed by a Christian Identity legend, the much-venerated Pastor Richard Butler — was in reality wired to the CIA. That flipped in my mind the notion that there was anywhere left to turn, that every conceivable angle of political expression has been staked out by the thought police. In recent years, some of these supposed cadres of Patriots were actually government operatives from the start, in which for deception's sake the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. Such was the case in Oklahoma City, where government agents were clearly the culprits in killing innocent civilians for the lame purpose of discrediting the Patriot movement and destroying the Mena drug smuggling records.

Guided by the finest principles of the Mossad, the feds set up phony Patriots who all advocated violence. Mix in a few dumb federal agents and compromised federal judges who follow orders and McVeigh gets bagged by a cop and confesses to everything. Can you say Lee Harvey Oswald? Better yet, do you remember Terry Yeakey?

Some have known for a long time that the John Birch Society, that supposed reactionary rightwing group of disenchanted frontiersmen, was really a government front to gather the names of potential malcontents. But to learn that Butler, the heart of the real Patriot right, ran a government-designed operation is to realize that there is no avenue of political expression that is not monitored, manipulated and boobytrapped by an existing apparatus in place to prevent us from actually understanding the powers that control us.

No matter where I turn, I see questions about the people and organizations that only verify my sense that there is nowhere to turn toward freedom. The militia movements are riddled with spies with all sorts of acronyms attributed to various intelligence agencies. The media is locked down by a mindset that permits only pro-Israel pap of exactly the type that is destroying the planet and everybody’s minds along with it.

And our religious leaders have failed us utterly, being more interested in justifications to slay the infidel than in genuine understanding, compassion, and moral guidance.

Among other major disappointments in the quest for real truth in news:

• The Institute for Historical Revisionism purports to publicize the actually accurate version of World War 2 and expose the hoax of German vilification/endless Jewish suffering. But it remains silently in the shadows of the media spectrum while an unending queue of people speaking the truth are hauled off to rot in German jails and subjected to a perpetual charade of senseless Kafkaesque trials. What’s up with that? Why isn’t this group a major player in the fight for freedom of speech, because it has as its goal the debunking of arguably the biggest lie of the 20th century?

• The failure of the Palestinian resistance to strike an honest bargain with Israel in the court of public opinion. Now, that of course is because the U.S. political system is totally hamstrung by Jewish money, and the entire birthday cake of mainstream media is controlled by Jewish operatives across the spectrum. No one can get elected in America at the present time without the support of the Jewish community. Yet no clear voice has ever emerged from Palestine. Articulations of their needs are always lost in the hysteria of Jewish excuses for killing. Even Arafat, who stayed brave til he was murdered, seemed compromised in some way. And the whole suicide bomber drama similarly seems contrived by Israel. Innocent people are being exterminated by Jews who think they’re better than other human beings, and the majority of Americans supports, out of ignorance, this attitude. Woe to Americans when this bill comes due.

• The thought control of all this predigested information about how good Israel is and how bad the Arabs are that is implanted into the minds of American reporters and commentators long before they are ever old enough to begin their jobs poisons every story they ever write. I talked to a young reporter from U.S. News & World Report recently and he had no clue about the Federal Reserve System, or the people in jail in Germany for simply trying to tell the truth about World War 2. All he wanted to know was whether the 9/11 skeptics movement was anti-Semitic, and I answered, no, unfortunately it isn’t, as no major 9/11 skeptic has followed me in trying to shine the spotlight of suspicion on Israel. I am the only person I really know who believes that the key to freedom in the U.S. and to solving the stupefying deception that was 9/11 is to understand the role played by Israel and certain Jews posing as American officials.

This thought control in the minds of young reporters further guarantees that readers will receive prejudiced facts because of these predigested images that Israel, the bandit state, is the good guy, and that Palestinians and other neighbors, are the menace to peace, which they are clearly not, since they are the victims of one of the great crimes in the history of the world, which was the wholesale theft of their nation by bought-off white Europeans who wanted to rid themselves of their Jewish population. Little did they realize, as Cromwell did too late, that their Jewish population already controlled them.

With the continuing carnage in Gaza, Lebanon, and Iraq, the world sees a little more clearly. Americans remain mostly deluded by propaganda media as bad as anything the Russians ever saw during the reign of the Soviet Union.

This results in a de facto Jewish embargo on the best websites: uruknet.info, informationclearinghouse.info, and onlinejournal.com, who all refuse to tackle the issue of Jewish morality being an oxymoron because it only benefits one small, manipulative group of people, and it is a tremendous detriment and hazard to every other being on this planet.

But this embargo afflicts nearly everyone on nearly every level. Most of the Christian churches in the U.S. have been Judaized to the point that there is no opposition to Israel’s murderous behavior. Even our local Catholic church has a rabbi participate in most services.

Politically there is no longer any opposition in the U.S. There are two major political parties who have only minor, cosmetic differences. Both of these parties support unjust terror and endless wars, to the point where it doesn’t make any real difference which candidate wins a U.S. presidential election, because either way, Americans will get a Jewish controlled puppet — whom do you want? Hillary Clinton or Chuck Hagel? Each will defend Israel to the death.

And defending Israel, that insane criminal state that is only for Jews, means destroying the world we have known, and replacing it with a culture that specializes in selling drugs and pornography to the braindead human robots who wander deliriously through decaying American cities, looking for a reason to live while their government murders foreigners for profit.

So tell me now. Which way will you turn? What was your effective path of action?

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