AIDS is a psyop

and the medicine, not the fabricated disease, killed the patients

12th December 2010

A review of �AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire� by Nancy Turner Banks, M.D. (iUniverse, 2010)

(a story you hoped you�d never hear)

Somewhere in our own inner darkness, thinking the worst that we can about ourselves, we still are hard pressed to reach the depths of depravity we confront daily in the stark facts of the world. All the big news items of history, when analyzed at a later date, turn out to be hoaxes, false flag operations conducted for an ulterior motive always hidden from the public. And those bits of common knowledge we always accepted as �gospel� as children almost always, when analyzed from the perspective of a future we did not know at the time, turn out to be quite different from what we thought they were, and would be.

There is a bomb in Dr. Nancy Turner Banks� riveting history of the AIDS deception � the horrific medical scourge of our time. In fact, Banks� �AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire� is really a contemporary update of the old Eustace Mullins� classic, �Murder by Injection,� which chronicled the criminal history of the American Medical Association. Dr. Banks, Harvard Medical School grad, tells us how that legitimized quackery which began as a pill-pushing crime syndicate has matured into a deliberate poisoning of the populace in pursuit of profit, that dark deception at the heart of our world.

AIDS is not a disease, it�s a psyop.

All those people whose lives were ruined by these so-called HIV tests, were condemned by a fake test, because, Banks reports, the specific AIDS �virus� was never � to this day! � isolated. Therefore no genuine vaccine could ever be produced without an initial isolated virus to culture. Forty million AIDS tests were given, lives were ruined, some committed suicide � it was all an exercise in profits by deception, and all of those who suffered never really knew what hit them, and most still don�t, to this day.

Hang on. It gets worse.

The people who died from AIDS died from the drugs they were given to cure them, AZT, which further depressed their already depleted immune systems. It was deliberate mass murder, all the while the medical profession and the media gave unsound experiments a free pass and participated in the lie that made billions for the pharmaceutical industry.

When you take the next step down, you can feel the darkness penetrate into your soul. All this stuff is still going on. This is the stuff your doctor is telling you. How much do you care about your life?

The thing that elevates Banks� �AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire� above some of the other outstanding books about the manufactured AIDS crisis is the author�s ability to put it all into context by shining a bright light on the forces of history that made this tragedy inevitable. Dr. Banks writes (p. 91) . . .

�Free trade and drug smuggling are not new phenomena supported by the economic and political structure of the United States,� Banks writes. �It is an old story that harks back to the British East India Company. To understand what is going on today, it is necessary to consider the long history of narco-trafficking and the central role it has played in the economic development of Europe and the United States.

�The history of drug smuggling as a standard business practice is a history some would like to keep well hidden. A review of this hidden history gives a deeper insight into the thinking and strategy of a small number of elites who have managed to engage most of the world in their maniacal financial and opium/cocaine-filled schemes. The ultimate goal is to control the world�s destiny by controlling its finances through central banking structures and with scarlet money they leach tex-free by bringing the misery of drug addiction as part of their globalized free trade deals.�

Banks later writes � . . . drug money is still used by clandestine international agencies to crush democratic aspirations around the globe.�

And it all concludes, Banks writes, with the realization of true purpose of the Vietnam War, which was to flood America with heroin addicts as U.S. troops returned home from that senseless war.

Unexpectedly, Banks makes the juicy case for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis being at the center of this historical trend through her relations with three of the most powerful men in the world, an assassinated president, a shipping tycoon up to his ears in the drug trade, and the last, more powerful than the others, Maurice Templesman, who controlled the African diamond trade as well as many other things.

But it is her genealogical analyses of the richest men in America and how they made their money that puts the final nail in the coffin of America�s so-called respectability, detailing how America�s most respected families were really just conscienceless criminals on a very high financial level.

Frankly, I�m shocked that a Harvard-trained doctor could be this astute politically, or at least willing to share the real political history that is kept from most people that has governed, in criminal secrecy, civilization for the past 400 years. Banks traces much of what goes on today to practices of the infamous British East India Company, whose functionaries ran governments all over the world, and participated in a network of opium smuggling that literally made the rich who they are today. This secret industry is the single major factor in border wars that are held periodically to cover up the drug traffic, and used by the U.S. in all its secret operations around the world. The government, Banks concludes, in league with the banks, the universities, and the medical profession, has little concern for public expectations of safety in products that gets in the way of its fabulous profits from the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and the history of the AIDS debacle, through Banks� meticulous mastery of an impressive array of medical disciplines, shows that they know they�re killing you to begin with, but they go ahead and do it anyway.

I�d call this book an essential primer in understanding the real political forces in the world and how they sanction mass murder of their own people if the money is right and their victims � us � are dumb enough not to notice.

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