At the mercy of monsters

The holiness of the bottom line is the lie that bleeds the world

15th February 2011

The ancient Hebrew prophets were really invaders from the desert sent by the kings of Babylon to plunder what was a sacred society of ancient Egyptians that basked in innocence without either wheels or horses, and for most of their five thousand year run encountered few enemies they couldn�t swat away because of their firm grasp on the river of life.

The inexplicable social phenomenon of the Hellenes, better known as the ancient Greeks, with a mental brilliance that remains unmatched to this day, was destabilized and disintegrated by wily Phoenician traders acting as agents for the slave owning silver miners who controlled the harbors and seas of the known world and paid the famous leaders of Athenian democracy to betray their own people.

The greatest historian of them all, Edward Gibbon in his immortal Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, states with eloquent certainty that the foremost cause of the destruction of the greatest empire the world has ever known was the comatose passivity of Christianity, sedulously instituted by � . . . the zeal of the Jews.�

France, Russia, Germany . . . all laid waste by contrived fabrications, cynical mobilizations of the feckless rabble, and the subsequent mindless slaughter of more millions of innocent neighbors than we can sensibly count.

Christianity killed the Roman Empire; Judaism killed the American dream; both megacrimes emanate from the same source that strangles us now � manipulation of belief, leading to capture of the currency, which inevitably escalates into an all-encompassing arc of desolation, debauchery, and mass death based on the hypocritical fallacies that are forced into our brains by leaders who are corrupted by dreams of glory and wealth. These all lead to happiness for no one, though nearly every person on the planet aspires to follow this same poisoned path.

I was comparing Christianity to Communism to my friend Clayton Douglas earlier tonight, and explained that each involved the mobilization of criminals who were granted instant pardons for their past sins and promised the joys of a new society, not to mention guaranteed eternal life and the fabulous wealth of the czar. The end result of each was the same: Christianity produced the Dark Ages and the Inquisition, and Communism furnished the Jewish gulags in which 66 million innocent non Jewish souls disappeared into bloodstained ice.

Saul�s epiphany on the road to Damascus was really a strategy to vaporize the resonant fabric of Roman society, by making everyone equal and delegitimizing the very things that made all these great countries great. Stalin�s murderous paranoia came to include even all his Jewish allies and minions, a portent for the future that should be ominous to all Jews and a good sign to the rest of us, indicating that the Jewish philosophy will eventually consume itself with its own xenophobic hatred. But the question that brands itself into our minds is how many of us will be killed by the omnilevel Talmudic killing machine before Judaism is consigned to the macabre museum of human nightmares it has created for itself.

The Jewish media spin on the gulags transferred the guilt to Germany in a still later subversion of a country trying to be honest, but the Germanic trust in Jews to be honest citizens turned into a nightmare of aerial bombardment and disfigurement of the future when this new religious Holocaust movement � the Jewish veneration of suffering and death � was sufficiently spun into the minds of almost everyone on the planet.

How is that all these well-meaning peoples all turned into villains against progress in the recorded annals of history (always written by the victors)?

Simplistic Egyptians bustled in their tiny world building monuments to hope and fusing the sacred with the empirical in all of their actions, but they were no match for Persian technology and Jewish perfidy. After 500 years they finally found a way to rid themselves of the �lepers�, who then moved to Jerusalem and constructed a false history of themselves that has deceived the world ever since.

The valiant Greeks won wars they never should have with valor and sense, and had an intricacy and accuracy of thought that has never been exceeded, only embellished, over all these centuries, yet lost their way by following leaders that proved time and again a democracy that can be bought is no democracy at all.

Perhaps the hardest to fall were the Romans, although they lasted so long that everyone seemed relieved that they finally did; still, there are many who still say, blessing themselves with holy water, that it never really did die. In any case, a very important lesson is to be learned when you figure out what really happened to Rome, and realize it materialized millennia later in what they came to call the Soviet Union.

The historian Gibbon repeats time and again that the processes of repentance and rejection of civic responsibilities eroded the vigilant, participatory fabric of Roman society, and the richness of human experience represented by over 30,000 individual household gods or spirits reduced the human perceptual outlook into one of guilt for living and worship in the worth of a superhuman man who was murdered by the powers that be, and supposedly got eternal life for his troubles. This is a reality shaping myth that is your ultimate reward for accepting slavery and the forfeiture of your self-determination.

Russians actually had nothing to do with the Bolshevik Revolution. It was the work of Jewish bankers in New York, London, and Frankfurt, who furnished the gold and the Jewish revolutionaries to exterminate the ignorant peasants. But the real ignorance was the hubris of Western intellectuals, who believed, by all their scholarly analyses, that it couldn�t happen here.

We need to mull over the notion that the greatest leaders in history were the greatest killers. But there has always been one seemingly sacrosanct group, inevitably hiding behind the rectitudinal robes of the law and religion (which are so similar as to be the same), that creates the conditions for these pervs to emerge and dominate the rest of us with a powerful public relations machine pushing him along.

There was a time, back in the days of Persians and pharaohs, when leaders were in possession of genuine duty to their subjects, due to an intellectual moral code that linked them to a deity. But as the power of the purse increased, and the echoes of divine guidance faded beneath the glittering allure of expensive pleasures The voice gradually disappeared, and the kings let the bankers tell them what to do.

Guess whose voice that was.

We close this message with what the operant human mythology has become, the suffering we are now supposed to worship in our condition of terminal, diseased servitude to the Jews that control every aspect of our existences. It goes like this. This is the new hymn to G-d that they want us to learn.

�Witnesses tell about killing of Jews by the thousands in one moment by high voltage current on huge, 7 km wide underground steel platforms. They tell about killing by vacuum chambers, electric baths, chlorine gas, mustard gas, steam, by burning alive, by virtual transformation of a crematorium into a veritable gas chamber, by drowning, shooting, on heaps of burned lime in railway wagons, suffocation by gas from shower heads or from underground sources, or, alternatively, by gas slowly emanating from the solid Zyclon B put into the notorious gas chambers by several different methods, by blood poisoning, by suffocating in lorries or in buses, where the exhaust gas had been led into the passenger compartment, by hand grenades, by boiling water, by deadly acids, by diesel motor exhaust gas, by traceless annihilation via a newly developed explosive in a village built exclusively for that purpose, or, even by a German atomic bomb. All this had allegedly happened in the manner of an industrial project according to a rigid master plan designed by one master mind, which was transmitted to the many executive organs by some sort of telepathy and wordless understanding. �
 —  Dr. Gunther K�mel, Presentation of the H.-Hypothesis from 1900 to 2006.

And now, as well all know, this is not the story that happened, but rather is the story that is about to happen, although the techniques of this nightmare have been modernized considerably.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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