A certain truth

The �Zionist� subterfuge and the psychopathology of Judaism

28th January 2011

You can tell if something�s the truth or not by this one criterion. If they pass a law that says you have to believe a certain story in a certain way, you can be certain that that certain story they�re trying to get you to believe is a lie.

This is how the cynical Jewish Holocaust mythology has clamped a mindlock on free thought throughout the world, much in the same way that Constantine�s politically astute creation of Christianity, all those centuries ago, trapped human thinking into a giant iron box which turned every aspect of everyone�s lives into a questionable gift with a hefty price.
You only got �peace of mind� IF . . . you followed God�s holy laws. And this was a god that this Roman emperor created, a deity whose very name was decided by a VOTE of � to use an oft-quoted description � �a synod of fools and madmen.� Talk about a psyop.

What an alluring advertising campaign! Eternal life if you just follow our simple rules (which the people who invented and enforced these rules never really followed themselves). Now, the Jews have changed that human ethos to: �Be respectful of our cleverly contrived suffering so that we may rob you and profane you more easily.� Quite a drop in expectations, I�d say, yet another relevant barometric reading of the controlled devolution of humanity.

So it is with the word �Zionist,� now in fashion with all the Jews who pretend to be critical of Israel and some minor aspect of the Jewish prostitution of reality, as well as those many sycophantic non Jews who generally explain their support in vague terms like �they know on which side their bread is buttered,� which is the remark of a true slave and faux human being, uttered by all those who seek to curry favor from the Jews.

Using the word �Zionist� when the more accurate appellation would be �Jew� shows that the speaker is implying that the general run of Jews isn�t responsible for all this depraved horror with bloody Jewish fingerprints all over it, but also that there actually are Jews who genuinely and truly oppose this omnidirectional carnage that the Jewish philosophy has wreaked upon the world.

I believe this contention to be false, and that all Jews � especially the ones who say they�re atheists! � are imbued from birth � through circumcision and the repetition of pathological rituals � with a reflexive motivation that subconsciously adheres them to defense of their tribe no matter how many lies they tell themselves and others that they are true human beings working for the betterment of humanity, and no matter how many Jewish atrocities and crimes against humanity they have to cover up to do it.

I think the acutely deteriorated condition of today�s world verifies this.

And I believe that it is the very nature of the Talmud AND the Torah, Judaism�s supposedly �holy� books, which contain the most depraved statements ever made by humans, that guarantees this is so.

So when supposedly �hip� websites and spokespeople like Rense, Jones, Information Clearinghouse and various other popular news sources glibly use the term �Zionist� to describe the 360 degrees of depravity now engulfing us all, I hear the word as just another synonym the Jews use to conceal the true identity of the real perpetrators who are running the world into the ground just so they can get rich and control everybody.

This is demonstrably pathological behavior, and it is what runs the world.

You simply cannot retain your ethnic/racial/sociological label as a Jew and be opposed to the depredations that the Jewish philosophy have unleashed upon nonmembers of this diabolical tribe. No practicing Jew is going to sabotage the success of the Jewish crime scheme; hence, all Jews participating in this discussion are not to be trusted for obvious reasons. There is no way to pretend that Judaism offers any other universal value than slavery.

Therefore, all those of Jewish heritage who genuinely oppose their own philosophy of destruction and depravity are no longer Jews, but human beings working to expose the deadly projection of psychological fear that the Jews use to deaden their own consciences.

This renders the term Zionist only of use in describing those non Jews who have been hypnotized by the cynical mystifications of Christian Zionism, which were invented by Scofield and Darby, agenturs of the Jewish conspiracy, to subvert Christianity from within by inserting an Israeli aegis to the Bible that previously did not exist and hijack the Hebrew heritage for their own profitable purposes.

The bigger question is this.

�How do you trust someone who has constantly lied to you for three thousand years?�

Ponder the synonyms that Jews have used to conceal their identity, or at least deflect or stall people from ascertaining true facts.

Zionist, Communist, anarchist, liberal, Bolshevik, socialist, lesbian, equal opportunity, Jacobin, Shabbatean Frankist . . . all these labels send people concerned with the problems these groups have created down blind alleys, false avenues of investigation, tracking what are only splinter groups of the one central, evil sanctioning central group, which is the Jewish Sanhedrin, the ultimate Jewish �religious� authority which issues such compassionate pronouncements as a Jew can commit any kind of crime anywhere in the world, and then flee to Israel and be forever free of any prosecution for those crimes, or, �non Jews exist only to serve Jews.�

All these deceptive substitute labels were created as smokescreens for the word �Jew.� The situation can be instantly remedied in your mind by understanding that all these endeavors with all these names and philosophical explanations are all synonyms aimed at camouflaging the words �Judaism� or �Jewish�.

And as I�ve said so many times before, the Talmud and the Torah are the prime motivators of human evil in the world, the heart of demented darkness in human history.

So the disingenuous protestations of Jews and Jew wannabes who wish to be either excluded or concealed from the blame of Israelis for being the ugliest and least trustworthy people in the world � all because of their demonstrably insane religion � don�t resonate in my ears anymore.

This appeal to fairness and human compassion that the Jews always use doesn�t work with me anymore � this is how they got Christians to be meek and submissive � because the Jews urge fairness and compassion from other people, but don�t practice it themselves. This should have told us long ago that this actually means they can never be trusted, under any circumstances.

Three thousand years of evidence proves this.

But the question you keep running into is this.

�Surely, you don�t mean it�s all Jews?� Yes, I absolutely do. Anyone who calls themselves a Jew is by definition endorsing the loveless exploitation of humanity. To defend Jews, Judaism or Jewishness in any way is a moral crime against humanity, because Judaism commands its followers to kill or enslave all the non Jews in the world and take their property without penalty. Judaism is, without question, the unnatural cause of our upcoming and imminent deaths.

And anyone who uses the term Zionist in conjunction with anything at all is working for the Jews, assisting in the concealment of who is really responsible for creeping bloody horror that now promises to end all our lives prematurely by their pathologically destructive behavior. They are helping the Jews hide behind a distracting label, and in this, are able to distance themselves from the guilt of their own crimes against humanity.

Instead of describing these robotized Christians as Christian Zionists, you should use this more accurate definition, which could really describe all of us. The proper phrase, really, should be �dupes of the Jews.�

(Note to editors and those who might forward this story: you may want to cut this story here to avoid this maudlin conclusion.)

So, what are you going to do about this information? I�ll tell you what I�m going to do. I�m going to spellcheck this story, drive the couple of blocks to the library to get an Internet connection, and send this story out, along with a couple of other things. I�m eating the last of my roast beef and the last of my broccoli. I�m out of money � another week to my Social Security check � out of gas, out of food, out of cigarettes, and out of hope. So when I get done at the library, I think I�ll just come home, and lay down and die, which, preposterous though it seems, is what the rest of you will soon be doing, too, when they start pumping anesthesia from the sky or set off a false flag nuke or begin rounding up people like me for speaking so openly about the Jews.

The situation has deteriorated to now, when no one has the means or the motivation to oppose this accelerating robotization of humanity, and what we could have solved had we just opened our mouths a little sooner and a little louder is now no longer fixable. The die is cast, and the shadow of a dark future speeds towards us like the tsunami at the end of time.

I know in the past that I�ve prophesied on several occasions that this would be my last story. If it is, then, the last thing I wanted to say was thank you for all the support and nice words. You were really the fuel for my fury. Sorry I couldn�t make it clearer. Stay safe for as long as you can, and don�t worry about the place where you are destinated to wind up. Too bad we never figured out that we create that place with every breath we take and every story we believe.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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